Indiana Pacers Have Me Worried


I didn’t think I would be saying this, but after the two losses that the Pacers have endured, I’m worried.  This team looks nothing like that team that won the four game west coast trip.  Paul George looks to have left his game out there as well.  He had two points in a loss last night.  Just two points.  At least we’re at the point with George, where that’s a really bad night.  He’s been so good this season, and now the last two games, he’s looked lost.  He putting up shots that aren’t falling.  If he’s not having a good game, it’s not going well.  Then at least he could pick up the defensive side.  But Kevin Durant smoked him for 34 points, which most of those points came in the second half.  15 points in the fourth quarter.  If George isn’t going on the offensive side, he’s got to pick it up on the defensive side.

That seems to have lost this Pacers team as well.  Now they’ve given up over 100 points in two games, when they were hardly doing that in the season.  Giving up 100 points to the Thunder is something I can see happening.  That’s the second highest scoring team in the league.  But 104 points by the Washington Wizards.  A Wizards team that’s only averaging 93 points per game.  To give up 37 points by one player, John Wall. He was able to do whatever he wanted to do out there.  They might as well just played John Wall, and he could have beat the Pacers with as bad as they looked last night.  That’s a horrible loss this late in the season. It’s going to be a long two days for the team, and I hope they take advantage of that, and find whatever game they’re missing.

The Pacers still SHOULD clinch the division, and they could even win it with the Chicago Bulls losing today. But it looks like they’re okay with being third in the Conference.  Only a four game lead on that spot, and winning the division ensures they will be in the top four. But I would hate to see this team slip to that four seed line.  You have the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks waiting at five and six, which wouldn’t make an easy first round. I didn’t think that no matter where the Pacers end up that first round will be easy.  But you don’t want to make it any more difficult by playing bad as the playoffs are coming ahead.  Right now, that’s how the Pacers look.  They just don’t look anything like this team we’ve seen last week.  It’s hard to even pin point what has happened.  Michael Grady on the radio broadcast had said it best “I’m speechless.” That’s how I felt while listening to that Pacers game.  You just can’t figure out what’s going on.

You’re going to endure losses, but this late in the season, and only five games left, you can’t lose.  Especially can’t lose to a bad Wizards team. Life won’t get any easier with these five games.  Here is who the Pacers have left:  Cleveland Cavaliers (should be a win), Brooklyn Nets (beat the Pacers twice already), NY Knicks (how about that 11 game win streak), Boston Celtics (potential first round match up), and Philadelphia 76ers (should be win).  It’s quite possible the Pacers could go 2-3 at the end. Not exactly on fire for the playoffs. Now if they get their heads straight, and pick up that first win against the Cavaliers, who knows maybe they find that way to roll along, and finish up strong.  If not, that first round playoff match up could get ugly. Like I said yesterday, this is like the NCAA Tourney, and you want to be hot going into them.  Don’t want to give that first round opponent any confidence going in. Especially with aspirations of making it to the Conference Finals.  But right now, I’m worried about these last five games.  Panic Button is being pressed hard.