NBA Playoffs 2013: Roy Hibbert Important Piece in the Puzzle


Mar 10, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers (15) is pressured by Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) during the second half at American Airlines Arena. Miami won 105-91.Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Beating the Miami Heat isn’t exactly solving the Rubik’s cube or putting together a jigsaw puzzle. But like both things, it can be solved with the proper direction and following a pattern of how to do things.  Roy Hibbert fits into that pattern of beating the Miami Heat.  He’s a big man that can pound the ball inside, and score some points. It’s important that Indiana Pacers look to Roy Hibbert early, so he can make some shots and getting going.  There’s no doubt that he looked very aggressive at times against the New York Knicks, and I strongly believe he could have some breakout games against the Miami Heat as long as he’s fed the ball, and able to score.  It’s important for him to make it count when he gets the ball.  No missing the easy shots, and just working to the rim is the best way to attack the Heat inside.

Defensively, Hibbert will have to be huge as well. It’s key for him to be straight up with the arms when guys come into the lane, and he’s attempting to block the shot. The Pacers can’t lose Hibbert due to foul trouble as he’s that big body in the middle that can keep Lebron James and company from attacking the rim.  I know James will be in that mind set, and Hibbert has to defend the goal like a goalie.  Stopping shots as they’re coming into him. Making the arms like they’re a goalie stick and swatting the ball away.  How’s that for some melding of two sport worlds?  Hibbert is such a defensive presence that having him on the floor protecting the rim makes life easier on that end.

Overall, it’s all about the confidence level with Hibbert.  You want him in that aggressive mode, and looking to score, defend, and play an all around great game.  He’s going to get rebounds or make it available for other guys by tipping the ball out. On the offensive end, he was huge against the New York Knicks on that offensive glass.   He needs to be just as good if the Pacers aren’t making shots, and he’s able to get second, third, fourth opportunities for the Pacers.  He’s great on the offensive glass, so that has to be big tonight.  If Hibbert can get going, I think the Pacers have a great shot at stealing game one. It will only be one game, but it could go a long way in seeing how the series will play out. It’s like finding that final jigsaw puzzle piece, and you stand back to look at how all the pieces fit.  Hibbert is like that final piece that can make the picture a fantastic looking one.