NBA All Star Starters


Hard to believe we’re almost nearing All Star Weekend for the NBA, which means that the starters have been announced and the reserves to follow.  Looking over the East and West Starters, there’s no real surprises anymore. It’s the same guys that you would expect. You could probably make a case here and there, but overall, the fans vote in the big names.

To me, the All Star game has lost a bit of luster.  I think basketball is the perfect sport to have an all star exhibition as you can go out and have some fun.  But anymore, it’s just up and down the court and doesn’t get serious unless the game is close in the end. I wish I had some good fix for it, but there’s not anything that could make it much better.

As a Pacers fan, there’s hope that Paul George or even David West could get some consideration for this game. I think Paul George has a better shot at it than David West.  George has really carried this Pacers team at times, and his games show that. Hopefully some of the coaches have been paying attention to how improved George is and will give him that chance to be reserve for the Eastern Conference team.

Eastern Conference Starters

Rajon Rondo

Here’s a guy that despite his blow ups at times, still is a triple double machine waiting to happen.  He can get the job done passing, scoring, rebounding, and leading the Celtics on the floor. As much as you might dislike his personality, his game can speak for himself.

Other options here could have been Deron Williams or Kyrie Irving.

Dwayne Wade

I feel like Wade hasn’t been as good as past years.  You just don’t hear much about him like you used to. But he’s still one of the top 10 and probably top 5 best players.  He’s like Rondo in that he can do it all and help out the team in all facets of the game.

Carmelo Anthony

About as close to a MVP season as he can.  Anthony is carrying the Knicks to a fantastic record through the season. He’s a guy that can score.  He still lacks a bit on defense, but the fact that he can score is what the Knicks want.

Lebron James

Is there anything more that can be said about Lebron James?  Finally got the monkey off his back with the championship last season and looks just as good this season.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he can end up getting a triple double every few games if he puts his mind to it.

Kevin Garnett

Here’s a small surprise, but then looking at other big men in the East, were there many other options?  Garnett gets in because he plays the game with such a force, and he’s been doing it consistently for so many years.  Even with Rondo taking over for the team, Garnett is the heart and soul of the Celtics.


Western Conference Starters

Chris Paul

Is there any other point guard better than Chris Paul?  I don’t think so.  He’s about as good as you can get with the point guard position.  He’s probably one of the few “true” point guards, where he’s going to make the guys around him so much better by putting them in positions to score.  At the same time, he can get his own points.  He’s the leader of the Clippers and a big reason they’re having a fantastic season.

Kobe Bryant

I think Bryant is voted in on name recognition as the Lakers aren’t a good team, and sure Bryant is having a good season, but is it really All Star worthy?

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant just keeps getting better.  He’s a guy that has such ability to put it on the floor or drive it to the rim and finish.  Right there near the top in scoring, Durant has a good shot at yet another title for that. But the real test is whether Durant can lead the Thunder back to the Finals and get the job done there.

Blake Griffin

Another guy who’s so important to the Clippers and a guy that’s always a highlight reel away.  He’s got better at making some jump shots, but truly everyone loves to see him send home the ball with force.

Dwight Howard

I am surprised by this selection as Howard has missed some games, and I don’t think he’s had an All Star season with a bad team in the Lakers.  You probably could have plugged in David Lee of the Warriors for the job he’s doing with the team, and they’re right there in the playoff race.  Even LaMarcus Aldridge is doing things for the Blazers. I imagine those two get voted in as reserves, but I would have started one of them over Howard.