The 2012-13 Indiana Pacers: A Team of Resiliency


Class. Character. Hard work. Old school basketball. Playing the game in the right way.

Minutes after the Pacers season ended in a disappointing Game 7 loss to the Heat, those were the words Frank Vogel used to describe his team. A team that suddenly looks ready to compete for championships for many years to come.

At the start of this season, following the Pacers’ second round loss to the Heat in the 2012 playoffs, I don’t think anyone — even Pacers fans — saw this as a team that would be a perennial threat to make the NBA Finals. Not this season anyway. When the Pacers announced that Danny Granger would be gone until around All-Star Game, the team’s hopes looked even bleaker. Then came the 3-6 start and it became a question whether this team will even make the playoffs this season. There had yet to be found a solid replacement to fill Danny’s absence and the bench was in complete disarray.

Roy Hibbert and Paul George, who now look to be the corner stones of the future, were flat out awful.  Roy Hibbert wasn’t living up to the monster contract he received in the offseasoon, averaging only ten points per game on 41% shooting before the all star game. Paul George was turning the ball over left and right trying to split screens, while scoring only 14.3 points a game at a 39% clip in the month of November.

Nonetheless, the Pacers fought through it and came together. Lance Stephenson stepped up to enter the starting lineup. Paul George started to reach the potential that Larry Bird had seen when he drafted the Fresno kid. And the bench was starting to contribute.

The Pacers fought back to enter All-Star break with a 32-21 record, in large part due to winning 10 out of their last 13 games. Despite this, many questions remained. Do they have someone who can score in crunch time, a go-to guy to take the last shot? Can they improve their offense which to that point had been the seventh worst (in terms of points per 100 possessions) in the league? Can they advance past the second round despite their youth and inexperience?

These are the questions the national media was asking. They weren’t buying this team as a legit contender.

The Pacers answered.

They used the trio of George Hill, Paul George and David West to score in crunch time. Their offense improved drastically, ranking as the 11th best in the league after the All-Star break. And they did this all while looking like one of the NBA’s more battle-tested teams. The national media started, little by little, noticing them. Many began to consider the Pacers as the biggest threat in the East to the Heat.

Throughout the second half of the season, we saw everything. A five-game winning streak -(with four victories coming on the road) and then complete no shows against teams like the lowly Wizards. They held on for wins in close games, and completely blew open others. They completed a magnificent comeback against the Cavs, and then fell short on the comeback attempt vs. the Nets.

They ended the season losing their final five out of six games, once again looking like a team that might not be ready.

They answered that by dominating the Hawks in the first two games of round one only to follow it up by laying two giant eggs in Atlanta, leaving the question: “Can this team win a playoff game on the road?”

They responded — after dominating game 5 in Indiana — by closing out the final game of the series on the road and, immediately after, winning again on the road in New York. They were able to take a 3-1 lead lead with the series heading back to New York. It seemed like they’d be able to close out the series in game 5 but then we found out Geroge Hill wouldn’t play. They lost that game and it suddenly looked like they might cough up game 6 at home and lose the series in game 7. But no, in Game 6 against the Knicks, they had a ten-point lead going into the half and it looked about sealed. But then came New York’s three-point barrage. Iman Shumpert hit three triples in a row while the Knicks hit in total four in a row to tie up the game. The Knicks had a two-point lead with just under six minutes left in the game, but the Pacers replied. They were able to win the game by six points despite being deemed as “a team that can’t score in crunch time”.

Bring on the Heat.

Game 1 ended in the most devastating of devastatings. Most people were stating how impossible it would be to come back and make a series after losing the first game on a last-second bucket in overtime. I was thinking to myself that if there was ever a team mentally tough enough to do so, it  was this Pacers team. And that’s exactly what they did. They went toe to toe with the big bad wolf.  They fought them in crunch time and won in games where they didn’t have the lead for the entire 4th quarter.

