Pacers officially unveil new “City Uniforms”, and they’re awesome

Indiana Pacers -(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Indiana Pacers -(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

This morning the Pacers officially unveiled their Indianapolis themed “City Edition” uniforms, and they’re pretty sweet.

First off, here is the new uniform:

Let me open by saying, these were not my favorite kits when I first saw them.

Maybe it’s because I’m not from Indiana. I don’t have a full understanding of how much Indianapolis values their rich tradition of racing. One thing I do know is that when Indy does something, they do it big and they do it well.

The uniforms were first leaked around two weeks ago in the basketball video game NBA 2K18. They initially looked pretty mediocre, but it appears some final touches and details have been added to give the uniform a much better look.

The checkered pattern along the right side of the uniform seems a lot more prevalent in its final edition. This is the most obvious nod to Indiana’s racing history.

Another thing that really sticks out is the style of the number. I actually didn’t realize this at first, but the encircled number is similar to the style of the number you’d find on a traditional IndyCar’s nosecone. (Like I said, not from Indiana, not too familiar with racing.)

Lastly, the words “Always Lead” were added towards the bottom of the jersey. These words connect to the Pacers’, “goal of leading in the community, on the court, and in our personal lives,” according to their more in-depth analysis of the uniforms.

These uniforms look pretty cool in their final form. In my opinion, they do the city of Indianapolis justice in showcasing one of the city’s most famous and notable events. I am very much looking forward to seeing these uniforms on the court, and maybe even purchasing one of my own.

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Maybe I’ll even get into IndyCar racing, but I can’t guarantee anything.