Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers Recap: Pacers Need a Spark


The Miami Heat proved why they were the best team in the East on Tuesday, while the Indiana Pacers proved that they may need some offensive help with a game where the Heat led by as many as 35.

Coming off a 3-game slide, the Pacers were ready to show that they could not only handle the Chicago Bulls, but that they could handle the Heat and be a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.

But, on a night when couples were celebrating Valentine’s Day, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade decided to prove that they may be one of the best couple/duo in the league.

James had 23 points, nine rebounds, seven assists and four steals for the Heat, while his sidekick Wade had 16 points, six rebounds, and three assists along with an entourage of spectacular dunks between the both of them.

The Pacers started the game with a horrible first quarter that only got worse when Danny Granger left the game in the final seconds with a sprained left ankle.

Granger did not return, which hurt the Pacers offensively without their leading scorer who is averaging 18 points per game.  The Pacers could not find any rhythm,  and ended the first half being outscored by Miami’s Big Three alone 40-39, which resulted in Miami erupting for a 68 point half, a season best for the Heat.

The Pacers continued poorly shooting the basketball by shooting a terrible 34% in the first half, and relied solely on David West to play one-on-one basketball.

On the other hand, the Heat was on fire shooting 60% and controlling the boards 26-16. David West ended the game with a Pacer high 14 points, while NBA All-Star Roy Hibbert ended with 10 points.

The Pacers were able to cut the lead down to 15 in the fourth quarter, but it was too late.

The Heat won their fourth game in a row, as the Pacers lost their fourth game in a row.

The final score the Heat 105 and the Pacers 90.

Without Granger, the Pacers lacked a sense of a scoring threat and a spark to get them back into the game.

ESPN reports that the Pacers are interested in signing former Denver Nugget and free agent JR Smith, which could maybe help bring that scoring threat to the Pacers.

Smith, who spent this last year playing basketball in China, averaged 12.3 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game for the Denver Nuggets last season.

Smith could stretch the floor for the Pacers offensively, due to his ability of being too shot the ball from anywhere on the court with ease.

The Pacers signing Smith is not so Farfetched, because the Pacers have more salary cap to spend more than any other team.

But, the money may not sway Smith, as ESPN reports that it is expected for him to either sign with the Clippers or the Knicks. Even if the Pacers do not sign Smith, it is obvious that the Pacers need to make a move for someone to help their bench and improve their chances of knocking off the Bulls or Heat in the playoffs.

Only time will tell what the Pacers will do, but as of now unless the Pacers find their own Jeremy Lin, they will have to deal before the trade deadline to improve their team.