In the past games, we have seen hard work and determ..."/>

In the past games, we have seen hard work and determ..."/>

Interpretation of Suroundings | Lakers-Celtics: They Are Not Oblivious



In the past games, we have seen hard work and determination by both teams. We have also seen how they are enforcing their emotions on the court. It’s gotten them many wins at the same time, also. It’s what made Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant, in Game Five of the NBA Finals, set on fire with the ball. It’s what made the Celtics take a 3-2 series lead and the Lakers determined to play more crucial and vigorous game upon them.

These teams have been emotionally well-behaved. They controlled their emotions and put whatever stress has gotten accumulated on the ball and on the hoop. In Game Five, you saw the inner mentality of Kobe Bryant, who had scored 38 points; and Paul Pierce, who scored 27 points.

Although Kobe Bryant had scored more points, he had the same way of interpreting his surroundings just like Paul Pierce. The people who made this happen are the best at doing it and they themselves were once put into that position frequently. They were Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson, the head coaches of the best teams in the league at this point.

These emotions were from the cheering of the tumultuous crowd and the fouls on the teammates. The team is like a big family against another. If one thing happens to them, they have back ups on the way. These emotions could be used in many ways, in what they want it to be used. It’s a powerful thing.

In Game Six, the Celtics look forward to winning and take home the great title as the 2010 NBA Finals Champions.

Maybe the reason why Kobe Bryant was more off-set with scoring was probably because of not being at home and having a tumultuous crowd yelling at them ruthlessly and loudly and were rooting and cheering on for the Celtics. It’s definitely not easy to play an outside game. Especially when your losing. But when it’s at home in the next game, the Celtics’ situation will be alike to the Lakers’ situation in Game Five and throughout that whole series in Boston in many ways: of pressure from the coach and the crowd.

In ways the Celtics are interpreting these emotions are definitely okay, due to the fact that it’s on the court.

Now we are all wondering where these emotions are being exposed and sent out by. What are the surroundings specifically? That’s where it comes to a setting and matter of time and place. When you are in a locker room with your entire team there and your head coach, you are definitely desperate to hear the news. So as the news comes out, as to how important the game is to them, your determination has just struck to so much meaning.

This is the rage to help the team and it all depends on the way you interpret the coming speech. People like Rasheed Wallace definitely think of it as getting more fouls. Maybe people like Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen knew the upcoming message and already started a routine. The key players are most likely to understand the message.

In Game Four, perhaps it was Nate Robinson and Glen Davis. In Game Two, it must have struck Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo. And in Game Five, it must have struck Paul Pierce, but this is only the Celtics side I am talking about so far, not the Lakers.

If it were to be the Lakers, well, they have already established some key players in the regular season. Those key players are very noticeable. They are Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and these two have come up especially for their team’s determination and leadership as also towards the enthusiasm. Others may be Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum, for always putting in their full potential, or at least trying to put in their full potential.

These players are always there, and they feel the need and desire to the game. They are devoted to the game, giving them benefits. These benefits are put and applied to their skills and that’s what makes these two teams the best teams this season. And here they are now, playing in the Finals.

They are not oblivious as what to do. They know it and this builds upon their stamina and creates a bash of energy out on the court. In Los Angeles, California; or in Boston, Massachusetts. It can be applied almost any where.

This can be used in determination of other things maybe different sports or different tasks but it can be used.

Last night in Game Five, you heard and saw Phil Jackson say this team is used to losing, and especially in the fourth quarter. Or something similar to that. This is what created the amount of determination Kobe Bryant had. He also kept encouraging him, giving Kobe the team the ability to have faith in themselves and strike back.

Doc Rivers wasn’t recalled to have said anything like that during the game, but what he does do is support the team by fighting for them when there is foul he doesn’t like or anything else. And this, you will see Phil Jackson doesn’t do. Sadly both coaches might even be leaving this year. If you bring both mentalities together, you get a perfect coach. It is a hard chance you will get one like that.

Maybe in the NFL you could have seen a coach like that. A coach of the Colts, maybe. He was Tony Dungy. And he was one of the greatest.

If you go statistically in a preview or prediction for Game Six (or if they is a Seven), it may take a while. Maybe the Celtics will win, or maybe the Lakers will win. Overall, the Celtics have a good advantage right now, especially since the past two have been consecutive wins. They look forward to have a 4-2 record.

The Lakers definitely are in denial about this action, for victory and they had anticipated of going 4-0 when they won the first game by a tremendous amount, and soon: be declared the best team in the NBA.

That apparently didn’t happen and work out so well.

They are not oblivious to this action most of the team does this action frequently and this also helps their skills and the more stamina they gain on this, they will be able to be better players and soon will be a great team.

If the teams do follow this and apply skill, they can do anything on and off the court. And it takes just a little determination, not much. And if they use this on the court, they will be like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant mixed. Ultimate combination. And they are using this throughout the games.

They get all stressed out and it’s not on their shoulders and they are determined and come out ready to steal the ball with a glare of focus. They put their mind to it and they will be great. The problem is that not many people are following this and they give up when they look at the scoreboard.

Some other people like Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant look at the scoreboard and say,”Hey come on! We are not going to lose to these chumps, we are going take them down we have a chance. The game is not over…let’s go!”

That’s a mature attitude that should be expected from all players and that is what it should be throughout the game. When you are tired, there is something called a backup. And team leaders like Kobe will convince the whole team to get up and play.

Except it was too late at the point where the Lakers were almost about tied. It takes also a matter of time, too. There is also a limit and restraint of the game unless you reach overtime. By that time should have finalized this. The more the gain, a greater approach on this they will get better. And that anticipation of being the best team in the league will finally be there.