2010 NBA Free Agency: The Nets Is Where LeBron James Can Really Be The King


Isn’t it time now that people should notice this: LeBron James will have to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s just that simple. All these years, he’s had such a good supporting cast and everything, but yet he still coudln’t succeed with this wonderful franchise.

James has done so much. Now he has a big opportunities in front of him. He has other teams he can succeed with like the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Bulls, or the New York Knicks.

But, in my opinion, none of those teams will want James to push himself to go with those teams. The real team will really encourage The King to play harder than ever.

The New Jersey Nets—or shall I say Brooklyn for now on?—Nets.

I mean, come on, this is the real place. This is the true home for James. Though his heart will always stay in Ohio, Cleveland has to be in his past now. He had a great supporting cast in Shaquille O’Neal, Antwan Jamison, Delonte West, Mo Williams, etc.

And he never succeeded. The Cavs choked again in the playoffs, this time to the Boston Celtics: who really are the team that meant business.

Now entering the 2010 NBA Free Agency, James looks to weigh the options. Now when it comes down it, it’ll be these four teams: Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and New Jersey Nets.

Now we take one off the list. In my opinion, it will have to be the Miami Heat that LeBron should cross off. The Heat should be better off trying to pick up power forward Chris Bosh.

Now we go down to the Bulls, Knicks, and Nets.

The Knicks will have to be crossed off. Sure, the marketing campaign and all of that great advertising money. Yeah, but LeBron probably isn’t that big about money currently.

How do we know the Knicks have all the weapons to suit The King? He might as well be with a different time of Cavs team, except in New York. Maybe worse than what he played with the Cavs.

The Bulls say they are ready to get LeBron. They have the money and the players. But it just doesn’t seem likely.

And that’s why the Nets are at the top of my list.


Just take a look: LeBron is a big pal of rapper and part-owner of Nets, Shawn Carter—or otherwise known as Jay-Z. Jay-Z would probably introduce LeBron about the Nets and literally fight for him to come here in New Jersey (okay, from now on at this point, I’m saying Brooklyn).

And now that the Nets are moving to Brooklyn, James can still venture New York. The Nets have a young squad. Brooklyn also has a new owner, who is some big Russian billionaire.

Mr. Prokohorv, the new owner, can also try to tell LeBron of how the Nets franchise has changed and everything.

The Nets are already have a good, young supporting cast in Brook Lopez, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Terrence Wiliams, and others.

The Nets also have a 25 percent chance of landing Kentucky freshman phenominon John Wall, as the Nets can easily win the number one spot in the lottery. Which rules out Devin Harris.

But even if Wall can’t come, think about the future still. The Nets can still get someone like Evan Turner, Derrick Favors, or DeMarcus Cousins. Along with that, they could still do something with Devin Harris.

But they might trade him otherwise, but that’s if Wall is in…or Turner maybe.

But for those Nets fans out there, I have all trust in you. LeBron James has to go to Brooklyn. This will have to be his new home.

It’s a perfect fit.