Feb 23, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Danny Granger (33) drives past Detroit Pistons small forward Khris Middleton (32) during the third quarter at The Palace. Pacers win 90-72. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATED NBA Season Preview: Indiana Pacers vs Detroit Pistons

Well thanks to some lovely readers of Always Miller Time, I have to go back and correct this mess of an article I’ve put together. I must have missed that VERY IMPORTANT memo about Maurice Cheeks being the new head coach in Detroit. Someone needs to tell me these things more often. I also wanted to bestow some information based upon comments I have received on the previous article.  Remember, these articles that I write are all based upon my own opinion, and it is in my opinion that I don’t believe these pieces of the puzzle for Detroit will come together as quickly as those lovely fans of the Pistons organization believe they will.  Remember it’s just my opinion based upon what I’ve seen.

You can look at someone like Chauncey Billups, and see that guy that took the Pistons to that NBA Championship in 2004 against a heavy favored, Los Angeles Lakers team. That’s great, but let’s think about how long ago that was.  Almost ten years ago, is Chauncey Billups that same type of player that will really be able to hold this team together?  I don’t believe so, and once again, that’s just my own belief about where his game is at.

Andre Drummond going against Roy Hibbert in the post?  I’m really supposed to believe that Drummond can handle Roy Hibbert after only one year of experience playing in the league.  Have these Detroit Piston fans watched how much better Roy Hibbert got over last season? Yes, he started off slow, mostly due to a hand injury, which if he doesn’t have, he probably is an All Star selection.  Hibbert will be fine going into this season, and I do think that Hibbert SHOULD get the best of this matchup as long as he’s playing at that level he was at.  There were times during the playoffs, he looked like the best center in the league. Not just on the court, not just in the Eastern Conference, but the whole NBA landscape based upon how good he looked in that post position.  I think Greg Monroe would be the better guy to put on Hibbert as far as trying to slow him down. But I don’t get paid the bucks to coach the Pistons, so if that doesn’t happen, then let’s see how Drummond can handle him.

Sure, the Pistons look like they could be getting better. But I think the Cavs look like a better team, and even the Bucks could be a better team in this division.  So I still don’t believe that this coming season, the Pistons WON’T vying for a playoff spot, therefore, they’re not exactly in the right direction. The Pacers have improved based upon the addition of Luis Scola, Chris Copeland, and a healthy Danny Granger. They’ll be vying for that top spot in the Eastern Conference.  This is a much better direction than what the Pistons are at.  Maybe in a few years, this changes. But at this moment for the UPCOMING season, the Pacers are the better team. I will gladly eat my words if the Pistons can prove me wrong, and take care of the Indiana Pacers in the regular season.

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  • jack45

    (Opinion based upon what I’ve seen), and that’s OK. I do think the Pistons will be a much better team. You don’t have to be a Pistons fan for sure, I can see that in (this article). The (Pistons) just need to play together and let see where they are around all-star break. Last thing Detroit beat the Cavs last year and signed two good player and a nice draft. I’ll get back to you if what you said don’t hold water, for sure!!!! No disrepect. Drummond will do just fine against Roy Hibbert and he’s only 20 years old.
    This statement doesn’t make any sense ( the Pistons will be there vying for a playoff spot, therefore, they’re not exactly in the right direction). What the!!!

    • TB12 R

      Oh yes piston will not be in the playoffs, no scrubs in the playoffs lol

      • Mel

        I can say the same thing about the Pacers , No Scubs win Championships, GO HOME ! LOL

        • TB12 R

          thats ok at least pacers are on the east con finals, while your team is down so low and no one is giving them importance and respect

          • Mel

            Thats only Pacers fans like yourself still living in delusion. Most Media and real NBA fans recognize the Pistons as a team to watch. It would be nice for the Pacers to beat the Heat cause I’m not a Heat fan. So the next year we can beat the Pacers. LOL

  • jack45

    You can’t keep writing this article over and over again, (they’re not exactly in the right direction) “WOW” what a statement to make so all can see. I’m not a writer so I don’t have to be correct, YOU DO!!!!!!

    • Stephen Ajamie

      I’m not writing it over again, I can tell you that. I think I got so rushed with it, and flustered, I meant to say WON’T be vying for a playoff spot. So I’ve once again had to correct that. But I am just going to leave it at that. The Pistons I BELIEVE won’t be in the playoff hunt. I just don’t think at this time, the pieces will fit as well as you Detroit fans feel. Like you said, if I am wrong, you will graciously call me out…I am sure. So here’s to what should make for a fun series between the Pistons and Pacers because all of this mess.

