May 3, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; TNT broadcaster Reggie Miller during game seven of the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center. The Clippers defeated the Warriors 126-121 to win the series 4-3. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Best All-Time Pacers’ Fantasy Team

So, it’s the offseason and while we wait with crossed fingers to see how the LeBron, Carmelo, and Lance sagas all turn out, I thought it would be fun to unwind and celebrate the Pacers’ organization, past and present.

What better to do do that than pick our own fantasy teams from Pacers’ history and argue about whose team is better?

The idea is simple. You are a fake GM and you have a fake bank account of 18 fake dollars. With your $18, you have to pick five players and a coach, each of which costs a given amount of money against your fake salary cap.

Because of the different styles of play that you may want to implement on your fake squad, there are six groups of players, one group for each of the regular positions but also a “Small-Ball Four” group. (This also helped showcase the glut of good players that Indiana has had over the years play at the small forward position, while also trying to distract you from the awfulness that is the Pacers’ history at shooting guard, minus one guy of course.)

Here are the rules:

  • You cannot go over $18 for any reason.
  • You cannot choose two guys from the same group. Yes, I know it would be sweet having a perimeter threesome of Jalen Rose, Reggie Miller, and Paul George. You can’t do it though — that would be circumventing the fake salary cap in unfair fake ways, hence making your fake team unfairly good in a fake sense.
  • You cannot pick a power forward AND a small ball four while choosing to eschew a center for reasons listed above.
  • While choosing your team, only consider the accomplishments the player made while playing for the Indiana Pacers. This means you aren’t getting the lights-out, 51% from 3-point shooting Detlef Schrempf from the 1995 Sonics (which came during thea shorter 3-point line era). Rather you are getting the more complete 1993 version that averaged 19-10-6 but shot less than 20% from deep.
  • Pick a team that would win in any game, in any era since 1985. This absolutely does not exclude greats like Mel Daniels and Roger Brown, as they would undoubtedly be good players in today’s league. But you may, perhaps, want to think about some of the other greats like Neto and Buse that might struggle with the athleticism of the modern game.
  • Post your team in the comment section with justification or tweet your squad along with hashtag #8p9sFantasy

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.28.54 PM


Just for a starting point, here is my team:

  • PG: 1976 Billy Keller – $3.00
  • SG: 1997 Reggie Miller – $5.00
  • SF: 2001 Jalen Rose – $3.00
  • PF: 2013 David West – $2.00
  • C: 1999 Antonio Davis – $2.00
  • Coach: 2004 Rick Carlisle – $3.00

My team will definitely struggle to guard other teams on the wing, even though Jalen Rose was a much craftier defender than people may remember – but don’t worry, I have two of the baddest dudes to ever play the game clogging the lane behind them while Rick Carlisle will orchestrate a defense to more than compensate for any weaknesses.

Most importantly, though, my team can flat out score. Billy Keller and Reggie Miller are two of the all-time great shooters the game has ever seen, and 2001 Jalen Rose will handle primary ball-handling and play-making responsibilities. With David West also spacing the floor, the Jalen Rose/Antonio Davis pick and roll will be a matchup nightmare for every team. If just one player helps off too far, an open jumper will likely be raining in from somewhere on the floor.

Combine the pick and roll with a steady dose of Reggie Miller scrambling around screens set by Antonio Davis and David West, and Reggie might not even have to worry about playing defense — as his defender will undoubtedly be worn out by the game’s end.

You may be able to craft your own fake team that will create matchup problems for my team (I’m thinking of lineup of Paul George, Lance Stephenson, Micheal Williams, Jermaine O’Neal and Brad Miller coached by Carlisle would give my team fits), but I’m not sure you will be able to field one that’s more versatile and able to play with a variety of opposing squads.

So who you got?

Make sure you let us know in the comment section!

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  • Guest

    Mark Jackson, Lance Stephen, Paul George, David West, Antonio Davis, and that leaves $1 for Frank Vogel.

  • Mike S.

    Mark Jackson, Lance Stephenson, Paul George, David West, Antonio Davis, and that leaves $1 for Frank Vogel.

    • llcoolray3000

      If only that was possible. Mark Jackson solves the Pacers’ black hole at PG, and I guarantee that Antonio Davis would never register 0 rebounds in a playoff game.

