As we all know, the 2010 NBA Finals Game Sev..."/>

As we all know, the 2010 NBA Finals Game Sev..."/>

As we all know, the 2010 NBA Finals Game Sev..."/>

Celtics Off Guard


Written by Krishna Dhani

As we all know, the 2010 NBA Finals Game Seven had occurred and aired yesterday. The Celtics were being diminished by major steps in Game Six, which would’ve set them to play at full potential, but by the end of the game, time had run out. The scoreboard tumultuously and openly pointed a great lead by the Lakers.

This is a key point, to as where the Celtics would’ve put the pedal to the metal. Apparently, though, they failed in attempt of trying this task.

The Lakers were not yet to give up and where trying to keep at their full potential, and with a home court benefit, they were killing them by 20 points. Then the Celtics had dropped even more and from there left the game with Lakers having a 22 point difference as a final.

If this wasn’t telling them or teaching them to do there best, what can? If you are facing a team that just beat you tremendously ,what are you to do? Are you going to sit down and just give up? That’s definitely not the way the Lakers played and that’s also how they won against them. For a fact, too, they just gave Kobe just what he needed: one more ring than Shaq.

The problem was, when the Lakers had destroyed the Celtics in Game Six, the Celtics would’ve trained harder and shoq more than expected and show who they really are. So for a fact, they had not done well at all.

The Celtics had major problems within the series, and trust me, this is what had led to the Lakers’ victory. The Lakers main part of winning was by the Celtics’ mistakes. So they hardly did anything in consideration of scoring. The Celtics were having a war within themselves. The Celtics had given them loads of free throws at points where they were to lose if they even score again.

At the end of Game Seven, where Ray Allen tried stripping the ball, he cost the team a foul. That is the worst thing he could do. The Celtics needed the ball to score and they just fouled them and then it was the Lakers’ ball. Now with ten seconds on the clock, how are you going to catch up? They were down by five points and still were making major fouls.

These fouls were costly and crucial to the team. If they didn’t have that happening, then maybe they would’ve scored. But there, again, where Rajon Rondo was leaping for the ball and he touched it, or more like skid it, and he couldn’t get the ball; causing it to go out of bounds and as it was Lakers’ ball. Now for a major fact, if you can’t get the ball: don’t get it. It was going to be out on the Lakers’ anyways, so why backfire it on yourself?

Another part was that they were way overconfident with themselves. Since they had been over confident, they thought they had the game to themselves, and that was not the right thing. The Lakers have a tremendous and glorious history of taking down teams with their key players. The Lakers also have a history of having the best players in the NBA on their team as well.

The Lakers are not a team to get overconfident with. The Lakers didn’t become over confident. They stayed neutral and alert, and they didn’t make any costly moves.

Now toward the end of the game, around fourth quarter, the Celtics had literally lost was because of many reasons. One major reason was where they thought they had it and let their guard down and so the Lakers who consisted a full potential throughout the game to take them down. Also there is no way they can win. They are the best. Okay, not really.

They were too confident and had thought that if the Lakers come back, they can just take them down like in a snap. Well, actually, the Lakers took the ball and were scoring like crazy. Then, when the Lakers had taken the lead, the Celtics thought, “Lets take them back down, now.” Well that didn’t work out so well, becuase the Lakers consisted of great three-point shots and made scoring impossible and out of the Celtics reach with good, hard-played defense.

The Celtics also allowed the Lakers to have too many second chances. There was such a huge offensive rebounding percentage for Los Angeles and the Celtics couldn’t even stop that. It was crazy to how many second chances the Lakers got on those offensive rebounds. If it weren’t for them, the Lakers would probably have lost by a large margin and probably wouldn’t even crack the 40-point or 50-point margin on the scoreboard. That was a huge reason, too, of why the Celtics lost here to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2010 NBA Finals.

It was like giving the ball to the person to see how he plays but he is way better than you are.

Also, at a point, they gave the ball to the Lakers and it was not a great idea because now they were way ahead and there were only a couple of seconds on the clock. The time and place had diminished for the Celtics. Not only that, but they were at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The heat and excruciating pressure was being slowly brought upon them. With seconds on the clock, in the other team’s court, and you are getting killed. All you can think of is regret and remorse. It is the Finals, and you don’t do that.

This was a great season of the NBA, and I enjoyed watching my favorite team get devoured (the Indiana Pacers) and I also liked the NBA Finals. It wasn’t easy this time. Phil Jackson is about to go, Kobe Bryant now has a ring on all five fingers of his hand now. Also, this is the second straight championship win the Lakers have.

A great season….now it is time to see where LeBron goes when NBA Free Agency hits on July 1st.