Paul George Setting the Bar Even Higher


Jun 3, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Paul George (24) passes against Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (1) and small forward LeBron James (6) during the third quarter of game 7 of the 2013 NBA Eastern Conference Finals at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

You know things are moving along in the right direction when I can sit down to post an article about where I think Paul George could go next season, and we’re not even into week one of this off season. But that is how much I believe in this guy.  You want to say the Pacers don’t play with a superstar, but I’ll counter back, there’s a superstar rising in our mists.

It makes me proud to be a Pacers fan, and if he sticks around, I’ll be an even prouder one.  Sure, we’ll have to see what happens when the contract is up, but hopefully the Pacers will do what they can to keep George around for a long time. Just like I believe with Danny Granger, I already want Paul George to be a Pacer for life.  We can include Roy Hibbert in that sentence too. This is obviously looking way into the future. But just think if the Pacers had three guys in the near future playing for one team. With all the changing players do nowadays that would have to be some sort of record.  Or at least a standard of what this Pacers team wants in their players.

Right now, Paul George is set to have an even better season next time around if he can clean up just a few areas of his game.  I would look to his passing game.  He’s had those moments of 10 assists, but then how many turnovers did he have?  I can still recall some pass that George made during the Miami series and it ends up on the Pacers’ bench. Those type of turnovers have to go away. I can understand the bad pass every once in a while.

With this Pacers team, they’re not a great passing team anyways, hence why I can live with that. But it’s those passes into the post that George has to correct.  Or swinging the ball around.  Just making a simple pass instead of the fancy one that if you make it, gets you the high light. But the simple pass can get you the easy basket.  Which choice do you make?

Another area is definitely dribbling and creating for himself.  George can’t get caught up in the double teams in certain points on the floor. He seems to struggle with that area, so cleaning that up would be ideal. I think another season to work in the three position, and more time working as the top offensive priority will help.

Top offensive priority is the biggest area I believe George will show improvement. He had that bad game against Golden State last year, and ends up the next game out against Chicago going for 34 points and pretty much carrying the Pacers to that needed win.  That type of aggressiveness will be the biggest improvement I would love to see from George. Not just like to see, but love to see. I think he’ll see what an offensive threat he can be and really up his game to be ready for that load next year.  If he can produce double figures in scoring each game out, that would help out the offensive flow of the Pacers so much more.  If he can come up with double doubles regularly, then he becomes an even better all around player.

This ceiling for George is high, so I hope that he can live up to the expectations of what next season could bring.  Another All Star Bid? More consideration for Defensive Player of the Year?  Some more votes for All NBA? Just a few of the major expectations that I think George will put upon himself, and definitely fans will want to see. I’m ready for George to soar to even bigger heights, are you?