Big props to Flipballer31 with the photoshop here. The Indiana Pacers ..."/> Big props to Flipballer31 with the photoshop here. The Indiana Pacers ..."/> Big props to Flipballer31 with the photoshop here. The Indiana Pacers ..."/>

No Bledsoe, Patterson, Etc | Xavier Henry Is The Guy to Draft For Pacers


Big props to Flipballer31 with the photoshop here.

The Indiana Pacers are focusing big on the off-season this year. Already, some good moves have happened. T.J. Ford has returned, Jim O’Brien is re-signed, and how could things get better with a high draft pick?

Many mock drafting experts believe Indiana should go for point guard Eric Bledsoe, who would make a smart pick for Indy, although it may seem early. Or others would say forward Patrick Patterson.

To me, it just doesn’t seem right. Bledsoe will be picked way too high, as he is projected in the late 20’s. Patterson won’t go well since the Pacers already have Troy Murphy and Tyler Hansbrough.

What the Pacers need help at is the shooting guard position. Dahntay Jones is currently the starter at that spot and I am unsure of Brandon Rush, who is hard to predict. Jones also will play at forward sometimes.

Indy needs the SG of the future. And coming out of Kansas is Xavier Henry! Henry would be the perfect fit. He and Rush can exchange a lot at the position, as both are important players coming out of Kansas and made a big impact to the Jayhawks.

Henry had averaged 13.4 PPG, 4.4 RPG, and 1.5 APG. Henry was also good from behind-the-arc, shooting 41.8% there. He would make a good fit for the Pacers. He can hit three’s and make plays.

Henry is also a decent free-throw shooter with about 80% of his shots in the bucket. Henry also averages nearly 46% on his field goals. There’s really nothing that could go wrong if Henry were to come in.

At 6’6″ and 220 pounds, Henry can also play some small forward considering his size. He’s also tough enough to play it as well.

According to, Henry is a five-star SG and is the second-best shooting guard in the NBA Draft class. And since the Pacers are projected as the tenth spot, Henry would be an easy pick.

Henry has good mid-range game, versatility, and is a big-time scorer. Here’s a bit of his profile from Scout:

Father played at Kansas, brother was drafted in the first round by the New York Yankees. This is an elite player who slashes and shoots it deep with equal efficiency. Has a great attitude and way about him. Continues to get bigger, better and stronger each season. Tough kid with a chance to earn a serious living playing this game.

Not bad. But also according to Scout, Henry needs to improve on his ball-handling skills and his defensive game, in which he will most probably improve once he hits the NBA and works with the team.

Henry is projected as the 15th pick, and the Pacers could use him. He has great efficiency and they say he plays somewhat like James Posey. Henry can make a big impact to the Pacers and a difference.

If I were Larry Bird, I would give the go-ahead and get Xavier Henry right away. Take him, Indy.

He’s all yours!