(Let’s not talk about the Game 7 loss)

This play pretty much sums up the 2012-13 Pacers.

It was no the the “play of the season,” but it was maybe the play that best sums up how the Pacers played this season. They were imposing, relentless and refused to surrender. There was always adversity, but they almost always overcame.

That was one hell of a season.

But guess what? It only gets better from here. Eastern Conference champions? NBA champions? Multiple years as NBA champions?

So get ready for the ride full of class, character, hard work, old school basketball and playing the game in the right way. But most importantly a ride full of success.

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  • Jack Wright

    This is why the regular season was so damn frustrating… I knew we were better than an up-and-down 49-win team. But falling one win short of a Finals birth — That’s more like it. Well done, Vogel. Let’s keep the improvement going.

  • NLP

    These two teams in the finals know how to use a bench!

    In our series with the Heat we topped out at 15 bench shots and that was all due to getting blown out letting the bench play a lot in the 4th. With that and the game 7 blowout we averaged just 9.3 shots a game. In Game One these teams let there bench shoot 20 or more shots each while the Heat shot 18.7 a game vs us.

    No matter who we bring in for a quick fix its bound to fail if we don’t adapt our second unit usage to match the elite teams, in our current set up our bench is where stats go to die. Its so bad a good bench player like Barbosa came over here and immediately started to suck.

    • NLP

      With the way we use our bench and the egg timer rotations this Gary Neal game 3 explosion would never have happened here. They needed just 25 points from the old 3 to blow the Heat out of the gym.

      He got 17 shots off the bench and didn’t even get to play the last half of the 4th, our max bench shots vs Miami was 15 for the whole unit and that needed the garbage time shots. If you add in the garbage time shots for the Spurs they got 40 bench shots up tonight we got 65 all series with the Heat in 7 games with 2 blow outs!

  • lil-bang

    Good read Avi. Great title. Only time will tell if they are completely resilient. Otherwise this team could just be viewed as “Just to get your hopes up”.
    If this team shows more consistency through the regular season, they will be pretty darn good. Evenutally receiving the title “Champions”…they are built to where I could really see this team being called “The New Spurs” No superstars, just good old fashion smart and tough basketball. But let’s win one title before we get all crazy. Little too late for me as you can see.

  • planecrush31

    Indy needs to stack up the bench with some three point shooters like Miami and New York did.They can get in the game so quickly if they are loosing by 15-20 points thats why they are so good. Miami-(Ray Allen,Shane Battier,Norris Cole,Mike Miller),New York (Pablo Prigioni,Chris Copeland,Steve Novak,Iman Shumpert,J.R. Smith) Most of these guys dont get to the free throw line very much or shoot two’s but they shoot lights out from the three and they are all very good ones.And look at Indiana’s bench and find me a decent three point shooter?They have 0 to below average 1 in D.J Augustin thats the difference

  • poot

    Clippers are calling trying to do a Bledsoe for Granger trade.

    doesn’t work under the cap, it would have to be part of something bigger (like all the KG to the clips talk.) Pacers are also resistant.

    i was playing around on trade machine and got this:
    what do you think?

    • Avi Friedman

      If the Celts were to accept any trade giving away Rondo, I’d be speechless…

      • poot

        well what i got that idea from is they have Bradley as a no-trade guy and they are interested in getting Bledsoe. While i am sure the Cs value Rondo, it appears that he is not a part of their long term future plans. meaning he could be had for a price.

        i think this trade helps all the teams with their goals-
        Clippers: land KG and rent 1 yr of Granger
        —if they can bring back CP3, then they have an incredible lineup of tough vets ready to make a Finals push with Doc (KG/Blake/DG/Billups/Cp3 with Crawford, #25 pick, veteran minimum ring-chasers off bench) they could probably even pull off a trade to bring in Pierce. Scary team in the short term. high championship probability

