Tony Parker to the Pacers??


News is coming around that the Indiana Pacers may trade a lot of their belongings for San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker.

I first heard the story from a basketball forum here. I really didn’t believe at first because it seemed like a bunch baloney. Although I do love that forum, I just can’t believe because…well, it’s a forum! Anything goes around there!

So as it went on, Mike Wells reported that the Indiana Pacers will in fact might trade for Tony Parker. Then I googled around and here it came: a bunch of sources saying that Tony Parker may come to the Pacers.

Now I believe it.

The Pacers are looking to trade their tenth overall pick, shooting guard Brandon Rush, and power forward Troy Murphy. All for Parker. Now there are some goods and bads with this especially if you like sports betting.The bad thing here is that the Pacers are giving up a lot for an aging point guard. Parker wasn’t even that good this season and experienced injury problems. If the Pacers really want to go with this trade, they better make sure Parker still has stuff left in the tank and that he can stay healthy for the 2010-11 NBA season. Another bad thing is that the Pacers are giving up their tenth overall pick. I don’t mind Rush and Murphy because I have been hearing rumors all year of them getting traded. But the tenth overall pick is something Indy needs. Why not trade the second-round pick instead? Oh well, it’s how it goes. I mean, I would love to have Ekpe Udoh, but I guess we won’t be seeing that anymore, now will we? But the tenth pick isn’t all that exciting anyways. Rush hasn’t proved a lot and Murphy really isn’t that good because he is sometimes unhealthy. Only good when he is really really healthy for sure.

But there are some goods in this. I mean, Tony Parker isn’t really that old. People call him aging because he wasn’t that good this year. He had injury problems and George Hill showed what he can do with the Spurs at point guard. And Hill may as well beat Parker for the starting job. Parker is only 28 years old. I mean, look at Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. They are only a couple years away from 40 years of age and they can still kick some ass. Parker did improve form injury problems with 16 points per game and 5.7 assists per game. But yet, he only played 56 games. We really need Parker to be healthy. Another positive is that the Pacers aren’t that strong when it comes to guards. Parker will easily be the starter and we can see a good combination. They can have their own little Big Three with Parker, Danny Granger, and Roy Hibbert. I would appreciate that really much. Parker would earn more games, too, I bet. He could also mentor A.J. Price. But what about T.J. Ford? I think he’ll be alright.

Overall, I say the Pacers should go for this pick. Get Tony Parker! What do you guys think?