Indiana Pacers Complete Miraculous Fourth Quarter


You know how fans say well I have to just watch the fourth quarter of a basketball game, last night proved that.  This was about as bad as the Pacers have looked over a three game stretch, and going down 20 into the fourth quarter wasn’t helping anything.  I even did the old trick of “not listening” to the game, so they could come back when I wasn’t part of it. It worked.  Well lots of things worked in that fourth quarter.  Frank Vogel gets ejected in what was probably a “coaching” move.  Roy Hibbert doesn’t play the fourth quarter as he was struggling with that pick and roll of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Pacers put together a huge run of 17 points to get themselves in a position to steal back the win.  They outscored the Cavs 35-10 in that fourth quarter. One of their better defensive performances finally came around.

The Cavs did whatever they wanted all night until that collapse in the fourth.  Kyrie Irving was scoring to the tune of 27 points.  But George Hill decided he would match him for points as he hit for his own 27 points.  He was the catalyst for this comeback.  Paul George had another off shooting night, but did hit two late three pointers.  He’s got to turn his shooting around soon, so that he’s ready for this playoff run.  Last night showed that the Pacers still have work left to do, but there’s a ton of credit given.

This could have been ugly.  There were some boo birds already chirping during the game, so I can only imagine what the feeling would have been if the Pacers lost.  It’s not good to lose to a team that’s lottery bound, when the Pacers have such high aspirations for the playoffs.  Even tougher when there’s a three game stretch coming up of Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, and Boston Celtics.  Getting two out of three would be ideal, but in each performance the Pacers have to look strong, and ready to go.  Last night they weren’t ready to go in that third quarter as they got outplayed to the score of 31-16.  Things did turn around, as I was just speechless during that third quarter.  It’s hard to pin point what was happening with this team as they went through these three games in which they looked out of sorts.  But maybe this fourth quarter comeback can give them some sense of who they are.

They’re still heading to the playoffs, and have a good shot to do something there. They’ve got a good line up of tough physical players that could give problems to any team they play.  They’ve got a  great coach who’s full of fire and energy.  The bench can get it together from time to time.  The fans are ready for this big playoff run. Time to get the wheels in motion for that.  That play of George Hill last night needs to continue.  David West needs to be the beast he’s been all season.  Hibbert needs to continue his sudden emergence.  Paul George better be taking shots all day till he finds his shooting form again. The bench needs to work out together and get their minds ready for what could be a great playoff run.  The fans want to see this, so the team has to show them.