Major Areas of Extensive Errors within the Celtics and Lakers


Written by Krishna Dhani

The NBA Finals are going on, and there are major errors and violations upon their playing. If these teams aren’t going to increase their stamina and excellence upon their game, they are just going to win by luck. There are so many errors where if one team repairs them and the other doesn’t, we can already determine the victor.

Boston Celtics General and In-Depth Improvements

The Boston Celtics, in general, are a very good team until Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett start to accumulate many fouls. In Game Four of the Finals, you saw that their were major fouls drawn upon Pau Gasol to consecutively by Rasheed Wallace. Then there was Kevin Garnett, considerably spreading his dislikes. This hurts the team and even more, Doc Rivers. It puts a tremendous amount of shame upon him.

The next step is passing the ball. We have seen some great plays from the key players, but seldom have we seen them a lot. Why? Well simply because of the passing efforts made. They unanimously lack in making the decision of passing. Sometimes Glen Davis will turn and pass the ball to Tony Allen, but guess what? He’s blocked by a great amount of people like Kobe and Artest.

Let the key players get the ball when they need it. Paul Pierce needs to keep passing and forget the hard layups. He has Rajon Rondo wide open for his “one of a kind” layups. Or pass to Ray Allen, who is right behind you, well-prepared to make an elegant jump shot.

These are the people who are open, whereas you are covered greatly. Hence, pass the ball for once. So that doesn’t mean pass it to Glen Davis, he is one of the bad decision makers that will pass it back to you. Costing your team a turnover. Although he did play exceptionally great in that game.

Another point of the game is where the rebounds come. You have seen Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis, Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Garnett and Nate Robinson makes some good rebounds. This issue has been exposed to the team and fully expressed where you need to get two hands on the ball for the rebound. Now I will be considerate that when it’s so high up there, you can tip it for a tremendous opportunity, but let’s wait on that.

You need to get those rebounds and take them in, because with the speed of the ball, you won’t get the ball in one hand. You will capture it and take in the force of the ball and capture it. This is well known and commonly seen throughout many games, not just the Finals, but before. And this goes for both teams actually.

Another area is upon one of the best: sentencing ones. It is where you see an opening clear to the hoop. Be smart and take it. Don’t just stand there if your a big man and try making the long jumper because there is a one-of-ten chances that you will. I mean Ray Allen is a legend at making those three’s and jumpers. He is considerate to the fact that he can be sure if he goes through the opening and scores. Now he is definitely being methodical in complete ways.

He completes his thoughts in ways so fast like a quarterback in football. He takes in consideration upon his decisions and the tranquility of what he is permitted to do. He doesn’t run in and get two hard fouls like Rasheed Wallace.

If these tasks are taken in consideration to their cruel mistakes and applied upon their superb skills, they can become All-Star team by themselves.

Los Angeles Lakers General and In-Depth Improvements

The Los Angeles Lakers have a tremendous and tranquil history of having the greatest players of all time. They are known for having enthusiastic and well trained players on their team. These players your parents may have even told you about. The Lakers were once truly a general magical team.

They have had players that used to take down the other team just by the look. These people may be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal, Jerry West and others.

These players gave this team spirit and enthusiasm but that will all be apply-able here after they improve. These improvements need to be made fast because the Celtics may have tied with them, but every time they win against them: they win by a seemingly great amount.

The first area can be seen throughout the Finals and mostly in the previous game (Game Four). This major area makes the Lakers have an emotion of their skills of not being put to the full potential and their team being devoured by those Boston Celtics. Why? Well they aren’t making those shots upon Kobe’s skills and he isn’t even being able to make those. It’s almost as if it has turned into a matter of luck as a considerably safe verdict for them.

They aren’t making layups either and I don’t blame them. The Boston Celtics aren’t an easy team to get around. They are well prepared most of the time, averaging many wins. Now you have to take into the fact that both sides are almost being unfair with poor discipline from the referees. One way or another, the Lakers are getting around with points and it is by the fact that they get fouled and start making the free throws instead of the real main shots.

Since they are being fouled so much, they may seem weaker and rely only upon free throws. So this is where they need more practice on spare time. They need to take those shots and be well prepared for the Celtics as they are for them.

Another stamina decreasing issue is that they are having the ball being taken away frequently and sometimes consecutively too. They need to protect the ball and take their time getting to the hoop, otherwise they lose stamina with the ball and the next thing you know, Rajon Rondo has just scored.

If they don’t keep the ball safe, they are going to have a difficulty coming back against the Celtics. They think the Celtics are just scoring with the ball, but 50-percent of the Celtics’ point is by stealing the ball away from from those guys. They are having trouble with dribbling the ball. They dribble and run and the ball is lagging behind them where there is a unanimous open slot for the Boston guards to take the ball.

The Lakers don’t have many improvements to make, but the ones they do are very well indeed costing their team points frequently. Not only that, but accumulating Phil Jackson’s shame.

A real crucial problem is where they have to also give the key players, such as Kobe, a chance. If you get the gut feeling and your conscious is telling you to not spin that ball in the air, pass it to some one else, because your losing your enthusiasm and the team’s, too.

One of the problems is on Phil Jackson’s decisions where he is pushing Andrew Bynum to the limit his minutes and his knee is letting him down. Also, where does it say that Kobe is tired? Then as it goes to Kobe he doesn’t have single sweat on him. He is putting him in danger and on the line which is not a good idea because the Finals is not the time to argue. Especially with one of the best players on your team.

In the matter of time we will see who wins, but if they don’t revive themselves from this following stamina decrease, it’s once again in the position of luck. So it’s up to the teams and what they are willing to do.