        Celtics: land DJordan, Bledsoe, rent 1 yr of Butler
        —time to rebuild around a young core of Jordan/Bass/Green/Bradley/Bledsoe with Sully, Terry, Lee, #16 pick and whatever they get for Pierce off the bench. looks like a bad team, but has potential. at worst, will have cap space and assets as trade chips to rebuild a “big 3.” a year of tanking may do them good. lose the Rondo headache which may impair development of young players

        Pacers: land Rondo
        —worst team in the league in assists gets the best player in the league in assists. as a defensive specialist he fits perfectly into the pacers system. not being able to shoot also fits well, but at least he can create his own shots in the paint, something the Pacers haven’t been able to in ages. Hill becomes the ultimate 6th man, able to spell either guard position.

        it’s just a dream scenario, but it could make sense…

  • poot

    latest chatter… pacers trying to move gerald green. what a surprise.

    Pacers are trying to find takers for Green and packaging him with the #23 pick. as incentive.

    anyone….? hello? nobody wants that? amazing.

    Pacers have been in talks about Jimmer. he is owed $2.6m next season and his contract has a team option the following year. so he could be a 1 year rental if he doesnt fit, or if he does, he is on the books at a steal, $3.3m. the season after that he would be an RFA with a $4.5m cap hold.

    the Kings have interest in the #23 pick as they are high on a few players in that late first round range (Hardaway, Snell, etc.) They are using Jimmer as the bait. Clearly the Kings would love a straight up swap of #23 for Jimmer. they might be willing to hold onto Green as next season is not a promising on in Sactown, and the season after Green will be an expiring contract/asset.

    Last piece of the puzzle: would the Pacers want Jimmer?
    assuming DG gets his starter role back, at 6’2″, Jimmer would be competing for playing time off the bench with Lance and OJ. Jimmer adds shooting but at the expense of horrible defense. he makes DJ Agustine look like Gary Payton. Jimmer would be a liability on defense, and he would fall on the depth chart behind our most stacked position, SG (PG, then Lance, then OJ, then Jimmer.) Could he play back-up point? not from what i’ve seen but maybe he could learn. is that worth a spot for a team that sees themselves competing to win it all? or would that trade be better suited for someone would can seriously back up DWest or Hill?

    • Avi Friedman

      In my opinion the Pacers number one need (obviously after re-signing David West) is getting a solid backup point guard. They don’t necessarily need a backup point guard who will generate a ton of points or assists, etc… They just need someone who can get into the offense quickly, handle the ball well and is a decent to good three point shooter.

      After the Pacers sign David West they’re most likely looking at only 5 million or so under the cap. Guys available for that range of money are players like Eric Maynor (restricted) who I would really like to see them get or Nate Robinson (unrestricted). They could also try getting a PG/SG type guy such as Jarret Jack or OJ Mayo (both unrestricted) who could be an option if the Pacers are able to clear some cap space.

      • poot

        ahhhh i was with you until you said Jarret Jack.

        agree with you on the rest though. DWest is #1 priority. however most are projecting the cap to be $58.5M this year, so resigning him for anything over $8.3M would put the Pacers over the cap (assuming #23 pick stay with Pacers)

        Then time to look for a backup point guard. as you said, and as we learned from the playoffs, priorities should be 1) ballhanding 2) defense 3) speed 4) ability to make outside shot 5) playmaking. ability to penetrate the D is on the list, but that can be seen as a combo of all those attributes. Lance fits 1,2,3 and 5, so he should be able to provide some meaningful minutes off the bench. i think Maynor, Mayo and Nate (and Teague) are going to be in way higher demand than the Pacers can afford. I am thinking they will be looking more in the Mo Williams, Devin Harris, Randy Foye, Gary Neal range.

