Indiana Pacers Get Clawed by the Toronto Raptors


The Indiana Pacers are looking to avenge their first home loss of the season way back in November, and to continue the current 15 game home winning streak.  With the way the Pacers have been playing, the odds are definitely in their favor to continue winning at home.  Even a three game back to back to back couldn’t slow down the team as they won 2 games at home and won at Philly on Wednesday.  Riding a 5 game winning streak is the longest of the season and a full game up in the division.  But the Pacers can see the New York Knicks for second place in the Conference, so it’s important to continue to pick up wins.  With the home cooking, what better way to win than at home tonight?

Toronto Raptors  (18-32)  100

Indiana Pacers  (31-20)  98

Well, so much for that preview, this game was won by the Raptors on a late late late Rudy Gay shot after the game was taken into overtime by a put back at the buzzer.  The Pacers had a chance to step on the gas, but couldn’t pull away from the Raptors as they lost for the first time at home since December.  Time to get back on track and start a new streak come Monday.

Who knew the Raptors would have the Pacers’ number this season as they’ve taken 2 out of the 3 games in the series so far?  This Raptors team also beat the Pacers twice in Indy, where the Pacers only have 4 home losses.  It’s just a matter of the Raptors really came to play tonight, and even with a 9 point lead by the Pacers, it never felt secure.  Once you start mounting that comeback, you have to figure out how to slow it down.  The Pacers couldn’t figure that out, and never looked good after the Raptors tied the game.

David West had 30 points in the loss, but it was that bad out of bounds play that can be looked upon.  The Pacers had the ball out of bounds with not much time left, and Rudy Gay steals the ball to go for a lay up. He misses that, and the Raptors get the offensive rebound.  Amir Johnson gets the tip in with about as much time as could be had to make that tip in.  From all angles, it was too close to call, but the refs said he got the shot off and off the teams went to overtime.

But this game should have never been in that overtime session as the Pacers held a four point lead with 10 seconds left.  That would be the most frustrating part of this loss.  You have to make the right plays, and usually this Pacers team has done that.  Last night, they didn’t.

They’ll get a couple of days off to rest the weary legs and get the mind straight for two games before the All Star break.  It would be ideal to get those two wins and have something going for the break, especially when you have the division lead like the Pacers have.  It’s only a half game, so it’s important to pick up a couple of wins now.  Get another home streak going, take the All Star break, and get right back at it after that.