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Players Pacers Could Go After in the Offseason


The Pacers finished the season on a good run, but it wasn’t enough, finishing 30-52 (tenth in the Eastern Conference). But the run at the end of season may mark something for next season.

But before we look into next season, the Pacers need to focus on what to do in the offseason. As they try to bring a larger fanbase after the struggling seasons lately under Jim O’Brien.

And now he has back for another year. This may very well be his last chance for coaching with the franchise. If he fails to reach the postseason coming the 2010 season, oh, it’s over for him. He’s fired.

The financial troubles aren’t so bad. The Pacers just need to find a way to pay off the $15M for Conseco Fieldhouse. Plus, if they move the team, they’ll be $147M in debt! So they’ll pay it off.

But what I am most looking forward to is free agency. I expect the Pacers to sign at least one good free agent. This is pretty much what this article is about, right? But I am wondering who should they get, and is it possible?

Let’s take a look…

Raymond Felton

Felton will be an unrestricted free agent by the time free agency starts. I am guessing Indy would like to go for a point guard.

Though I have a passion for T.J. Ford, the Pacers are looking to have 3-4 fundamental PG’s with Ford, Earl Watson, and A.J. Price. Raymond Felton would be a perfect fit with the team.

He can make good decisions and won’t be that bad probably.

Chris Bosh

Okay, you probably think I’m crazy but it could work, right? Just think. Indy would probably do this: release T.J. Ford, Troy Murphy, Jeff Foster, and Mike Dunleavy and Indy could go after Chris Bosh.

But Bosh is probably looking for a winning team. That is the big question. Also, sorry Raptor fans, but Bosh isn’t returning. This was his last year with Toronto and he didn’t make the playoffs.

It’s over.

But anyways, back to my point. Bosh could like it if the Pacers would tell him something interesting. I mean, think of it, look how great a lineup would be:

PG: Earl Watson
SG: Dahntay Jones
SF: Danny Granger
PF: Chris Bosh
C: Roy Hibbert

If that doesn’t look like a playoff-caliber team, I don’t what is. The Pacers have a chance, actually.

But the chance is slight. And Bosh probably hasn’t even thought of this idea, or the Pacers for that matter. Just a fantasy thought, though.

Dwyane Wade

Again, another fantasy here. But think of it. Let’s say Indy releases Ford, Dunleavy, and Foster (and maybe someone else). More cap room. Another chance for Wade.

But I don’t see it, either. Just doesn’t look possible. Wade would most probably start a PG actually and it’ll be the same lineup. But how can two superstars share the ball?

I can understand Granger and Bosh but Granger and Wade could be different, I suppose. But it could work out. Maybe.

But this chance of landing such a player like Wade, I don’t think so.

Allen Iverson

I know this guy would probably retire but think of it. What if he doesn’t, and I think he won’t. I also think the Sixers will probably release A.I. as well.

Which means Indy can get him. Though people consider A.I. as a ballhog, I really wouldn’t mind him here in Indy. He can make nice dishes of assists to Granger and Hibbert as well as making some nice shots of his own.

Could work.

Other Players

Here are some other players the Pacers could get:

Joe Johnson – Johnson could very well leave the Hawks. The Pacers could make some releases and receive Johnson. But does Johnson want to go there? Probably not. Pacers could pay him a bunch. Maybe. He could fit well with his size at SG and with a combination of him with Granger…oh my.

Josh Childress – Childress is a restricted free agent by the Hawks for 2010, though he is ballin’ in Europe. Could Indy make an agreement with this guy. He has talent…and that nice afro.

Ray Allen – Allen could leave the C’s, actually. Indy could use a sharp veteran like Allen. Allen is also sort of like Reggie Miller with three’s and all that. He’s catching him in the record books. Maybe we can see another great coming to Indy.

Ben Wallace – The Pacers could put Wallace at PF. He grabs rebounds and can score. Not so sure on FT’s though. He is a great defensive player, though. Would be nice to have a good veteran on a team. Could mentor Hibbert a bit.

Yao Ming – Hey, it’s possible. And plus, Hibbert could be at PF and Ming at C. My god! Hibbert is 7’3″ and Ming is 7’6″! Just look at that combination. They could rebounds without trying! A good fit, I would say.

Kareem Rush – Underrated. Related to Brandon Rush. Could work, probably not though. Has been on the team before. Why not again?

Kobe Bryant – Your right, I’m dreaming here.

Jermaine O’Neal – The Pacers could bring back their old star. But does O’Neal want to return? Maybe. But I think he might stick to the Heat. But if he were to come back, he could fit in nicely at PF with Hibbert and Granger along with him.

Hakim Warrick – Warrick is very underrated at PF. He is fast and can shoot well. He is also a fierce dunker. Wouldn’t mind him here.

Al Harrington – Underrated. Good PF/C. Can rebound and score. He would be returning here for the third time, I think. He fits here pretty well. I like Al. He could be a difference.

Anyone else you think the Pacers have a chance at?