        Mo: elite ballhandling, inconsistent D, avg speed, great shooter, avg playmaker
        Devin: great ballhandling, good D, avg speed, avg shooter, good playmaker
        Randy: good ballhandling, good D, avg speed, good shooter, poor playmaker
        Gary: avg ballhandling, good D, avg speed, good shooter, poor playmaker

        I personally like Devin Harris. if he is willing to play off the bench, he could really be the “missing piece.” he will not be stupified by Miami’s pressure D, he has the size to defend any PG, he won’t push the tempo like Lance but he can get Pacers into quick sets, he can make shots when left open, and he is good at getting others involved. he could be a good veteran influence and should be able to get pretty cheap (mid-level type maybe)

        what do you think?

        after that, it appears we won’t be able to keep Tyler, so have to pursue someone to back up DWest and Danny. George can slide to SF to spell him but definitely need a backup PF. Draft would probably be a good spot. Either way, adding a player like Jimmer seems pointless to me unless we’re getting rid of another wing (Danny or Lance) there’s just too many other needs, especially with the dead weight of Green and Plumlee weighing down the cap/roster space

        • Avi Friedman

          I also think Lance would be a nice fit as a backup PG if he learned the offense better, etc…

          As for the guys you listed, Mo Williams and Devin Harris will actually be worth more than NateRob and Eirc Maynor (In my opinion). Nate got 1.1M this past season while Maynor got 2.3M. I doubt either will get offered over 3.5-4M per year in free agency.

          Mo and Devin both earned 8.5M this past season. Mo will still be worth 7M+ per season, while Devin will most likely be no less than 5M per year.

          As of now, the Pacers are paying 49.9M this coming season, so signing David will most likely bump that up to the 57-58M range. Hopefully they’re able to trade Gerald Green (it doesn’t even really matter if they’re getting garbage in return) which would free at least 3.5M in cap space.

          If they could snag Gary Neal, I’d love that move as an instant offense guy off the bench who can catch fire like nobody’s business. But he was WAY inconsistent this season and he’s more of a SG than PG. That leaves Maynor and Nate as the main guys I’d like to see fill in that backup PG role.

          It could also just end up being someone they take in the draft but we’ll find that out soon enough.

          • poot

            so much for that draft idea…

            Solomon Hill? wow that came out of nowhere. On most mock drafts I saw he was going undrafted, or very end of round 2 at best. It looks like 2 straight years of wasted picks. Maybe Hill can be a ‘Sam Young’-lite, but even that is asking a lot.

            i guess we’ll have to see what direction the Pacers take for the backup point. trading DC and signing DJ came completely out of nowhere for me last year. saw that as a huge downgrade from day 1. so i never know what to expect. I personally value Maynor way higher than Mo or Devin – he’s 5 years younger and seems content to come off the bench. Mo and Devin earned a lot last year, but now they are on the wrong side of 30 and neither will stay with their current team. maybe the Pacers can get lucky.

            and i like Neal but don’t like him for the same reasons you listed. There were times during the Finals i was thinking “i wish this guy was on the Pacers” and time i was thinking “oh no a shorter less athletic Gerald Green!”

            i hope GG gets traded but i’d say 95% sure he doesnt, nobody will take him unless he’s part of a package.

            anyway nice chatting with you Avi, i like your articles. i think you should post one about the Pacers priorities this offseason.

            As Bird says, he will “Bolster the Bench.”

            Started off last night a little sluggishly i’d say. bench:
            C: Mahinmi
            PF: _______, _______
            SF: _______
            SG: Lance, OJ
            PG: _______
            IR: Green, Plumlee, S. Hill

            4 empty spots (assuming DWest resigns) now with a serious need for quality backup point, forwards and another big. how does it get done???

          • Avi Friedman

            It seems like they drafted to fit the team’s play style. He seems like a kinda defense and threes guy. He’s already way better offensively than Sam Young and he plays very good one on one defense and great team defense. I recommend watching this video on him from

            Pretty much seems like he’s a guy who can also create off the dribble and is extremely aggressive at attacking the hoop but his mid range game is horrible. Anyway almost always has the mock drafts which are “most right” and they had him projected at NO.38 so hopefully he won’t be a bust and can help contribute.