  • Mel

    Hey Bro, I give you credit for eating your words for the first article you wrote. But like you said in this article. Nobody seen Hibert improve until the playoffs this year. Well , Piston fans saw what we needed to contend and what we just picked up this offseason is enough to know we’re going in the right direction. Hibbert is good but not great yet , he just discovered what he can really do this past playoff season. Monroe was already playing to Hibberts level when he came in actually better. But with Drummonds size and defense Im comfortable saying he will cancel out what Hibbert does on the court. Now I’m not saying we will beat Indiana in the playoffs but we will be in the playoffs and give teams like Indy and Miami something to think about before tipoff. I watch Indy but I bet you don’t watch the Pistons. Keep Sleeping , and I’ll watch you eat those words again.

    • Stephen Ajamie

      I only pay attention to my Indiana Pacers as that’s where my heart and soul lies with. Sure, some of the bigger teams get some time when I’m looking over things. But look at this site, we’re an Indiana Pacers site, so that’s where my attention is going. I can see that the Pistons have some decent pieces there, but I just can’t see it all fitting together in one season. I’ll go back to my Pacers team as it took at least a couple of years for things to get to where they should be. We had some talent even in our bad years, and things never seemed to mesh together. So it’s one thing to have some good players like Billups, Monroe, Drummond, Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings and such. But look at Maurice Cheeks is coming in as the new coach there, so how will whatever he wants to bring coaching wise work with those guys there?

      And you must have been sleeping on Roy Hibbert to only believe that he got good in the playoffs. It started right before the All Star Break, and I do believe that if he was able to be as good as he was at that point and beyond, he would have earned another All Star selection, even in a reserve role. You know he was an All Star in 2012, so it’s not like he just discovered how good he can be. He was a huge reason the Pacers gave the Miami Heat all they could handle. Look at what the Heat did this off season taking a chance on Greg Oden to add some size to their team. I think that says a lot about what they think this Pacers team can do this coming season.

      • Mel

        If you read my post I said “Hibbert is good but not great yet , he just discovered what he can really do this past playoff season. ”

        And the only reason he made the all star team was because his team was better than Monroe. Stat wise Hibbert can’t hang with Monroe. Hibbert showed out in the playoffs against Miami I ‘ll admit that , but that’s when he came into his own.

        Now as you just said you only pay attention to the Pacers, thats cool I respect that. So let this be a lesson when you write about other fans teams who are probably more loyal to there teams that you are your.

        I’ve been a Piston fan a year before we got Isiah Thomas. I’m a fan during the Good and the Bad. Until your team wins a Championship your vision on what a good team is going to be clouded. The Pacers have a lot of talent true but until you guys get some “HEART” you want win nothing. We got three so as a fan I can tell when my team can compete or not.

        The past few years have been rough for the Pistons but we didn’t have the talent. Now that we have the talent it’s all about putting the pieces together. Something that has been done before in Detroit with a new coach the same year. Call it luck if you want. But it was done. Can you say the same. I look forward to this coming season. Because every writer for the most part is saying the same thing. Almost like you guys are copying and pasting the same stuff to get a page up. Not talking about you though, I respect you for standing up for your team as you suppose.

        My only beef is that you should know your facts before saying anything. Anyone can through fluff on the page to make there team look better than they really are.

        • Stephen Ajamie

          Isn’t the true stat filler what a guy does come playoff time as that’s the time that ultimately counts most for a player? Ask Lebron James that one, right. What was the one beef about him? Couldn’t win it in the Finals. Now he’s got two rings, and pretty much will cement his legacy over the next years.

          Therefore, Roy Hibbert has had that opportunity to step up in the playoffs, and did do that. I don’t see the Pistons in the playoffs last season when Greg Monroe had better stats. Those stats will only tell you part of the story as well. I think the idea of what makes a player great is what he’s ultimately doing for the time beyond what that stat line is.

          And I’m a Pacers fan since Market Square Arena days in the early 90s, you don’t think I’ve been through some bad times. Remember 2005? A game against the Pistons of Detroit. Yea, I’ve gone through PLENTY after that. That team COULD have been our best team in Indiana. But that’s a whole other conversation. I even wanted to give more support to that whole year as I knew what a loss it was.

