Indiana Pacers as WWE Superstars

Guess what? I am jealous of the Cleveland Cavaliers right now as they’re hosting their own WWE night. Cleveland’s own Dolph Ziggler and The Miz will be there attending the game, which is AWESOME. I am a big WWE guy as you know I’ve been known to do some wrestling references here and there in articles.

The Miz actually made an appearance last season at the Indiana Pacers’ game when Survivor Series was heading to town, and I got to say hey to him while there. I had already met him earlier in the day, and he said he remembered me, so that was cool. I think Banker’s Life should do something like this as I’ve heard a few “Yes, Yes, Yes” chants while attending the games in town, which is of course the ever popular Daniel Bryan’s words of wisdom.

But what superstars and current Indiana Pacers would be matched together? I am glad you asked, and I am going to state who I think fits the bill for a few of the guys on the Pacers’ roster and who their WWE likeness would be. Feel free to comment with your own take on this, and let me know who you think fits who. It could be current or old for the Pacers and wrestlers as well.

Lance Stephenson—-CM Punk

Both are wildcards out there. With Stephenson, you know you’re good for some move that will just make you think how did he do that? With Punk, he’ll say something in the ring that will make you think did he really say that? Both guys are known to work with the crowd to get their point across. Both guys are entertaining while doing their respective things. I thought this was a good liking for Lance Stephenson to be the Voice of the Voiceless.

Roy Hibbert—-Big Show

You want to come down the lane when Roy Hibbert is there? Your shot is likely to be slammed back in your face just like the Big Show delivering his chokeslam on a guy in the middle of the ring. I think as well both guys are underrated for all that they do. Myself, I have to give a ton of credit to the Big Show for a career that’s lasted almost 20 years. He’s a guy that just always goes out and does what he can for the job just like Roy Hibbert is going to go out and play the game in his own way. Both guys are pretty big and agile as well, which is a good thing.

George Hill—-Bret Hart

Bret Hart was a guy that wasn’t very vocal, but just worked as hard as anyone in that ring. Guess what George Hill is? Not always the loudest guy, but his actions on the floor speak volumes. He knows how to work out on the court just like Bret Hart did in that ring. Both guys are leaders for their respective “teams” as well. Bret Hart is a guy that many respected in that locker room just as George Hill is respected by his teammates.

David West—-Mark Henry

I think David West needs to “borrow” Mark Henry’s catchphrase “That’s what I do.” When David West is out there, you know somebody is going to get their butt kicked as well just like Henry does to his opponent. Both guys are just bruisers out there. David West might not be the “World’s Strongest Man”, but you want some strength in the post, you call on David West because that’s what he does.

Paul George—-Daniel Bryan

Both guys are as popular as ever in their respective sports. Both guys are high flying and athletic. Plus, both guys know how to get the job done. I would even say that the rise of Daniel Bryan has happened along this rise of Paul George. Maybe Paul George needs to grow out a hefty beard and start chanting “yes, yes, yes!”

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