David West Indiana Pacers’ Most Valuable Player


April 1, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Indiana Pacers power forward David West (21) is defended by power forward Blake Griffin (32) and point guard Chris Paul (3) against the Los Angeles Clippers during the second half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA will announce their own awards here in about a month, but I’m ready to call one award for the Indiana Pacers done.  That’s right, I’m pleased to announce that I have awarded the Indiana Pacers’ Most Valuable Player award to David West. But you might ask, what about Paul George and the break out season he’s having?  Well he shall receive his own award for what he’s done, but right now, it’s all about Mr. West, and what he has brought to this team. I remember the signing of him last season, and thinking that’s a huge move for this team.  Little did I know, how much he would really mean to this team. I will still point out last season in the playoffs, the Pacers had just won a tough game in Miami, and West was out there getting the team off the court saying it’s only one game.  That’s such a huge leadership role for this young team.  Those guys were excited over winning that playoff game, but West knew there was so much more left to do, and that right there made me realize how IMPORTANT and VALUABLE West is and will be for this team.

He’s having a great season now as well.   He looks to be fully recovered from that knee injury as it looked like at times, he wasn’t as comfortable as he looks know. I love it when West goes into beast mode, and you know he’s putting this team on his back for the win.  He’s been big for a basket or two.  Even in that Clippers game, West made a late steal into a pass to Paul George for a fast break.  That’s a power forward making a play on Chris Paul to get the steal.  Those type of plays will go by the wayside, but I’ve paid attention to that, and realize that West is the team’s anchor.  If he’s gone next season, I’m not sure this team will have as much success.

The Pacers will have to look at what they can do to bring him back.  This nucleus of Paul George, Roy Hibbert, George Hill, and West all need to be around for the next couple of years for the Pacers to truly come back around.  If the Pacers want to go somewhere this playoffs, West will probably be called upon. He’s just so strong at everything he does.  He’s out there to defend, make baskets, get rebounds, and do whatever he will do.  He’s up there for my favorite player on this team.  He’s got a good following here, and I think he likes playing for the team.  He could have went to Boston before last season, but he chose Indiana.  That has to say something about what he was looking for in a team.  I think he has embraced that leader role as you will see his disappointment after a loss, but then he’ll say there’s more work to do after  a win. He’s there for a teammate as evident during that skirmish with the Golden State Warriors.  David West should be an Indiana Pacer for the next few years if they can make that happen.