NBA Playoffs 2013: Indiana Pacers New York Knicks, What To Expect Game Three


If the playoffs have taught us one thing about the Indiana Pacers, it’s not to expect anything.  So you’re thinking, what will we expect from tomorrow night’s game between the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks?  Well, I expect a physical game.  The Pacers will win if they can grind it out a bit, out rebound, and slow down the Knicks offense to the point where guys aren’t getting those transition baskets.  In the wins the Pacers have had this post season, that’s essentially the formula. It might be “boring” basketball, but it’s winning basketball, and that’s the most important part.  You don’t win bonus points for pretty wins.  You win the points that you win when you play the way you should play, and that’s an expectation for tomorrow night’s game.

Don’t expect another 34-2 run by the Knicks or a run like that from the Pacers.  I do believe that was just a fluke thing, where the Pacers couldn’t get going at all.  Unfortunately, it’s happened before, never to that huge of margin, but the Pacers can get in those lulls where it looks like they couldn’t stop the bleeding if they wanted to.  That’s the downfall to the offense at times, the ball doesn’t move, and the Pacers don’t get the score.  They don’t get the ball into the post as they’re too worried about three pointers to get back into a game.  Guys settle too much for jump shots, and get away from what works.

Do expect a rocking crowd.  The crowd at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse will be decked out in gold, and cheering for their beloved Pacers.  This is a prime time game for the Pacers, which is an excellent chance to show the nation what this team is all about. This series brings back those memories of the old Pacers and Knicks playoff battles.  The current rosters might not have any memories, but plenty of fans here in town do, and this series should be a nice way to shift into a new rivalry with the Knicks.  This is the Pacers’ best shot to get back into the Conference Finals as they look to be the better team.  Sure the Knicks blew away the Pacers in game two, but that was years ago. The Pacers held the Knicks to their lowest point total of the season in Indy, so that’s something to think that the Pacers can do again. This team looks so much better at home, and I expect two wins to happen at home starting tonight.

This is the chance to show that this Pacers team is ready to contend with whoever. I mean if you look at this year’s playoffs, does any team really scare you that much?  Okay, maybe the Heat, but even they got beat by the Chicago Bulls in game one, and who knows what might happen this evening when those teams tangle up in Chicago.  But looking around, every team left is beatable, and that is a reason why if the Pacers get some magic going, all bets are off. But it starts with a win tomorrow night.  I expect a double figures win with as much confidence as I have in the Pacers at home.