          So forgive me now as I want to celebrate just how much “HEART” this team does have. We have guys like George Hill and David West that are total professionals when it comes to the game of basketball. They’re great people on and OFF the court. I like that idea that players here are such great role models for our community. Hibbert buys a block of seats for fans, and has his own section of Banker’s Life Fieldhouse here in Indy. George Hill and Paul George have teamed up for the G2 Zone.

          Those are guys that I know I want on my team, championship or not. Yes, the ultimate goal is that championship, but if there are players here that WANT TO BE HERE, and bring that love of playing for the Blue and Gold, I am fine with not winning a title. Just look at Reggie MIller and his career. I know he never won the big one, but his career for what he did for the franchise is NOT lessened by that.

          • Mel

            Hey now don’t get emotional, LOL I never said the Pacers where not a good team, they got talent they just need the heart. I was just saying that to let you know even though I am a Piston fan , I still pay attention to other teams and thats what your team needs at this point to beat Miami.

            I will agree, right now in the east the the Pacers are the second best team until the beat the Heat, and I hope they do. You guys have alot of players I like, because I pay attention to other teams. Hopefully the third time will be the charm against the Heat. just don’t be like the old school Pacers and not make over the summit (Knick).

            Here’s some homework for you.

            How else are you going to know what your teams competition really is in your division.

            Pistons 5th 6th or 7th seed.
            worst case if your right 8th seed if team chemistry does not work.

          • Stephen Ajamie

            I would be more than happy to hear about all the good things Piston players do for their community as in sports, the good stories just don’t get enough press.

            And it’s not hard to get “emotional” and fired up about that team that you support. I’m sorry that I spend the majority if not all of my time focused on the Pacers, so I can in fact write legit articles that highlight and sometimes point the spotlight in a downward fashion on them. If I wasn’t that fired up about them, I wouldn’t even be writing these articles right now.

          • Mel

            It’s cool to write and have passion about your team. Just know your competition. A team doesn’t go into a game without knowing their opponent. That’s how YOU will be a Champion writer and not have to write updates on mistakes you made by not doing your home work.
            “Keep the Passion, Get rid of the Emotion, Use Reasoning and Research.”

            OH yeah , did you look at the Drummond videos? You sure Drummond is not going to hang with Hibbert. His stats and what he contribute on the court is not that much better than Drum’s and he is only 20yrs old. And don’t underestimate Monroe, I’m not talking about stats only look at the video, then you will know what you’re up against.

            Otherwise be surprised like everyone else midseason.

          • TB12 R

            who are these players he is talking about??? in D League? somehow not so known, never mind not so impt. to pay attention to

          • Mel

            That’s cool, but watch when these D League players play your Miami Heat choking team. Win a championship first before you start talking smack.

  • Stephen Ajamie

    I will have to say that I underestimated the power of PASSIONATE Detroit Pistons fans as well. I haven’t had this much engagement on my articles, and I know it’s probably for the wrong reasons. But I am glad someone was there to keep a tab on things as I was probably getting way too comfortable writing out articles, and needed to think out more into them. I do appreciate the candor with which you guys have been giving me, and I hope that I can improve myself in this avenue of writing.

    • Mel

      Hey Stephen , your a good dude it’s been fun choppin it up with you. I respect your passion. Just noticed you got more responses talking about the Pistons than any other team in our division. If you got that much engagement I would suggest you pay a little attention to us this year.

      We’re Homers too but we’re also our teams worst critics. We’re so hard on our team we won’t even go to the Palace to watch them play ( I bet you noticed that much. Not that we don’t support our team but with how the economy has hit our parts, you better be winning if you want fans in the seats these days.
      So know if we’re supporting them now, something exciting is about to happen.
      I booked marked your site, I usually only support Piston related sites but I will keep a eye on you and your post to see that you represent the TRUTH when you talk about the STONE”S

      Peace and Good Night

      • Stephen Ajamie

        Once again, I know that feeling of people not supporting a team. The Pacers had one of the lower attendance averages. But all’s it takes is some winning as I will say last season, I can still recall a game on a Wednesday night in March against the Golden State Warriors that felt like a playoff atmosphere. It’s just that whole winning thing that will bring fans back to the fold. I think this season for the Pacers there should be plenty of sell outs as this team will be good.