  • mcrobert125

    I’m going with the following team. I wanted the best players (Reggie, PG, and O’Neal) and settle for the rest; if you can consider Brad Miller for $1.00 dollar is settling. Never heard of Michael Williams, but I’m guessing he’s better than Jarrett Jack,Darren Collison, and Jamaal Tinsley,

    PG: Michael Williams – $1.00
    SG: Reggie Miller – $5.00
    SF: Paul George – $5.00
    PF: Jermaine O’Neal – $5.00
    C: Brad Miller– $1.00
    Coach: Frank Vogel – $1.00

    • poot

      who in the world made this list- Brad Miller @ $1??? granted his career as a whole was a bust, but he was a legit fucking ALL STAR as a Pacer

      here’s my list:
      PG: Travis Diener
      SG: Fred Hoiberg
      SF: Peja Stojakovic
      PF: Troy Murphy
      C: Scot Pollard
      Coach: Jack Ramsey

  • Adam Best

    Michael Williams, Reggie Miller, Paul George, David West, Rik Smits. Coach: Frank Vogel.

  • Will Furr

    I decided just to put 3 guys who constantly move the ball around Reggie and the Rifleman. We couldn’t guard a yardstick, but offense would be pretty to watch.

    $5 – Mark Jackson
    $5 – Reggie Miller
    $1 – Derrick McKey
    $3 – Chuck Person
    $1 – Brad Miller

    Honestly, though Person is listed under small ball 4, he and McKey probably switch on D with McKey guarding the 4, but the ball might never touch the floor once Jackson got the play started. All 3′s, all day.

  • Will Furr

    OR you could do the all D team…

    $1 – Michael Williams
    $3 – Lance Stephenson
    $5 – Paul George
    $5 – JO
    $3 – Roy Hibbert
    $1 – Vogel, of course, to coach the team that might never break 80 points

  • Nezyrael

    Kelly – Miller – Artest – West – Hibbert – Carlisle

    I think this lineup offers solid balance between defense and offense with a really great coach able to get the most out of them. Especially the frontcourt with everyone on top of their game can guard everyone, and i love the thought of a West-West cagefight.

  • Dan Thomas

    Keller $3, Reggie $5, Roger Brown $4, D. West $2, B. Miller $1, Carlisle $3.

    West and Brad Miller are gonna straight beat people up inside. All of my wings can score. Billy Keller, swishing mid-range J’s all night. You wanna come help on D on Roger Brown (ABA’s version of Lebron James) when he blows right by you? Reggie and Billy draining 3s all night.

    Bad outside-D, but Miller and West can at least keep guys out of the paint.

    • Robert T. Ives

      Rajah was great, but more Melo than LBJ.

  • Stu

    I would just like to say if you don’t put Reggie on your team gtfo

  • Robert T. Ives

    I LOVE Billy Keller….but Don Buse was TWICE the player Billy was.

  • Robert T. Ives

    My friends, Don Buse led the entire NBA in assists AND steals.

  • llcoolray3000

    PG – Mark Jackson
    SG – Reggie Miller
    SF – Ron Artest (pre-brawl)
    PF – David West
    C – Brad Miller
    Coach – Rick Carlisle

    Still recovering from the Pacers’ implosion, I am reminded how valuable a floor general PG and above average coaching are. Rick Carlisle is the best value. He was the guy behind the Xs and Os during Bird’s tenure as coach, and with Bird as the President of my fake team, I get pretty much the best of both for $1.00 less than Bird as coach. Watch this if you forgot how awesome Mark Jackson was:

    Reggie needs no explanation. See the name of this website if you want one.

    Ron Artest would be the “defend the other team’s best player” go-to guy that every team needs. David West would ensure he stayed in check, and it also helps there are no other headcases on this team to encourage him (i.e. Stephen Jackson).

    David West – The toughness of Dale Davis with the ability to shoot from further out than 3 feet.

    Brad Miller – A pretty underrated guy. He’s fairly well-rounded, and his ability to pass adds another dimension to this fake squad.

  • Luke_Berlin

    Mark Jackson
    Reggie Miller
    Paul George
    David West
    Brad Miller

    Who needs a coach, if you have Mark Jackson doing the playmaking?

    Ok, ok, if I have to take a coach:

    Don Buse
    Reggie Miller
    Paul George
    Dale Davis
    Antonio Davis

    Frank Vogel

    Would those guys ever give the opponent a single rebound??