Indiana Pacers Three Point Shooting Woes


Guess what I’m not worried about the horrible three pointing shooting the Indiana Pacers have thrown together.  I might be more worried about the overall psyche of the team, but three point shooting, it’s not their forte anyways.  This is a team that should be built upon the inside outside game.  Feed the ball into Roy Hibbert and David West, get open for a jump shot.  IF that happens to be a three, then the shooter better make it if they’re open. But there’s no reason to be firing these three pointers like they have because it’s not a three point shooting team. I look around the team, and know that guys can hit those threes.  But truly, their game isn’t that.  Paul George is best coming off a screen, like someone else I used to know (hint hint Reggie), but when he gets set to shot, he’s just not as good.  He’s got a good stroke, and should probably be a better shooter because of that. But I would love for George to be more aggressive at times, and NOT rely on the jump shot. That’s a whole other conversation.

Right now, looking at how this team can go forward, if they continue to work on that inside outside game, I would be fine with that.  Especially when you consider how well Hibbert and West are playing.  West is just a beast when he puts his head down.  Hibbert gets confident and puts up the ball with so much ease.  Even Jeff Pendergraph and Tyler Hansbrough will have some good inside game working.  But it’s all about establishing that post area, so defenses double team, and guys will be open.  The shooting should come around.  But right now I wouldn’t be too worried.

Like I said with Paul George and his game, he should be working on that aggressive driving game.  The Pacers as a team got to the foul line 46 times last night.  Just think if they continue to be that aggressive.  Even posting up George would be an ideal as he’s got length on most guys who will be defending him.  George Hill could be the same way.  Driving into the lane more often, and just being more aggressive on the offensive end.  He ended up carrying the Pacers to that win last night in that huge fourth quarter.  That’s what I want to see out of Hill more often.  This playoff run could go well if he’s doing well.

The three point shooting could be a concern if the Pacers get down in a game. But then again, it’s going to be the defense that probably gets the team back in the game.  So therefore, it’s not a HUGE concern.  The defense is what has worked so well for the team.  It definitely showed up FINALLY last night.  Now it’s got to be there for these last few games.  Even with a couple of off games, the points allowed is second in the league.  If that continues, they won’t need the three pointers.  They will need to make shots, but more inside the lane.  Get aggressive and continue what was working.  This team should be fine for the playoffs even after this rough stretch of bad shooting.