November 27, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Jordan Hill (27) battles Indiana Pacers shooting guard Lance Stephenson (1) for a rebound at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Lakers May No Longer Be Threat to Take Lance Stephenson

Feb 25, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson (1) drives to the basket against Los Angeles Lakers center Paul Gasol (16) at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Indiana defeats Los Angeles 118-98. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the Pacers and their fans anxiously hope for Lance Stephenson’s return, it appears that one major suitor has fallen out of the running. Eric Pincus – the man you should follow for the best, most diligent cap situation updates – says the Los Angeles Lakers no longer have the cap space necessary to beat the Pacers’ 5-year, $44 million offer.

The Lakers have used their once copious cap room on Jordan Hill, Nick Young, and a really interesting move that landed Jeremy Lin and a first round pick from Houston.

A week ago, L.A. reportedly offered Carmelo Anthony a 4-year, $95 million contract and were considered to have a real chance at landing the Knick star. Stephenson was assumed to be a potential fall back position for them. Yesterday’s actions seem to indicate the Lakers may never have been seriously interested in Born Ready.

There remain plenty of sharks circling, though, and the chances that someone outbid the Pacers for Lance’s services remain high. Several teams have either the available cap space or the means to create the cap space to make a serious run at Stephenson. Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Miami could all enter the bidding, if their other plans do not come to fruition. For teams with room, it’s simply a question of will.

For now, Stephenson appears to be beneath fellow wings Luol Deng and Trevor Ariza on people’s wish list. It is telling – and possibly troubling – that Chandler Parson and Gordon Hayward have signed offer sheets at almost twice the deal the Pacers put in front of Lance. This is cause for concern for both the Pacers and Stephenson’s team. But, that doesn’t mean the big offers won’t be coming. Everything has been swallowed up by the LeBron James situation, and Lance joins Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe as players whose lack of rumors belie their almost certain big paydays to come.

The Lakers have seemingly dropped out of the bidding. Charlotte and Dallas could, if Utah and Houston elect not to match the offer sheets sitting on their desks. Pau Gasol going to the Bulls could remove another candidate. Things could change by the hour.

But, for now, we wait.

More than anything, it’s important to remember that even in the age of instant information, we still cannot see the whole field. What we can imagine is but a fraction of what the men and women in the Pacer and other NBA Front Offices are sifting through and the obstacles they must overcome to make their teams better.


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  • CreeDawg

    My guess is it’s a Houston or Dallas play at this point…if Houston matches the Mav’s offer to Parsons, lance will be a Mav. Conversely, if Houston lets Parsons go, they’ll jump on lance having lost out on Bosh.

  • Robert T. Ives

    Houston will keep Parsons rather than signing Lance.

  • gmoney

    Fuck you kupchak!! You gave up all our fucking money to fucking jordan god damn hill!!!! We are fucked next year!!!!! You could have gotten monroe or lance but instead you decided to shove a cock in your ass and screw over us laker fans!!!! What the actual fuck!!!!

    • Computer Networking

      Calm down man. I feel your pain, but I’m trying to see what unfolds. Hill is really on a 1 year deal with a team option next year, Lin is a 1 year contract so that’s 17 million and nash contract will be off of the books, that’s 26 million. There is a sign and trade about to happen for gasol and maybe they can take that 2016 1st round pick with nash and send him somewhere for some help. I’m not going to flip out until I see what happens with the gasol sign and trade.

      • Ejavin808

        Disappointing!!! At least Lakers can secure Lance & Monroe. These guys have talent that only needs a little sharpening and guidance from coaching staff & veteran players like Kobe or Nash. Now it’s heartbreaking. Fans would not be eager nor desired to watch their coming games!

    • Aguerrero

      Laker days are over , no one wants to play here anymore we are now the Clippers of the past . Hey at least Laker tickets will be cheaper

  • Ralph Johnson

    Lakers don’t need to panic you have Kevin Durant,Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge free agents next year.

    • Lakersforever

      Next Year, it is still empty….Durant, Love and Aldridge won’t sign with Lakers. Period. Why they want to…?

    • Jeremy Esposito

      None of those guys are going to leave their respective teams. And if they do, they sure as hell aren’t coming to a shitty Lakers team being driven into the ground by the front office.

  • AntRodrigues

    Shut the fuck up already… So tired of you bitchy crying fans who think you know wtf you are talking about…. Lakers tried to land Melo and that fell through, took a swing for LBJ which was a stretch and offered Gasol a descent contract but he was done with LA…. THIS HAPPENS TO EVERY DAMN TEAM including the Lakers… Were just lucky to the fact that it does not happen as often. Do you not remember the 9-10 straight years that the Lakers did not win it all in the 90′s? Maybe some of you don’t because you are too young… YES, they made big mistakes lately but you know what….so did Dr. Buss in the 90′s…. Kwame fucking brown? Smush bitch ass Parker? You people are sounding like fucking crybabies and these punk ass fans from the other teams are loving this shit… Slow your roll, roll with the punches and realize the NBA has changed, the Lakers situation has changed (for now)…. Lance Stephenson…. I wouldn’t mind getting him but how much would we have to overpay him and his damn attitude? Greg Monroe is a UNRESTRICED FREE AGENT and I don’t see Detroit letting him go. Shit happens.. Stay true to the Lakers or move the fuck on to the Clippers or something else!