Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks: Rivalry Brewing?


Mar 22, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers power forward Tyler Hansbrough (50) and Milwaukee Bucks small forward Mike Dunleavy (17) battle for a loose ball at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The Pacers won 102-78. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Not sure what it is about these two teams, the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks, but things have been chippy the last few times they’ve played.  Mike Dunleavy and Tyler Hansbrough got into it one game.  Larry Sanders and Dunleavy ended up ejected last night.  Who would have thought there would be bad blood between them?  Even in last night’s Sanders’ ejection, I missed what got him ejected.  Dunleavy ended up hitting Gerald Green with a Flagrant 2 foul, which is automatic ejection.  But there’s just some tension when the teams meet, and I like it a bit.  But always hope that it won’t go too far.

The Pacers before have had people who said they were dirty, so maybe that’s how the Bucks feel.  But the Pacers did pick up a much needed win to even that season series, and move a game closer to capturing the Central Division crown.  I believe 8 is the magic number for the Pacers, which means any number of Pacers win/ Bull losses that would get to that would make the Blue and Gold Kings of the Central.  It would be the first division title in almost a decade.  And tonight it could get even closer with a win against….the Chicago Bulls.

What happened in last night’s game before we get ahead of ourselves?  Well, the Pacers locked down so much defensively in that third quarter that the game might as well be done after that.  The Bucks only put up 11 points in the third, and hit for their lowest score of the season with 78 points.  The Pacers looked much better offensively finishing with 102 points, led by Tyler Hansbrough with his 22 points and 12 rebounds.  He really loves that starting role, doesn’t he? He’s looked so much better out there over the past few games, and now with David West out for the next couple of games, Hansbrough needs to continue to look good.  Especially tonight against the Bulls.  That’s a big game if you haven’t realized.

You know what else happened in last night’s game?  GERALD GREEN MADE A GREAT PASSING PLAY.  That’s right, I was there to witness probably the best play Gerald Green has made that wasn’t a dunk.  D.J. Augustin tossed a great pass up court to Green, who had seen that Ian Mahinmi was trailing, and he left a sweet no look pass to him for a great finish.  I even made the comment “That’s the best Gerald Green play he’s made ALL YEAR.”  Yet another guy that’s looked much more comfortable for the Blue and Gold.

Tonight the Pacers will lace them up again in hopes of getting the season sweep against the Bulls.  How great would that be? Win the division by sweeping the former division champs.