Pacers star Victor Oladipo already walking, making shots during rehab

Victor Oladipo is a long ways away from playing with the Indiana Pacers again, but he is walking around and shooting in his latest video as he rehabs.

We all know the Indiana Pacers need Victor Oladipo, but he isn’t anywhere near ready to return. However, that isn’t stopping him from walking around and making shots in a video he released on Tuesday.

The Pacers star shared a moment from his rehabilitation efforts in Miami, walking around and shooting 3-pointers. With a pick sticking out of his hair and a brace helping to support his right knee, Oladipo filmed the clip in his gym space in Miami.

“They say you got to crawl before you can walk. They say you got to walk before you run. Either way, I’m truly unbreakable,” Oladipo monologues.

Over a month ago Oladipo looked at his knee and knew how bad the damage was. But as of a few days ago, he is at least walking around on two legs well enough that he feels comfortable sharing with the public.

It’s amazing to see him doing this, but we also have to be honest about a few things, too.

Oladipo clearly isn’t back to walking naturally yet, nor should he. A month ago he tore the tendons on his knee. You can see he isn’t bending that knee very much as he shoots. It’s an unnatural shooting motion, but that doesn’t mean he can’t work on his accuracy.

He likely doesn’t have a lot of endurance in either leg, particularly, his right one, the one he injured.

But the fact he is getting around under his own power is a welcome sign for the Pacers. Oladipo is still the future of the franchise and the sooner he gets to whatever 100 percent is for him post-injury, the better.

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We’ve been here before, unfortunately. But Oladipo’s power of positivity is exactly what he and the Pacers need on their path going forward.