NBA Trade Rumor: Do the Indiana Pacers make a move?


My simple answer to that question above is no.  I can’t see the Indiana Pacers making a move at the deadline for someone.  The way I seek it, this team has performed well and right at the expectations of what fans envisioned.  Why mess with the chemistry they have when you feel like all the right pieces are there?  Even if you move a piece, like Gerald Green, what are you getting in return?  Green has been a dud since he came here, so are teams lining up to move someone for him?  I know the idea is out there what to do with Tyler Hansbrough’s contract is up, so why not move him?  But look at what he does for the Pacers.  He brings out that hustle that not many players have.  I feel like he knows what his role is with the team, and there’s not many options out that could work out so well.

There’s also the idea of what to do with Danny Granger. I personally want him to stay a Pacer and retire as one.  So I probably put up blinders when it comes to moving him.  Plus he’s probably seen his best years, so who knows what you could do in trade value for him.  The Pacers could end up losing him if there’s no money to throw at him. but for now, Granger is here, and should be a productive member of the team.

But overall, this team is built the way that I think fans want it.  We don’t see that big superstar when all the stars are working together.  You have an All Star in Paul George, who should be on the list for Most Improved Player, and if it wasn’t for the usual antics of Lebron James and Kevin Durant, there could be some rumbling for Most Valuable Player with the way George has carried this team.

You have David West, who is right there at the same level as far as value to the team.  It’s going to be so interesting to see what the Pacers do with West come this summer.  He is one of those pieces who can’t move.  He’s such a leader for this team, and I feel like he wants to be here.  When he was a free agent, he could have signed with anyone, but he did come here and look at how well he’s worked out.

This is why I sit behind a computer and type out my thoughts on trade deadlines, I probably would make a horrible General Manager as I like the team the Pacers have put together.  You have to put that aside, and do what is best for this team.  I know this team might not be a pretty team that gets all the recognition, but they get wins.  They get a sense of community going with the players, and they feel like such a great team to watch once you sit down to watch.  What more could you ask for?