Hating On the Little Guy: Allen Iverson Was Never Treated the Right Way


Why do people hate on Allen Iverson so much? They always call him a ballhog or some huge basketball thug.

Since he came into this league, he’s received more criticism than a Communist Dictatorship.

Well, let’s take a look at your little opinions on A.I.

Just think about it. The media bashes Allen Iverson all the freaking time.

So here’s how it goes: Did Allen ever bash his teammates, his coaching staff, his whole entire team and organization…everything over and over so many times to them media? Kobe Bryant did it.

And if the media heard Kobe saying that, they’d be like “Oh yeah, he needs help. He deserves it.” And if A.I. said that exact same phrase, the media would treat him like a stray dog walking sadly in the streets of India.

Would Allen Iverson want to let go of the greatest center in NBA history so he could improve his own stats and receive more attention? Get his little glory? Kobe did.

He ratted out Shaq for his own sake. And Kobe didn’t win a championship since. He finally did after the next great big men came in Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

If Allen Iverson raped a girl, what would the media do? They didn’t do that much harm to Kobe? Now if it were Allen, it would be totally different. Come on, get serious. You know it’s true.

The media always forget about the past and worried about the future for Kobe. Never for A.I. They always brought back “All About Practice” and him entering the league as a gangster, rap-loving baller. I just don’t get it.

There’s a big deal over his Practice press conference. Every single year. And nobody ever recalls of the Kobe rape accusation. They just forget about it. Acting like it is nothing. If Allen Iverson played in the NBA forever, he would still be taking crap from the media.

There are many injustices in this little point guard. If you were to switch all the bad stuff Kobe and A.I. done, would it be different? Ask yourself that. Would it?

The league was too busy finding another Michael Jordan. What makes you think A.I. can’t? What did he do wrong? Kobe will, nor anyone, will be better than MJ.

I know Kobe’s payed his price and everything but still. And it’s laughable to think that people would still call Iverson a ballhog when he puts up nice assists.

They then just go back to his early years and say he shoot too much. Yeah, he did. But he took a risk and led a crappy 2001 Sixers team to the Finals all on his 6’0″ 180-pound back.

When Kobe yells out to the media about his team, the media wants to help him saying all this crap. And then, if it were A.I.: “RAT HIM OUT OF THE LEAGUE! HE’S SELFISH! HE’S HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE CHARACTER!”

It’s funny to see that followers and average-NBA fans would believe everything they see on ESPN or TNT and go along, “A.I. is a ballhog. He’s not a good type of player for the NBA.”

And both guys are about one or two years apart. But people say A.I. is old and done while they say Kobe is still energetic and still has a lot left in the tank.


If you say A.I. was treated the same as everyone else, get real. They always let Kobe go. He was never treated fairly. Come on, he had triple-doubles and all of that. People never get past “It’s about practice!”

If you really want to make a big deal of his “practice” show, you seriously have a problem and need to get on with your life. Iverson is labeled as one of the Top 25 players in the league.

And then people say Iverson is a bad person in real life and some thug guy. He used to be. Didn’t a lot of NBA players?

Iverson influenced hip hop culture to the game of basketball. If you look at all the players, they all listen to it. If you ever see LeBron James, you see him hanging out with Young Jeezy and Jay-Z.

Iverson actually does stuff for his community.

2001, he helped built playgrounds in Memphis. In 2003, he pays for the funeral of an Allen Iverson fan who was gunned down because he didn’t want someone to rob his jersey.

In 2007, he helps saves a girl from a smoking car that got crashed on a highway. In 2009, he helps pay for college for two Virginia students.

If anything, Iverson should be one of the true faces of the NBA.

Nobody ever gets to know the real him. He declared for the NBA Draft too early because of his sister who had a sickness. He just ended his season by himself for his daughter.

Allen Iverson was never treated the right way. Nobody treated him the way he should have been.

Leave Allen Iverson alone.