May 28, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Fans cheer as Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson (1) makes a three pointer as the the third quarter ends against the Miami Heat in game four of the Eastern Conference finals of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers Are My Team, Are They Yours?

I really wanted to put together a community of loyal readers here, so what better way to get this ball rolling then talking about what makes us fans of the Indiana Pacers. I will go into my thoughts on why the Pacers are my team, and then please share your own comment about why you are a fan of the Indiana Pacers.  Hopefully, we’ll see all kinds of different memories and stories popping up, and this will be a site that you can visit daily to get your latest Indiana Pacers news.  

What makes me an Indiana Pacers fan?  Well, of course I can attribute this to living in Indianapolis.  I can recall the days of Reggie Miller taking on the New York Knicks, and those battles that would come about. I can recall the city being so alive during the playoffs then.  There would be playoff rallies, people downtown singing songs about the Pacers, just this atmosphere of excitement in the air. It was something that I kind of miss, but I believe that will come back around as the Pacers become a perennial playoff team.  Even this year, there were get togethers before the Conference Final games. I would love to see that type of stuff all during the playoffs.  Buildings with signs for the Pacers.  People with car signs. Just this air of this is our team, and we support them.

I can also say that I’ve sat through the down years.  I know I shouldn’t bring up the Malice at the Palace, but like any history book, you talk about the good with the bad.  I can remember exactly where I was at that moment.  Sitting at my family’s house watching the game, and just in shock. Speechless about what was going on. My family had just got home right when it happened, and even the announcers could get a grasp on it. I went to bed all night just thinking about that scene where the beer gets tossed and Ron Artest heads up to the stands.  Still brings a chill to the bone thinking about that.  That Pacers team looked to be so good, and man it all went downhill after that.  I felt like then that’s when the Pacers needed my support the most, so I made sure to watch the games, and really support them as I could.

How about sitting through the years of Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy? Two guys that I THOUGHT could do something for this team, but really did nothing. They actually seemed like more headache guys than players that wanted to play for this team. I can recall thinking that Danny Granger would run out of town as soon as he could.  But he’s stuck through it, and I still believe that he can be such a great contribution to this Pacers team.  Those years with Jim O’Brien, another blast from the past, that doesn’t need to be talked about in depth.  I was never sure he was the best fit here, and obviously, it wasn’t.

Then came along Frank Vogel, and boy did the team respond to that breath of fresh air.  Then came Paul George.  George Hill gets brought in. Roy Hibbert becomes an All Star.  David West signs with the team after being able to pick anywhere to go.  He picked here to become a member of the Indiana Pacers.  Those pieces right there really have turned the corner for the Pacers.  They are reasons to believe this team can do something.  You had such a hard fought battle with the Miami Heat that if a couple of things turn around for the Pacers, they are facing the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals.  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this Pacers team in the Conference Finals.  They should be contenders for a title in the coming season.

These are the things that have brought me to wanting to write about the Indiana Pacers. I can only sit and think so much about the good things happening. You have the Fieldhouse coming alive when things are high.  You have fans showing up in their crazy fandom.  You have players that want to be part of this community.  These are the reasons why I am an Indiana Pacers fan.  I challenge you to think about what makes you a fan, and please share that with me. I’d love to see what fans are showing up here, and what better way to start that?

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  • Joseph Wynans

    Just happen to be Dutch. So in the late ’80 there was this dude from Eindhoven in the Netherlands making more money than our best soccer players. And believe me they were worldclass since winning the Euro 1988 championship. Try google Marco van Basten his goal in the finals against the good old USSR.

    Anyways. Since then I rooted for the Pacers. Thanks to the internet in de mid ’90 I could get a better taste. I watched the finals in 2000 and still believe we could have won it. But I was in total disbelieve. I even went home and left a music festival (Pinkpop) to watch the game at night.

    I also believe the future is bright. So let’s improve the team and enjoy another ride with the golden swagger.

    • Stephen Ajamie

      Wow…this might be one of the best stories, I’ve heard. I can’t believe that you happen to be Dutch and root for the Indiana Pacers. How do you get your information about the team??

  • Daniel L Florea

    I became a sports fan in 1976, at age 11. Reds, IU Champs, and the Pacers joined the NBA were all events that happened and I got excited about sports. I followed them ever since. I have bled blue, pulling for them through good and bad. Don Buse was an early favorite. Have wondered what could have been(Roundfield left, so they had to pick Roby instead of Bird: Portland’s Bowie pick was really the Pacers pick, but they had traded it for a guy that retired that year) if they had gone different direction. Watching Reggie was a blast, hoping PG continues to bloom. Have not been able to attend many games, but have gotten gear and backed them from whatever location I am at the time. Stuck in Ohio right now, trying to make converts of a couple people. I will continue to yell at the calls and plead for them to hit the free throws until I am gone.

    • Stephen Ajamie

      Another awesome story. I know as a fan, we’ve seen the good and some bad. But I really believe the team is taking that ultimate turn towards the good. Glad to hear you’re bleeding blue and gold in Ohio. I always wonder what kind of fans the Pacers have outside this local area. Obviously, in the national media, we don’t get much attention, but it sounds like they’re starting to get there.

  • Donald Ray Andry

    I became a fan in 1967 while attending Purdue Regional Campus across the street from the Fair Grounds on 38th street. My brother-in-law and I would go over to the Coliseum and help set-up 1000 chairs around the floor to get to go to the game free, plus a hot dog and coke. Jimmy Rayle, George Peoples, coach Staverman, etc. made for entertainment due to everyone leaving it all on the playing floor. Then, Leonard, Brown, Lewis, picked-up Daniels from defunct Minnesota franchise, drafted Rick Mount, George McGinnis and we were off and running. Next up was preseason inter-league play, with ABA teams holding their own. Pacer Championships, games against rival Kentucky Colonels, Denver Nuggets, New Jersey Nets, etc. Entry into the NBA. Loss of Danny Roundfield but a new stadium called Market Square Arena. I could take my two sons to a game for $8.00 for all of us….sit on the front row of the second tier behind the basket for 39 of the 42 home games in ’86. Vern Fleming, Jerry Sichting, Clark, Herbie…lots of fun. Celts would come to town and there would be a sea of green out numbering the blue and gold!! Oh, I forgot the days of struggling to keep the franchise! Buse and friend used Pacers as pawn for Lakers. Then Stipo, thought we were on our way. Draft day and party at Market Square, a sea of Red and White in anticipation of drafting Beloved Steve Alford. You know the story! A new era began with Reggie, Smits, the Davis’es, Mark, coach Brown/Bird. Oh, did I just mention Bird? Playoffs against New York and Spike Lee! Finals against L.A. (The Brawl). Possible championship year down the drain. Simon’s stayed the course in Indy and now brother has opportunity to join the elite ownership of a possible NBA championship in Indy. What’s not to like? Go Pacers.