Grades: Indiana Pacers snap losing skid in win over Brooklyn Nets


The Indiana Pacers got back to winning with Victor Oladipo leading the way as they closed the door on the Brooklyn Nets

The Indiana Pacers returned to their winning ways with a mildly dramatic win over the Brooklyn Nets.

Even though their streak ended, they still hold one of the better records in the NBA. With the 21st win of the season, they remain one of only seven teams with 20 wins so far.

After two games where hero ball didn’t work out as well, Victor Oladipo showed off some of the clutch scoring ability that defines his time with the Pacers. Oladipo was a perfect 4 of 4 in the final quarter, getting buckets when Indiana needed them the most.

147. 114. 100. Final. 106

Oladipo had three of the Pacers final four field goals — Bojan Bogdanovic interrupted with a 3-pointer off Victor’s assist — including one throw down with his left hand.

The win gets Indiana and Oladipo back on a winning track. Guess it wasn’t the patch after all.

Losing streak?

The Pacers avoided a 3-game losing skid once again. The win keeps the tidbit about them not losing 3 in a row alive in the year 2018.

Double-Double for Myles Turner

Still waiting for the night he gets 10 blocks, but on Friday his 15 points and 12 rebounds got Myles Turner a double-double. Turner had 5 blocks for the fifth time in the last 15 games.

After worrying if Turner’s confidence was shot and if he ever would reach anything close to his potential, he has been on the right track over the last 15 games. If he had grabbed 19 more rebounds in that time, he’d be averaging a double-double.

Thaddeus Young goes to work

The Brooklyn Nets made the decision to force the ball to Thaddeus Young. While he was reluctant to shoot at times his 21 points on 56.3 percent shooting helped keep Indiana afloat as the rest of the team waited for their opportunities.

This is the Victor Oladipo the Indiana Pacers expect. He nearly missed out on a double-double with 26 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists. Tonight wasn’t a volume night either as he let the game come to him and it showed with a 8 of 14 (57.1 percent) shooting performance, including 5 of 9 (55.6 percent) from deep. He also only missed one of his 6 free throws.. SG. Indiana Pacers. VICTOR OLADIPO. A

Indiana Pacers. DARREN COLLISON. B-. <a rel=. PG

B. Despite Bojan Bogdanovic shooting 62.5 percent from the field (and 3 of 4 from deep), I can’t give him an A because his defense was a liability at times. But 17 points and 3 rebounds aren’t a bad night, either.<br />. SF. Indiana Pacers. BOJAN BOGDANOVIC

Indiana Pacers. THADDEUS YOUNG. A-. For the most part, Thaddeus Young made the Nets pay for letting him shoot.<br />. PF

A. A double-double and the team’s best +/- for Myles Turner.. C. Indiana Pacers. MYLES TURNER

B-. This is a strange stretch for <a href=. C. Indiana Pacers. DOMANTAS SABONIS

PG. Indiana Pacers. CORY JOSEPH. B. <a rel=

C -. Merely McBucket tonight with only 2 points on 1 of 3 shooting.<br />. SF. Indiana Pacers. DOUG MCDERMOTT

C. Only 2 points, but seeing <a rel=. PG. Indiana Pacers. AARON HOLIDAY

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The Pacers host the Washington Wizards on Sunday at 5 p.m.