        And once again, glad to be debating and conversing with someone that isn’t trying to force their opinions so hard down my throat. Like, I have said and as you can tell, this is the Pacers site, so we’re going to look at things from a different perspective than your fellow Pistons sites. They know their team better than I as I didn’t get a chance to check out that team that much. I guess this season I better keep my eye on them or at least I can count on you loyal fans of the Pistons to keep me informed about them. If they’re able to become that playoff team, I’ll be surprised, but then again, some of the teams above them from last year have got worse, so why not? I think it takes some time to get that talent all on the same page.

        Even this Pacers team had to endure some road blocks before last season when things really seemed to click. But even then, they never had a lengthy winning streak to set them apart from the rest of the Eastern Conference like I would have wanted them to. That’s something I believe has to happen this season. But we’ll see how it all unfolds, and the excitement is building. I believe less than 50 days away from opening night.

  • jack45

    Your a Pistons hater and writing an article on the Pistons web site, WOW! Indiana lost last year and the year before that and you say there better. Detroit did a much better job this year with who they picked up and in the draft. Indiana will not get past Miami this or any year. Also Luis Scola and Chris Copeland are scrubs and will sit on the bench all year as they should. Will see after the all-star break, how good the Pistons are. Indiana will not win a Championship this year or in your life time. See after the all-star break!!!

    • Toni Benz

      Oh and who the hell are you to be talking rubbish on a pacers blog. Are you some kind of a stupid fortune teller or just kind of desperate and ignorant piston fan ok i forgive you and you better get out!

      • Gianne Mae

        maybe a low IQ fortune teller…whose crystal bowl turned to fish bowl lol

    • Joie Venson

      If you call these people scrubs…then more so for your team, who doesn’t even enter a playoff and yet here are the idiot fans screaming they are good. Better prove that first, why not try make it to playoffs first before getting your big mouth working dirty

    • Rick Kruichen

      Hey you dumb ass, aren’t there sports writer writing good about your piston on your blog site???
      If you go around different sites and articles, you will notice majority are biased on their write ups, giving more positive outlooks on their favorite
      teams, as it also looks like they are same way promoting the sports or nba and giving fans some hopes for their respective teams, so all the more they would go out and support. This you have to understand, so if you only like to read good positive insights on your team and doesn’t like negative opinion of others, I suggest don’t go to an opponent’s blogs, you will only end up bitter and crying.
      Aren’t you aware you are infiltrating a pacer site

    • Alexis Rose

      Yes maybe desperate that his piston isn’t anywhere near the playoffs now and in the future. He only make use of his mouth to release his desperation. Just trying to argue on an article he found on a pacer site, yet, he wants the article to be on his side, when, in fact, there is really nothing good to say about his team except…try to figure how to get into the playoffs before uttering exalt for your team !

    • Francis Gari

      Try beating the cavaliers & bucks first and a lot more other teams before even joining in the pacers mix. Sorry but piston is definitely not in the class of elites, therefore no need at all to pay attention.

  • Michael Nance

    To say the Pistons wont contend for a playoff spot is something I would like to hear more people say. I WOULD MAKE A KILLING IN VEGAS BETTING AGAINST THAT. Lets look at the Pistons starting lineup C – Drummond PF – Monroe SF – Smith SG – Pope PG – Jennings vs Last years C-Monre, PF-Maxiell, SF- Singler, SG- Stuckey, PG-Knight. Now simple math Monroe=Monroe(but will be a rotation at C and filling PF min) Drummond >>(that is 2x greater)Maxiell. Smith >> Singler, Pope ? Stuckey, Jennings > Knight. …… Now Detroits bench Stuckey, Jerebko, Singler, Datome, Mitchell, Charlie V., Billups Notice 2 of them were starting and 2 have moved on and been upgraded. Our 2nd unit of Charlie V, Jerebko, Datome/Singler, Stuckey and Billups is almost as good as the starting unit of last year (taking out Monroe I could argue its even better). Smith and Billups are both players that have consistently been on teams that lived up to or exceeded expectations and have had winning environments. Even in Chauncy’s short stays he has proven to be a positive influence on his teammates. To say they are not in the RIGHT DIRECTION means your not paying attention. While the Pistons have not caught up to the Pacers I could give you a fact filled article showing why they will be closer to the Pacers than out of the Playoffs.

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  • Stephen Ajamie

    Where are all the Pistons fans now? Remember this article where I stated that the Pistons wouldn’t be in the playoffs?