Indiana Pacers Season Preview

It’s so hard to believe that the NBA season will be kicking off at the end of October, so time to fire up the preview machine, and get our thoughts going on what should be a great season for the Blue and Gold. Over this month of September, look for a preview featuring the Pacers and every team in the league.  With rosters mostly set, I think we can make good predictions on what the Pacers can expect out of their team, and how they can handle the opposing team.  Also, keep an eye out for some award predicting, and season predictions overall.

For the Pacers, this season looks to be full of hope and promise.  Remember this is a team that was one game away from the NBA Finals. I know they expected to be there, but how many other people expected the Pacers to give that Miami Heat team all they could handle. I know people this coming season are already saying “on paper” the Pacers look like the more complete team, and should be able to contend for that same NBA title as they were last year.

This team has all those pieces that look to be what you wanted.  There’s a bench unit that should be able to compete more so than last year with the additions of Luis Scola and Chris Copeland.  Two guys that could probably play starter on some lowly team. But they’ll be role players here that should make impacts at time. I look for Scola to play plenty in the power forward position and even get some run at center if the Pacers need it.

Chris Copeland is a guy that can play some power forward, but looks to be better suited at that small forward position.  There’s of course the other small forward that hopes to make an impact in Danny Granger. To me, that’s the biggest x-factor for this Pacers team. If he’s healthy and ready to go, just think how improved this team can be.  Still hard to say whether he starts or not, but just having Granger out there on the floor for extra scoring, and what I believe is underrated defense is a good thing.

People aren’t sure how he will handle himself as not being the “main option”, but for Granger, he’s been around this team enough to see that this is Paul George’s team now.  Granger will still provide that leadership that you need.  But he won’t need to be that primary option, and that could make him an all around better player.

Things around Indy are getting exciting as the Colts kick off their season next Sunday.  High expectations there.  Then you’ll have an excellent Blue and Gold squad that will want to get to the NBA Finals.  It starts now building that road to the Finals. But I believe the finish line will be there if things fall into place for the team.  #FinalsorBust

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