6 overly confident predictions for the upcoming Pacers season

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Myles Turner
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5. Myles Turner will shoot at least 37 percent from 3-point range

Turner showed marked improvement in his long range game just from the start of last season to the end, as I noted here, so it’s not unreasonable to expect a similar improvement after several months of offseason training.

With Turner, however, the percentage isn’t the biggest issue with his 3-point game. It’s shooting enough of them that really matters. Turner was notorious last year for letting fly just a maddening foot or two inside the arc, one of the least efficient shots in the game.

Hopefully this season, he can get into the rhythm of turning those into 3s, and if that means his percentage dips a smidge, I’m ok with taking the L on this prediction. The Pacers of 2020 and beyond will thank him for it.

6. The Pacers will have the 22nd best offense and the 23rd best defense

Last year, the Pacers ended the season with the 15th best offense and the 14th best defense. Then some stuff happened this summer, so they probably won’t repeat on those rankings.

Honestly, these numbers are a complete and total guess. They seem about right to me based on where the Pacers will likely be in the playoff picture: solidly above the worst of the worst, but not quite pseudo-competitive either.

If I had to choose which number I felt more confident about, I would likely say, “I don’t have to choose because this post is entirely my design and I will not take creative direction from the likes of you.”

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I would choose offense though.