            I want to start this off by saying that I know next to nothing about the salary cap rules, etc…

            That being said, I’ve been doing some reading on it from the Wiki page and saw this other places also. Once a year teams can use an MLE (mid-level exception) to resign players it seems. What I understand from this is that they are able to sign David West to any amount they want by using an MLE as long as they are below the cap before the signing. What this means is that they can use the 8-9M free space in free agent signing beforehand and then still be able to sign David after.

            It seems like the only problem with doing that, which still isn’t a huge problem, is that they will need to pay a luxury tax since they will be over the cap. But like I said, I know next to nothing about this so it’s possible that what I said makes completely no sense…

            As for writing something about the off season, I think once I learn more about the salary cap rules and such, I’ll be game to write something about it.

          • poot

            salary cap is so tricky. when i have questions i hit up Larry Coon. he’s an expert and he is super responsive to emails or tweets.

            i would like the Pacers to get aggressive and use their MLE. and the thing is, even if DWest resigned on the higher end, like $11-12mil, they could add an MLE player and still be way under the luxury tax this year. and next year. but that goes out the window when PG/Lance are extended, which has to be a higher priority than adding a mid level “piece.” Seems like MLE/BAE players are going to be less common than we are used to, that they will now basically be for the big spending teams, which the Pacers are not.

            Larry Bird also said this morning that they will not pay luxury tax this season. if it is $73mil, the Pacers couldnt get up there anyway unless they resigned West, gave like 10mil to Tyler and got another free agent. so reading between the lines, i think Bird is saying Tyler wants too much money and the Pacers aren’t willing to pay him.

            If Bird intends to “bolster the bench” without exceeding luxury tax levels (including upcoming seasons) then he seriously has his work cut out for him.

            also i was a little hard on Solomon. i watched the videos you posted and i like him. i didnt like Plumlee at all, i thought that was their worst 1st rd pick since the Bayless/Rush debacle, possibly even worse than the Shawne Williams pick. But Hill I dont have a problem with. i just think even in the best case scenario he gives contributions during the season like OJ then sits out in the playoffs. not ideal, but i doubt there were many players drafted after him who have the potential for greater immediate impact. he could be important depending on the trajectory of Grangers remaining career with the Pacers.

  • poot

    latest news:

    Pacers offer Tyler the QO
    i think this is great because it means one of 3 things:
    1- Tyler is on the Pacers for 1yr/$4.2M – GREAT value deal
    2- Another team lowballs Tyler, Pacers match for a good longer term deal
    3- Another team overpays Tyler, good riddance.

    Pacers to sign CJ Watson on July10
    i think he is a huge upgrade to Agustin. Could have gotten more, but if the deal is small, it should be a good signing. rumored to be 2 yrs/$2.5M. better all across the board than DJ except free throws and assists. good ball handler, should help the backup unit.

    Pacers expected to sign Chris Copeland
    obviously a pattern for Pacers mgmt. a player burns them repeatedly and they feel the need to sign him. Copeland was Pacers enemy #1 during the Knicks series. if he could play like that all season, great signing. but it may have just been that his game is perfect to play against the Pacers… time will tell. he can’t play D, but he can stroke the 3ball. a welcome addition as a situational player.

    • poot

      Copeland rumor has legs but is far from a sure thing. if the Pacers offer him a one year deal that is one thing, but i’d hate to see them offer him a long term contract. if other teams are competing for him (LAL, NO, DAL) then chances are his price gets inflated, and him not landing in Indiana is a good thing. i’d take him on the cheap though.

      Jonny Flynn is on the Summer league team. So Pacers have first dibs at him… the downside is that he’s terrible. can’t shoot, ball get stuck with him, good at finding players, but even better at being sloppy with the ball. defends worse than Agustin (red flag!!) but between the turnovers and missed shots, is as useless on offense as Ben Hans. so i’d rather have Ben!

