NBA Playoffs 2010: Watch Out for the Celtics


It was Game One with the Heat and the Celtics. Some people vote for the Heat. Some for the C’s. Most people expected this: Dwyane Wade vs. Paul Pierce, who comes out on top?

That’s definitely and totally not the case here.

The Celtics had this with them: they are gonna dominate your freaking ass! They know about the comments and the criticism people have been lashing at them throughout the regulars season.

We heard them:

“They’re getting old, they’re getting slow, they’re just not what they used to be, they only had one good season: 2007.”

Now Boston is going to shut all of y’all up. Shut you up good. I believe in them. Sure, the stats don’t show as much in the regular season. But after what the C’s displayed during Game One, they mean business.

Especially since it’s the postseason.

This is when they mean business. Though Kevin Garnett will be suspended for Game Two, he showed heart. He won’t back down. He will do everything get in your face, get you pissed, make you feel intimidated.

Make you feel that you already lost this battle.

He showed that in Game One. He has it in him. He wants another ring, and bad. He’s not like those other guys who don’t mind if they don’t win another championship since they already got one before.

He will keep climbing on for more.

Rajon Rondo will keep being himself as a top point guard. Paul Pierce will continue with driving down the lane for breaking layups, big shots, dunks, etc. Ray Allen will be the sharpshooter and can make a difference during the postseason.

Garnett will be the key of all of this. And plus, don’t forget the X-Factor: Tony Allen. He killed it in Game One. He can continue to do that. He’s underrated, and that’s what you want. People won’t expect it, but when it’s playing time, they will see it: “Goddamn, where the hell did this guy come from?”

It was just like Mike Singletary last year in College Basketball with Texas Tech. Nobody knew who he was, until that amazing performance. What did he score, like over 45 points or something? But at one point, he hit 28 straight points I believe. None of them missed. All in a row.

And now it’s Tony Allen’s time. Time to bring his name up.

James Posey helped big for the C’s during the 2008 Playoffs. Now it’s time for Allen in the ’10 Playoffs. It just fits.

The Celtics won’t back down. I expect them to dominate Miami. I can see Boston easily in the Eastern Conference Finals. But can they show their greatness there to reach the big show.

Can they return as champions like two years ago?

We’ll find out.

But right now, don’t underestimate this team.

We’re looking at a really hungry Celtics team here, my friends.