LeBron "Akron Hammer" James, as we all kno..."/>

LeBron "Akron Hammer" James, as we all kno..."/>

LeBron “Akron Hammer” James to Find a Place In Consideration Of a Legacy



LeBron “Akron Hammer” James, as we all know, has left and gone on free agency from the Cleveland Cavaliers. In ways, this is an opportunity to gain his legacy and to make and finalize a legacy of his diligence, where he will be known and where he will settle for any further mistakes.

This is an opportunity to unveil the real LeBron James. To un-sheath his power of basketball and to be known and settle with a legacy of a lifetime and to be known as one of the greatest players to even join the NBA. He is to be known as that team’s Michael Jordan.

His greatest options are places without a legacy and without fame in this era. His best two options are the New York Knicks and the the New Jersey Nets. They are awfully close areas, but are providing a great chance and any further consolation to be acceptable.

These places are places that have nothing on them and are in need of great players to rank up and to be known and common. If LeBron turns down these opportunities and talks to maybe Phil Jackson, he is only making an amazing team better.

This is a legitimate fact of almost making the NBA one team like the Los Angeles Lakers. If you have the best players already on one of the best teams, it would be more sensible to the fact that there are other teams out there fishing and paying from their nose to find great players and considerably from the Lakers.

Now if you know for a fact that you are one of the best players in the NBA, like LeBron James, and apparently you have a team having a sexual relationship with your mom and exposing the fact everywhere, you really need to leave. LeBron the only key player on the team is being treated like this and on top of that is doing everything for them.

Shame on the team and more recently Delonte West.

This is not a team: this is a group of people ruining his life and taking advantage of him. Now this is also why and one of the main causes he is leaving (which is a great decision).

He is doing everything he can to build his legacy and trying to do most of the work to help them and to rescue them from bad exposers. But if this is happening and he is very fond of it. The crucial facts that are revolving around him and it’s about time he put his foot down to show who he is.

He can go to nice team like the New York Knicks or possibly the New Jersy Nets and create a bond with the team and be a legend and create a legacy for further remembrance and great possibilities.

For the past years, he has been busting his life for a legacy and to be known as a great player, but apparently he is come up to be only a regular player. He does not blend in if you’ve watched a Cleveland Cavaliers game. He is scoring the others are only passers and helpers.

He didn’t choose it to be like that and now he is coming to a legacy there, but if the personal problems keep firing and destroying his career like that, it is now over.

He has a bit a legacy there, but if he goes and approaches the other two teams, he will be a successful legacy creator. He will have his own legacy, and be known for such diligence and greatness and sportsmanship. He will have truly become a legend in just a matter of time.

But there are steps in doing this and it is a long process, too, at the same time. It calls for patience and the ability to prove a great man inside.

Step One

First, he has to find the right team and decide on how he is going to find the light. He will have to work his way to a well known and diligent player.

Step Two

Gain a bond and well understand of your team and players, because the next thing you know the sexual relationship will backfire. You don’t want your team to be too tumultuous to you but you have to show them who you are. Your inner character.

Step Three

Be yourself, so then people remember your legacy as your true self and not a reenactment of Michael Jordan. From there, keep repeating these steps as you have frequently done throughout your career of playing. But making it a more legitimate and nice relationship with everyone.

Step Four

Continue and make your crowds scream and cry with joy when they see you, and go crazy if they don’t. Make your life a great one and your legacy has been approved.

Now that he has already started, LeBron James is a smart and well played man, but he is going to have to think about every decision because he doesn’t want to be on free agency every year. He is a rare and very valuable player, and people will die for his knack ability.

This will bring out more fans, and soon, he will be another legend in the history of the NBA. It is a great tactic, and it can be used throughout many situations, and especially in LeBron James position.

Now with his head start, lets see where he’s scheduled for the future of his talent and ability to take the court down by himself.

Now it is just time for a great response, and lets see where LeBron “Akron Hammer/King” James settles!