NBA Free Agency: Indiana Pacers Free Agent Targets


The Indiana Pacers won’t have much room to work with money wise, especially if they take care of David West and possibly work something for Paul George, so that won’t be an issue come next summer. But there are names floating around that I believe would fit into this Pacers team. They need to find that scoring off the bench, which could be solved with the addition of Danny Granger there, but he would still need help if he’s not the Granger of old.  Also, looking at some sort of power forward player would be ideal because I don’t see Tyler Hansbrough sticking around. I think he’ll get some offer from a team, and the Pacers will be fine to let him walk away.  Jeff Pendergraph could get more playing time because of that, but is that who you really want as a back up power forward?

So what names should the Pacers give some look to? I am so glad you asked that question, as now I will give you my list of names that the Pacers could do something with.

Tony Allen

A great defender at the shooting guard position, but not a big time scorer.  But the Pacers are such a defensive minded team that I could see him fitting in here.  He could come in with that strong defense, and hopefully give the bench some points when he can.

Kyle Korver

A scorer that would fit that role of just go out and make points.  His defense isn’t terrible, but I think that’s still a liability to his game.  He seems to have that good basketball “IQ” so I don’t think he would make those terrible passes that some of our bench guys like to make. If the money’s all right for Korver, might as well bring him in.

J.J. Redick

In the same boat as Kyle Korver, but I think he’s got a better passing game,  and seems to play smarter out there.  Even gets a bit aggressive on the offensive side, which would work well for that second unit.  He seems like an energy guy, which is always nice to have as well.

Carl Landry

He’s a big man that I would love to have around to help that front court of the Indiana Pacers.  Last year he got 10 points and 6 rebounds and shot over 50%, which is great for a guy right near the basket. I don’t know if money wise, the Pacers could afford him, but I imagine if they can, they should do it.

These four guys to me just jump right out as targets of the Pacers.  I think they each would fit that role of what they can do for the team.  That’s really what the Pacers need is those role players.  The starting five will be set next season, but it’s that bench that I worry about holding leads and sustaining what the team can do. If the Pacers could pick up one of these guys, I think that would go a long way towards improving the bench already.

Who would you bring in as a free agent?