8 Points, 9 Seconds Has Joined Fansided


If you’re reading this, you may notice that something looks different. That’s not your mind playing tricks: The layout has changed, the design is fresh, the logo is new, and the name atop the page now says “FanSided.”

Yes, as of today, 8 Points, 9 Seconds is a part of FanSided.

I founded this website in July 2009 to become the Pacers affiliate in ESPN’s TrueHoop Network, and I couldn’t have enjoyed the relationship with the company — and especially editors Henry Abbott and Kevin Arnovitz — more. It was a wonderful partnership that helped 8 Points, 9 Seconds grow beyond the heights I ever envisioned, and I can’t possibly thank Abbott and Arnovitz enough. They are true sportsblogging pioneers, and if it wasn’t for the guidance that they — and other editors like Royce Webb, Justin Verrier, Andrew Ayers, Matt Wong, and Maurice Brooks — provided, we certainly wouldn’t be here in a position to have anyone invest in what began as a fledging, scuffling blog run by a dunce.

At the start, it was just me and Tim Donahue, grinding away to churn out a few posts here and there. Some managed to make coherent points and a few were ever read by people outside of my immediate family. Somehow, we made it through those early days, and now — almost five years later — we have consolidated a whole cast of excellent contributors who have helped us raised our quality enough to attract the attention of FanSided.

So that’s how we got here.

And that’s where we’re going from here.

It wasn’t an easy decision to switch networks — especially considering the vast stores of talent in the TrueHoop Network that I have leaned on for advice, contributions, free beers and cat GIFs (so so many cat gifs). But after hearing about all the potential at FanSided, it seemed like a great fit.

For the uninitiated, here is a little more about FanSided, straight from the company’s co-founder Adam Best.



“FanSided strives to deliver the best coverage possible to fans of every team and topic. Whether it’s providing updates on the Crimson Tide or Spider-Man, we want to be No. 1. In the past, we’ve accomplished that by building sites like Jays Journal, The Landry Hat and Reign of Troy. While our bread and butter will still be creating properties and fostering organic growth after launch, in 2014 we’ve started to acquire flagship sites to bolster our home-grown roster. Earlier this year, we brought in Winter is Coming, the biggest Game of Thrones news outlet.

“In 8 Points, 9 Seconds, we’ve added arguably the preeminent source of Indiana Pacers coverage online. Actually, that’s not doing it justice … it’s one of the best team-focused NBA blogs ever created. With the additional support and resources 8p9s will receive in the FanSided system, we’re confident it will continue to be the first and often only stop for Pacers fans during their morning coffee rounds. Jared Wade and Co. have created a consistently unique brand of content that has resonated with die-hard fans and respected basketball writers alike. 8p9s will be a cornerstone for FanSided’s NBA division of websites. We expect 8 Points, 9 Seconds to share the skyrocketing trajectory of the team it covers. We’re thrilled to now have the privilege of calling the entire 8p9s team FanSiders.”

– Adam Best, FanSided CEO/Co-Founder


For long-time readers who have come to enjoy our coverage, you can rest easy: Nothing much will change. I will continue to guide the editorial coverage, Tim Donahue will still be bringing his unique insights, and all of our other contributors will offer great perspectives on the best professional basketball team in Indiana.

In fact, we will even have a new voice, Will Rettig, coming over from FanSided’s former Pacers blog, Always Miller Time. Rather than keep two sites going, we’ve decided to merge the two under the 8p9s banner, so rest assured Always Miller Time fans: Will will be here as well to keep bringing the goods.

So, yes, 8 Points, 9 Seconds will remain the 8 Points, 9 Seconds you know.

What we have now is simply a new platform with increased backend support provided by a group that is eager to highlight one of the NBA’s best franchises. We expect to just keep doing what we have been doing — only better and more often.

Hope you enjoy our new home.

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  • http://fansided.com Zach

    Welcome to the FanSided Family!

  • Patrick Allen

    BOOM! Fired up to have you!

  • Mike Dyce

    Welcome to the FanSided family. Very excited to have you on board.

  • Aaron Somers

    Welcome aboard gentlemen!

  • http://saturdayblitz.com/author/jorgensen/ Jack Jorgensen

    Welcome aboard, guys!

  • http://fansided.com/ Michael Castillo

    Welcome to the machine!

  • Adam Best

    Welcome to the fam! Psyched to, hopefully, cover a championship season together. Screw that, a budding dynasty!

  • http://fansided.com/ Matt Blake

    Welcome to FS!!! SUPER PUMPED!

  • 15points126seconds

    hm.. this is an interesting, if unexpected, development. seems the overarching network has less to do with nba basketball and more to do with entertainment/popculture.
    well i’ll be happy if we get more analysis and less puff pieces (i can log onto espn.com for those). keep up the great work, 8p9s!

    • Patrick Allen

      Sports is still the bulk of our business. We do have entertainment blogs and are expanding there but we began as a sports network of NFL blogs. We’re looking to really boost and polish our NBA coverage and bringing in 8.9 was a big step in that direction!

  • JoeDaBeast

    Love everything about FanSided. It’ll be even better once it drops The Landry Hat or improves its content worthy of the Dallas Cowboys. One man’s take on it.