NBA Playoffs 2010: Could This Finally Be The Year For The Cavaliers?


All has been going good in Cleveland. The Browns had a good draft, getting Joe Haden. They also got a steal in Colt McCoy. Mike Holmgrem is looking to improve the team. Meanwhile, the Indians are still hanging in there, just a few games off the .500 mark.

But what really matters right now in Cleveland sports should be the Cavaliers. Last year brought something to them: you can’t win with just one player carrying the squad. So, the Cavs are trying this year’s playoffs differently.

Still led by LeBron, the Cavs have weapons: Shaquille O’Neal, Delonte West, Antwan Jamison, J.J. Hickson, Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson etc. I can go on and on of how many weapons this team has and how important their role is to the team.

James leads the way, being the King of Ballin’ and is continuing to be dominant in the playoffs. He swarmed past the Bulls like a hurricane. He also just won his second MVP award in a row. Three-peat? I think so.

Then there is Shaq. Although he is pretty old, he’s playing like he is ten years younger than what he is and is tearing it up on other centers. How about Antwan Jamison? He continues to be a valuable member as well as West, Williams, and so on. Hickson is there as the dark horse.

This year is far more different than what we’ll ever see. This may very well be the year the Cavaliers can make it to the Finals—and win. It can actually happen. Cleveland sports will finally have a championship win since the Browns have done it back in the 1960’s behind Jim Brown.

Like the Browns, the Cavs can win this year’s championship led by—who else?—than LeBron James. Teams may very well watch out now in the East. The Cavs can pass this Celtics team. The C’s played great in the first round, but usually struggle against the Cavs.

The C’s can’t play good defense and they get dominated by the Cavs’ D. If the Cavs advance after Round Two, which will be tough I believe, they’ll most likely face the Magic like they did last year in the Eastern Conference Finals.

But this series is going to be different. How great will this matchup be? Shaq vs. Dwight Howard. Shaq’s time is going by and the new Shaq and dominant center in the NBA is Dwight Howard. Shaq looks to prove that he is still the best.

It can be Vince Carter vs. LeBron James. Carter’s time has gone by with the flashy dunks, amazing plays, and as one of the most dominant athletes in the game of basketball. Now LeBron is going to tell him that his time has gone and it’s a new era when No. 23 takes over.

Mo Williams vs. Jameer Nelson also will look interesting. All I can say is that this series will be a lot more competitive than it was last year. And if the Cavs advance, they’ll be back in the Finals. This Cavs team is unique.

They’re like a really unique truck. They need that extra pump in them, so Shaq gives them the diesel. Mo Williams, Hickson, Gibson, and Delonte West provide the extra rush. Antwan Jamison are the wheels and LeBron James is the engine.

The Cavs consist of veterans, superstars, newbies, and studs. The Cavaliers are a different team this year. A competitive team. An unstoppable team.

The team to beat in the East.

Maybe even in the league.