    • poot

      Pacers have been in contact with Carl Landry. it appears they cannot offer him as much as he thinks he is worth, but he is definitely interested in returning to the midwest and playing for a winner. Pacers have tried to get Landry the past two offseasons.

      I like him and i think he would be a nice backup to DWest (he was a nice backup for DWest with the Hornets in 2011)
      he brings a lot of things to the table that Tyler does, but seems to have a better overall attitude about being a sub. that’s pretty valuable. also is a much better shooter, much better overall offensive player (facilitator instead of ball stopper) and is a decent defender considering how small he is.

  • poot

    i know many will complain about the 3yr/$36M as it takes away some cap flexibility in future seasons, but there is a chance it will be frontloaded to assist with that. knowing West, he’ll be happy to take the money up front in order to be able to keep PG on the team
    For me this is a HUGE win. Getting a free agent of West’s caliber is never anything to take lightly, even if he was your FA. So many other teams wanted him, many could pay him more, but he claims to have never given others serious thought. that’s the kind of leader I am on board having for 2-3 more years.
    Plus West has had an “old man game” since his rookie season. Since he tore his ACL he jumps about as high as a 50 year old. even though he will be 35 the last year of his deal, that is still a prime age for the way he plays.

    adios, psycho T

    huge improvement over DJ in every way. not the best point guard out there, but not a bad signing at all. good ball handler, solid defender.

    with Budinger off the market, Pacers are linked (in the rumors) to Copeland, Carl Landry and Carlos Delfino. with Tyler all but gone, a backup PF should be a high priority. Pacers small-ball lineups have been ineffective (using DG at the 4) and Solo Hill is 6’6, won’t be able to play any PF. Plumlee is even worse despite his size. So target should be Landry. Maybe no one offers Tyler anything and we get him back on the cheap, but I’m sure the Bobcats would overpay him.
    Another issue is the backup SF. Maybe Green will improve (and maybe i’ll win the lottery) and maybe Solo can handle the backup duties as a rookie. PG can split time at SF and SG due to the solid reserves we have at backup SG. but someone else needs to spell Danny, especially if he is not 100%. Delfino and Copeland would be good options, although the recent signings of Budinger and Webster (each ~$5M per year) have set the price for a backup wing pretty high, maybe out of the Pacers range.

    C: Mahnmi
    PF: _____
    SF: _____, Solo
    SG: Lance, OJ
    PG: Watson
    IR: Plumlee, Green, _____

    Good start. Now lets add those backup forwards. Landry and Copeland would fit nicely- what do you think??

    • poot

      the rescinding of Tyler’s QO was the writing on the wall. Pacers wanted to remove his “Cap hold” in order to make room for more free agent signings. clearly the first guy they had in mind was Copeland. it appears the Pacers view Copeland as a “stretch-4″ which is a nice way of saying “too slow to guard small forwards, but can’t defend post players.” I’d like to have seen them target Landry. he appears to have many suitors but they are all over the cap (Clippers, Warriors) or bad teams (Bucks) so Pacers have a chance to grab him for a decent contract. of course there is always the chance that Tyler gets no offers (to be a starter) and returns to the Pacers. if Copeland is indeed the backup 4 of Indiana’s future (yikes) I think bringing back Pendy would be a no-brainer. Then who at SF? Delfino maybe? With all the ridiculous contracts being thrown out there for wing players ($5M-$8M per yr range) maybe he will be beyond our reach. it might make limit the Pacers options to crappy wing players, like those of the Sam Young talent level… yikes.

