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NBA Playoffs 2013: Paul George Won’t Be Reggie Miller, BUT?


Time for another comparison piece as this time I want to look at some great Indiana Pacers, those two being Paul George and Reggie Miller.  Anyone who follows the Pacers knows that fans are always looking for that next great Reggie Miller.  It’s a blessing and a curse to have some of that magnitude for the Pacers.  The blessing is obvious.  He brought the Pacers to national recognition with his play, theatric, playoff run, show off ability, and just general attitude with his game.  But the curse is that now fans want someone to step into those shoes.  Just think how long Reggie Miller has been away from the Pacers.  There have been so many players come in and out of this organization, but no one has been close to that stature. I believed Danny Granger could have got there, but that’s probably not going to happen.  Granger is a fine Pacers player in his own way, and now with a current Pacer, Paul George, I feel like he’ll get to greatness in his own way, and not necessarily be that next Miller.

There’s one thing going for both guys, it’s their scoring ability.  Paul George can hit threes, drive in the lane and finish, or hit a jump shot.  Miller did all of those things as well.  How many times did we see Miller off the screen for a jump shot?  Paul George does that so well too.  He’s got that form down to a tee, and can really get going if he’s got it.  But I do have one way that George has an upper hand on Miller, it’s that ability to drive. I think Paul George when he wants to can be so much more aggressive.  But I have to give credit to Reggie, he got to the lane a lot, and would end up on the foul line for his near perfect free throw shooting.  Just about ANY shot Miller took, us fans thought it was going in. We’re getting to that point with George as well.

There’s another slight advantage for George and it’s on the defensive side of things.  Miller was never known as a defensive guy.  Sure he could step up when need be, heck he was on Michael Jordan in the playoffs of 1998.  But George guards the best player on every team just about every night. Ask him about guarding Lebron James.  Ask him about guarding Carmelo Anthony.  I don’t think that Miller would be able to hold those guys down, especially Lebron, which of course doesn’t mean much since who can hold down Lebron. But that is a whole other conversation. You look at how much Paul George exerts on defense, and sometimes his offense would be lacking because of that.  But the fact that Paul George does hold his own on defense, I have to give him the advantage in that round.

Paul George has become a great rebounder, and molding into a passer as well.  Even getting that triple double right out of the gate in game one against the Atlanta Hawks.  Paul George has that ability to help the Pacers in any way he can.  He’s starting to round into a great all around player, who grabs rebounds, dishes out assists, and scores when he has to.  Therefore, he might not be the next Reggie Miller, but he can become the next Paul George in his own way.  It’s a great thing that this Pacers’ franchise has someone like Miller we can compare players to, but it’s also that downfall where you EXPECT players to be like that great player. But truly, we want someone to step up and become a leader for the Pacers, and I believe George is doing that.  And will continue to do that.  I can’t wait to see how far George will go.  Are you along for the ride?