Too Many Motherf***ing Words About Roy Hibbert, Language and Alienating Homosexuals

NOTE to READERS: There is some “bad” language below.

no homo

After a dominant performance in a win that further showed the world how great Roy Hibbert has become during the past month, big dude spoke to the media.

In doing so, he offered a rare window into how professional athletes really talk.

Most of the time, when talking to the press, these motherfuckers are guarded, remaining keenly aware of how their words will be conveyed when read in newsprint, where there are no vocal tones and body language to help convey meaning. Usually, these motherfuckers remember to erect a screen of say-nothingness that shields them from being misconstrued.

They talk as little as possible and say even less.

If makes the job of being a beat writer hard as balls.

How do you comb through all the bullshit lies and truth parsing that players spew and turn that into a story that makes any damn sense?

It’s the worst.

The fucking worst.

Remember that shit next time you have an issue with column written by Mike Wells or any of these other excellent, hard-working beat writers out there. The people they have to report about everyday almost never say shit that’s actually worth writing down. It is a job I have never done and never wish to.

But with two remarks after Game 6, Roy illustrated two things: why many fans will always want to know their favorite players more intimately and why others like to view athletes as cartoon characters they root for rather than the flawed humans they are.

In expressing one sentiment, Roy aptly summed up something many of us who write about the NBA on the internet already know: Some of the these motherfuckers in the media who vote for the end-of-season player accolades don’t watch near-as-shit enough basketball to have an informed opinion about who deserves those awards.

This came after some poor bastard — who was at work just before midnight on a Saturday — asked Roy why he finished so low (tenth) in the Defensive Player of the Year award voting.

Roy’s response may not have been aimed at the inquisitor directly, but he generally told everyone in the room that they, as a category of workers, can go fuck an beehive.

“You know what, ’cause y’all motherfuckers don’t watch us play throughout the year, to tell you the truth. All right? So, that’s fine. Ya know. I’mma be real with you. And I don’t care if I get fined. All right? Because, you know what, we play, we’re not on TV all the time, and reporters are the ones that are voting. And, it is what it is. If I don’t make it, that’s fine.”

Realest shit he’s ever said.

You gotta love the “motherfucker” drop. That’s that realness. That’s what really conveys his meaning.

For those of you who don’t like what he said, fuck off.

We’re all adults here. I’m sure there were a few elementary school students watching NBA TV or the live stream where it aired, but put those little shits to bed next time. It was almost midnight for fuck-all sake.

I have adopted Lewis Black’s thoughts on this matter. Listen to him tell explain, in the above video, why you’re a wee bit oversensitive if you get squeamish when someone says the word fuck.

Some background about the video: Black was relaying the difficulty he once had while preparing to host the White House Correspondents Dinner, an annual banquet hosted by a comedian who ribs the sitting president, other politicians and media members in attendance. This was tough for Black because the event organizers wish for the show to remain civilized and without the use of so-called bad language.

Which led to this classic Lewis Black rant:

“There is no such thing as bad language. I don’t believe that anymore. It’s ridiculous. They call it debasing the language. No. We are adults. These are the words that we use to express frustration, rage, anger — in order that we don’t pick up a tire iron and beat the shit out of somebody.

“What do people say? What is the ‘good’language’ you’re supposed to use that’s supposed to help you overcome certain things? What do people say who don’t use those words? Somebody who, after 40 years, loses their job — is fired, let’s say? Or ‘let go’? And they lose their pension and their welfare and their benefits. They lose everything. Do they sit on the couch all day going ‘Oh, pussyfeathers. Sassafras, sassafras, sassafras’?”

Now that that shit is settled …

The other reason it was refreshing and enlightening to hear: Roy wasn’t lying.

The canned, expected, boring-as-shit answer to the question would have been something along the lines of, “I just try to get better everyday and don’t really worry about anything else. My teammates have helped me improve, and they’re the only people whose opinions matter to me.”

Which would have been a whole cargo van full of camel shit.

Finishing tenth in the voting obviously upset Roy on some level. He made that known. I now know that he cares about that and that he probably also cares that his team, one of just three left with a chance to win the NBA title, doesn’t get much media attention.

