Indiana Pacers Continue the Western Swing


2 games in Texas equal 2 wins for the Indiana Pacers as they make that playoff drive. They picked up a win on Wednesday with ALMOST letting a big lead go away against the Houston Rockets.  Then put together a great second half performance to put away the Dallas Mavericks.  As the Mavericks embark on their don’t shave till .500. Looks like it will be a little bit longer for the beards of Dirk Nowitzki and company.  Only giving up 78 points is one of the impressive points the Pacers made last night.  I also love the way this team can just find different ways to win.  You look at Wednesday and they had to hold that lead that got withered to four points.  Last night, the Pacers double up the Mavericks in the third quarter to build up a comfortable lead, and win going away.  Two wins in Texas means two wins to continue this Western road trip.

It probably comes at a good time for the team as they can rally around each other, and make sure that everything is in order for the playoffs.  Sure there’s a few more weeks, but now is the time to fine tune and make sure the engine is running smoothly.  The Pacers have played so well without Danny Granger, and now that news is out that Granger will miss the rest of the season, they can fully move along from that. I think they already have, but you know that could be in the back of their minds when going through some offensive struggles and what not.  I still believe there’s  a place for Granger on this team, and hold out big hopes that he can stay a Pacer and retire a Pacer.  But that comes at another time.

Now the focus moves to playing against the Phoenix Suns.  The Pacers are the better team, and should win easily in this one.  But they can’t falter because I believe they want that momentum going into the rematch with the Los Angeles Clippers.  Last time out there was no Roy Hibbert protecting the paint area, and that was exposed.  Hopefully that turns around this time.  Chris Paul will still be tough to defend, but the Pacers look very motivated to go 4-0 in this swing.  4-0 could mean that they are even closer to that divisional title.  First time for that in a decade.  4-0 could mean a game or two up in the Eastern Conference standings for second place.  The Miami Heat might as well have wrapped up first place.  It’s all about 2-7, which is separated by a few games.  That two spot would be ideal for the Pacers so they can hold home court.  We’ve seen how much better they are at home.  But they do need to continue to pick up road wins, and this could be a great time for that.  The last “west” road trip, they went 3-1.  This one I felt like would be okay going 2-2.  But you know what, I’m flip flopping and saying 4-0.  Bold Prediction right there.  You can hold me accountable. If they don’t go 4-0, I will buy you a coke.