Feb 23, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Danny Granger (33) shoots over Detroit Pistons small forward Khris Middleton (32) during the fourth quarter at The Palace. Pacers win 90-72. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Central Division Links to Visit

Just as I did yesterday with finding a few different articles about the Blue and Gold, I wanted to take a few minutes and search around our lovely Central Division, and see what other teams are writing about.  So here are some articles concerning the Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, and even the Chicago Bulls.  I think this division has that chance to be a much improved, especially if those fans of Detroit are correct in their prediction about their own team. Each team in this division could be good over the next few years if all that young talent develops the right way.  The Pacers and Bulls are the cream of the crop right now, and I don’t think that can be argued, but this coming season, I might be short sighted in how competitive this division will be.  But that’s the beauty of looking ahead and gearing up for the season.


Detroit Pistons

2013 Central Division Position Power Ranking: Shooting Guard

I think you Indiana Pacer fans will like what this writer had to say and where he ranked our team in terms of shooting guard.  I’ll give you a hint, Paul George earns a high mark.  Even though, he’s more of a small forward than shooting guard. But then again, he might end up back at shooting guard this season if Danny Granger does in fact slide back into his starting small forward position.  But this is a great look at how the shooting guard position is ranked among the Central Division.


Cleveland Cavaliers

The Weird Central Division

Just as I was saying how competitive this division can be, Chris Manning of Right Down Euclid writes out some of the thoughts I was having. Now I take some issue with him talking about the Indiana Pacers being “vanilla” but that’s another topic for another day. You can go visit this article, and tell why the Pacers AREN’T a vanilla team, and how they’ll definitely be in that top bunch of elite teams this season, which is the ultimate goal anyways. This is still a great article giving a bit of insight into all the Central Division teams, and how it’s going to be a bit unpredictable based upon how a team like Detroit all comes together.  Or how Cleveland could put that right mix of guys out on the floor and maybe be that “sleeper” team, which I believe they can be.


Milwaukee Bucks

Debruine: Best/Worst Case Scenarios for Centers

In what is a three part series giving out the best and worst for players, I decided to post up the final part featuring the centers because Larry Sanders intrigues me the most. He’s a guy that always seems to lose his cool around the Indiana Pacers, and I look forward to when the Bucks and Pacers play because for whatever reason things can get heated. It’s one of those hard to explain things, but these teams just don’t mesh, and that can make for quite an entertaining game.


Chicago Bulls

Reason to be Excited for the Season: Defense, Defense, Defense

Short and sweet about how much the coach of the Chicago Bulls loves his defense.  Just like the Pacers take pride in defending well, the Bulls are in that same point.  That’s why it was surprisingly one of the games ending up with both teams scoring over 100 points. I think this coming season both teams step it up defensively to show that you can still win big time with that philosophy. Plus, if the Bulls have a healthy Derrick Rose, the Pacers WILL have to be on their toes on the defensive end. So the question is does defense win championships?  This season, we shall see.


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