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NBA Coach of the Year: Frank Vogel Not Given Enough Credit


I will credit ESPN for an article they wrote up discussing the Coach of the Year, and how it’s not necessarily the best coach, but for someone who’s team did surprisingly good, and isn’t that a strange way to decide who is the best coach.

“Now, here’s the thing: That’s voting with a history of a certain kind of logic. Sportswriters and broadcasters vote, and tend not to vote for the guy they think is actually the best coach, but instead for the guy whose team was most surprisingly good.”

George Karl no doubt did a fantastic job with the Denver Nuggets considering all he’s gone through, and the fact that with that team, I still have the hardest time naming their starting five, even naming two or three of the starting five.  He coached them along to a great record, and the number three seed in the West.  That was into they ran into that buzz saw of the Golden State Warriors in the first round. But this is an award based upon the regular season, and let’s give Karl the credit for what he did.

But I did want to give out more credit to Coach Frank Vogel of the Indiana Pacers.  As a Pacers fan, I know just what he’s brought to this Pacers team. You look at the big picture, and how far this team has come, and there’s no doubt in my mind he’s the best coach.  He brought in optimism at a time when the team needed it. He rejuvenated Roy Hibbert into an All Star last season.  He never says a bad thing about this team, and just always brings that bright attitude to the table. Plus when he’s not scowling at a foul that could have been called, he’s got a great smile on his face during the game.  For a guy that didn’t know if he would receive a head coaching job, he’s showing that he truly loves it.

Plus, look at where this Pacers team has come from. He got the job after a half season into it three seasons ago. They make it to the playoffs as an eighth seed, and had a great shot at knocking off the Chicago Bulls, the number one seed that season.  It ended in five games, but those games were all competitive.  Then last season, the Pacers take the Heat to task, and give them all they could handle for six games.  Now this season, the Pacers win the Central Division, get the third seed in the Conference, get out of the first round, and now have a great shot at the Conference Finals. That’s coaching up a team.  That’s what the best coach does for his team.  I know as a Pacers fan, this is what the Pacers are all about.  This was the best guy for the job, and Vogel is taking full advantage of that.  I don’t think many people have seen just what a great job he has done, and that’s a shame.  If people were paying attention to the Pacers, they would see EXACTLY what he has done. I can’t compliment Coach Vogel and his staff enough for the turnaround this Pacers team has done in the past three years.  I look for more success to come, and that will be all thanks to Our COACH of the Year, Mr. Vogel.