Behind the scenes, Myles Turner is becoming ripped

While we were all watching draft prospects and potential free agents, Myles Turner has been working out and getting more muscular.

The Pacers players love transforming their bodies in the summer, and this offseason it is Myles Turner’s turn.

You remember last summer, don’t you? It all started right after the Paul George trade. Victor Oladipo was now a member of the Pacers. While doing research on Oladipo, fans found out that he went through an insane bodily transformation in just a short amount of time just prior to the trade.

How does one do this in three weeks?

I need that kind of workout regiment in my life.

Then, a few months later, we learned that Al Jefferson lost 40 pounds in the summer due to a combination of workouts and cutting out Popeyes chicken from his diet. He and Oladipo set the tone for the Pacers team: the summer is a time to work.

Now, this summer, Myles Turner has put the onus of getting more muscular and fit on his shoulders.

Apparently, Turner is working out hard and has been all summer. He is pretty pumped about it. He posted his transformation (to date) on multiple social media accounts, and the early results look encouraging:

Working out is just the tip of the iceberg for Turner’s summer. According to the IndyStar, he has a new diet, too. “It’s just more organized this offseason,” Myles Turner said of his eating habits this offseason.

The bulking up for Turner couldn’t have come at a better time for him. He is eligible for a contract extension this summer, and his current contract expires at the end of next season. If he can become a stronger and more effective basketball player, he could earn himself quite a bit of money.

Myles Turner could also feel some pressure to improve thanks to the rising talents of his backup, Domantas Sabonis. But a little friendly competition for minutes can only be a good thing for the Pacers young big men. Regardless of his intentions, Turner’s bulking up can only be a good thing for his game. Hopefully, it sets the tone for the entire squad this summer.