Indiana Pacers, Monta Ellis discussing a potential buyout


According to Nate Taylor, the Indiana Pacers and Monta Ellis have discussed a potential buyout of the 31-year old’s contract.

Things haven’t worked out between Monta Ellis and the Indiana Pacers. The man who was thought to be Paul George’s sidekick has taken a lot of steps back over the last two years. Now, with Paul George gone, Monta could also be on his way out as the Pacers rebuild.

It’s obvious the 31-year old veteran doesn’t have a future with the team. Monta has been in the league for 12 years and only makes sense on contending teams. A buyout would help the Pacers in a few ways.

Opens a roster spot

An extra roster spot is always nice for a rebuilding team. The Pacers could fill the spot with a young player, or they could go with someone who’s playing well for them in summer league, like Travis Leslie. That player could eventually play a nice role in the rebuilding plans.

Saving money

When you buyout a player’s contract, you have to adjust the amount of money that’s owed to the player. That means the player would have to be okay with losing some money. For guys like Monta Ellis, veterans who want to win and have made plenty of money in their careers, it makes the decision easier.

Remember, Ellis will be suspended for the first five games of the 2017-2018 season for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy. He can definitely help a contending team off the bench. He won’t give you the 18-20 points like he used to, but he can still score the ball. Ellis also has solid play-making ability. A team like the Washington Wizards could be a good fit for him.

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Nate Taylor added that a buyout could happen by the end of July, if the two sides agree to part ways. You’ve got to wonder what the Pacers would look like right now if Monta played like so many expected him to. Nonetheless, no time like the present for the Pacers to speed up the rebuilding process.