      C: Mahnmi
      PF: Copeland?, Pendergraph?
      SF: Young?, Solo
      SG: Lance, OJ
      PG: Watson
      IR: Plumlee, Green

      BOLSTERED BENCH STATUS (personal wishlist)
      C: Mahnmi
      PF: Landry, Pendergraph
      SF: Copeland, Solo
      SG: Lance, OJ
      PG: Watson
      IR: Plumlee, Green

      • poot

        WHAT???!?! i am still doing my research on this guy, but every analyst seems to rate him worse than Ben Hansbrough.
        Sloan appears to be both insanely bad at defense, and inept at offense, especially handling the ball. the only good things about him seem to be that he is a solid rebounder, big for a point guard, and is only 25. seriously, that’s it. he’s a downgrade to Agustine. he is worse than Jonny Flynn. he is as bad as Ben on offense and worse than DJ on defense. i am stupified by this pick up. even at minimum, it is a waste of a roster spot. it’s not like he even played well against the Pacers. he played them once (in his 56 game career) and went 1-5 with a turnover in 20 minutes. i see now way that he can get playing time over Watson, who is Chris Paul compared to Sloan, or even Lance. such a head scratcher….

        no deal yet, but it looks good. Knicks unlikely to match unless it is a real lowball. an unmatchable offer may remove the possibility of getting Landry, or even Tyler.

        not much out there on this guy but he is an Australian SF who plays like a guard. great passer, lengthy defender, good outside shot. would be a nice fit for the Pacers, but he is also being pursued by the Clippers, Grizzlies, Bucks, and many Euro teams. Could be like Budinger and possibly Delfino, in that the market will make his price tag too high for the Pacers.

        Pelicans are trying to move Lopez before July 10 or else they will either have to waive him or guarantee him $10M+ over the next two years. as they are making room for big additions (like Tyreke) they want the cap space and will most likely either trade him or waive him. The only teams mentioned as testing the trade waters for Lopez- Portland and Indiana. Since neither Robin nor Ian can play PF, this seems like overkill at the center position. it seems counter intuitive Pelicans would want to take on Mahinmi’s contract. but he’s on a nice deal, so it could work for Indiana. only problem is who to get rid of? and how? and then how to work out the backups?

        need a backup SF who is solid but by no means a star? 76ers offered Turner to the Pacers on draft night in exchange for the #23 pick…. your bar has been set, Solo.

        a good shooter, ability to handle the ball. seems to check out. not so sure about the trend of picking up the Bulls’ sloppy seconds, but Marco was always a player who impressed me in his ability to hit pressure shots. could be a great guy to have on the floor in the final minutes of a close game. as a good, but not great, overall shooter, and some size despite being scrawny, he could play stretches without being too exposed on D. but don’t take it lightly- he is an awful defender. With Bulls signing Dunleavey, TWolves getting Martin, and Clippers way over the cap, the Nets were the only other team going for him and it appears that won’t be happening. Pacers are on his very short list.

        C: Mahinmi
        PF: Copeland?, Pendergraph?
        SF: Solo
        SG: Lance, OJ
        PG: Watson
        IR: Plumlee, Green, Sloan

        BOLSTERED BENCH STATUS (personal realistic wishlist)
        C: Mahinmi
        PF: Landry
        SF: Copeland, Solo
        SG: Lance, OJ
        PG: Watson
        IR: Plumlee, Green, Sloan

  • poot

    With Clippers giving out their remaining cap room, first on a huge contract to Redick, then to bring back Barnes, they are not in as good a position to compete with the Pacers. Both will contend this year, LA has it’s advantages while Indiana is close to home for Landry.
    Warriors signing Iguodala means they are out of the running for Landry, whether they are able to trade for Dwight or not.
    Bucks are the only real competition, as they have ample cap space even if OJ Mayo agrees to sign with them. They can pay more, and are his home state. But they may not even make the playoffs. That and the majority of their current roster is PFs (Gooden, Sanders, Henson, Udoh, Ayon, even Ilyasova and Mbah a Moute play 4.)

    With Copeland in no hurry to make up his mind (or waiting to see what happens in LA regarding Dwight) Indiana could be in a good position to land Landry.

    C: Mahinmi
    PF: Landry
    SF: Copeland?, Solo
    SG: Lance, OJ
    PG: Watson
    IR: Plumlee, Green, Sloan

  • Alexis Rose