NBA Playoffs Coverage: Cavs Past Bulls, Hawks Down Bucks


The teams mostly everyone expects to win during the series won today, leading 1-0 in the first round of the NBA playoffs as the Cavaliers stopped the Bulls 96-83 and the Hawks downed the Bucks 102-92.


The Cavaliers were just simply better than the Bulls if you look at it. They got LeBron, Shaq, and Antwan Jamison. They have more depth, more strength, and are just simply better team all-around.

The Cavaliers look to not fail this time. They made it to the Finals before, but choked. They got swept by San Antonio.  And they haven’t been dominant in the playoffs since. Yeah, they had a good year last year, but they just choked against Orlando.

But the Cavs are trying to prove people wrong this time. They just have to be. LeBron James said after the game the Cavs look like a chamopionship squad.

Of course they do.

This marks the tenth straight win for Cleveland for the first two rounds of the playoffs. LeBron James finished with 24 points, six rebounds, and five assists. James announced the Bulls will see a different monster of him. We might. Today, not so much. It was a team game. It probably might happen throughout the whole playoffs. It might be the only way to succeed due to that last few years of choking with just LeBron doing all the work.

But I can see LeBron turning into a giant monster, considering he averages 31.6 PPG all-time in the first round of the playoffs. Anderson Varejao played well, bringing in 15 rebounds and Mo Williams had ten assists. Meanwhile, Antwan Jamison had 15 points and ten rebounds along with Shaq playing like his old self.

But this series isn’t over. The Bulls could do something maybe. Derrick Rose (who delivered 28 points, seven rebounds, and ten assists) is the key. And Joakim Noah (8 REB) needs to play better. Won’t be surprised. But I still got the Cavs winning this.

Oh well…we’ll see.


The Hawks got a nice start here in the playoffs, no doubt about that. Though the Bucks didn’t play well, they had a good fight in the second half and made a good run, outscoring Atlanta 52-40, including 30-19 in the third quarter.

But the Hawks need to watch out for that. And Josh Smith wasn’t effective in the second half. Hawks probably got lucky maybe. They need to fix that in order to win this series against Milwaukee.

Joe Johnson finished with 22 points, seven rebounds, and five assists; bringing the most production to Atlanta and was the key towards Atlanta’s victory. Brandon Jennings produced a nice performance with 34 points, three rebounds, and three assists.

People started getting a little angry since the Hawks had a big lead but won with a ten-point victory. Take it easy, fans. A win is a win. But the Hawks need to get more aggressive. I still have them winning this.

The question is for Milwaukee: Can Jennings deliver by himself? He’s the leader. Can he do it?

Okay, this is the postseason coverage for right now. More games tonight. Heat-Celtics, Nuggets-Jazz. Commentary coming up.