Indiana Pacers: Time to Panic?


Let’s step away from that cliff Pacer fans as I know the team has lost two straight at home, and yes that was after such an impressive run of 15 straight home wins.  Yes I know that closing out the games have been the issue in the past two games, but it’s not too much to be concerned about in February.  We’re hitting that point soon where it could be an issue.  But a loss to the Raptors on a Friday night where the Raptors aren’t in the realm of playoff contention isn’t such a bad thing.  I think it means this Pacers team is worth the discussion of being elite if that’s something that makes people upset.

I think last night’s game was something that the Pacers should have been able to pull out as well. They had a late lead, and just gave it away with some silly plays.  But it didn’t help that Paul George had an off night on the same night Deron Williams didn’t play for the Nets.  That was something the Pacers should have tried to take advantage of.

I’ll probably get scolded for this as well, but I will defend Roy Hibbert a bit as I felt like being in person for last night’s game, that was probably the most active I’ve seen him on the offensive end in a while. It looked like the team was feeding him the ball and letting him really work for shots.  Now he shot poorly and didn’t score that much.  But the fact that they even looked to him and he was active is something I take as a positive.  You can tell me otherwise, and I would love to hear your own thoughts on that.

The idea that Hibbert should be benched is a bad one as well given his record of having such a soft shell.  Now maybe that’s not what you want in a player, but it’s the player the Pacers have, so you can’t say much against it.  We’re not going to toss Hibbert aside, and say sit there to watch a game.  The only way I see him fighting through this funk is to keep playing.  If that means you don’t go to him as much, then that’s what you do. But you don’t bench him for that as he’s so important on the defensive end.  I think that’s where he has really stood up this season.

I wouldn’t want to be the Charlotte Bobcats team tomorrow as the Pacers get ready to play them.  Now if the Pacers don’t come out with some fire, and blow out the Bobcats like they should, I’ll write something on Thursday saying they need to get their edge back.  But I truly believe this team is angry about the past two losses, and should come out with some spark to go into the break with a win.  At home, and with a possible Danny Granger return, all the makings are there for a wall to wall win.  Don’t make me eat my words, Indiana Pacers.