Players are rarely so candid. They rarely reveal emotions like that.

A few weeks ago, for instance, Conrad Brunner, a reporter with 1070 The Fan, asked David West a question about the media focusing almost entirely on the Knicks during the Indiana/New York series.

Here is the full transcript of that exchange.

Brunner: “Do you guys watch at all [the] national perspective, the national attention? It seems as though the perspective is: When you win, it’s actually the Knicks lose — the Pacers don’t have an influence on this series. Do you guys use that at all?”

David West: “Naaahhh. We can’t get caught up in that. We know who we are. We know what we’ve been all year. We’re just going to continue to keep that focus. We have an opportunity to go out and perform and play well; we try do to that and don’t worry if someone is patting us on the back or not. It’s not a big deal.”

Now, I actually don’t think West is lying here.

I think he’s shielding the truth a little bit, but I think he’s being straight up, by and large, about his own opinion on the matter. I’m sure the Pacers’ players have had discussions about this topic, their relative obscurity compared to other teams and Indiana’s lack of national exposure. But I gather that it’s not some shit he, personally, gives a flying fuck about, and it’s quite possible that it never came up as something the team would “use” as a rallying cry or whatever.

Either way, it’s a boring-ass answer — to the point that it was said on the record in front of more than a dozen reporters all hungry to find a unique angle on an over-covered series, and this is probably the first time the comment has been published anywhere by anybody. West went with typical athlete speak that isn’t interesting and reveals almost nothing.

I’m sure Brunner could have written a much more widely read story after that practice had West said something like, “Shit yea we use that to fuel us. Our whole mentality has been ‘Fuck the Knicks’ and now we’re like ‘Fuck ESPN,’ too.”

That’s closer to what Roy did.

He showed us how players actually talk when the microphones aren’t recording, and he did it while also talking like an adult talks. The lack of attention seems like a clear point of frustration for Roy, and he expressed that frustration like a grown-ass frustrated man would.

It was genuine, motherfucking moment. It’s the whole reason this daily routine of question asking happens: so that once or twice a season, something real will comes out. It’s why a lot of fans pay any attention to this stuff at all.

So who really cares if some uptight shitbirds are going to instead hype Roy’s genuine, motherfucking moment into his “motherfucking” moment?

I have less than zero fucks to give about an adult using an adult word in public.

It was his other comment that was I found disturbing.

It was his other comment that showed why hearing how players actually talk is something many fans might not want to ever do.

It was his “no homo” comment that was the problem.

Because “no homo” is part of the problem.

While describing how he tries to prevent LeBron James from scoring, Roy made an innocuous comment about basketball Xs and Os strategy. And in the midst of explaining, he said “no homo.”

If you’re not familiar with “no homo” as a comedic device, well, aren’t you a lucky sumbitch.

It has become a somewhat common phrase over the past decade that is used in the same manner as “that’s what she said,” a Michael Scott classic, but only when the sexual innuendo is homosexual in nature. After a man inadvertently says something that, through double entendre or euphemism, could be construed as a comment insinuating they are sexually attracted to another man, they say “no homo.”

This is done to ensure that people listening don’t think they like to fuck dudes, of course. Because that is a natural concern of insecure men who think being attracted to men is a weird, abnormal thing.

Here’s how a hypothetical “no homo” drop might go:

Steve: So if your car broke down, how did you get to the work?

Bob: John gave me a ride. No homo.

The rationale for saying “no homo” there would exist because Bob did not fuck John (give him “a ride,” wink wink), he merely was a passenger in his car.

It’s all very clever.

In another instance, it could actually be somewhat funny. But by and large it has just become something certain people say a lot even when there is nobody who would ever confuse the words spoken as having a homosexual context. That absurdity, for some “no homo” sayers, is part of the fun.

This video breaks it down well, explaining the general usage and how it became popularized in the early 2000s by the pink-clothes-wearing, heterosexual rapper Cam’Ron from Harlem. It, along with its sister phrase “pause,” has become a staple among many rappers.

Roy was apparently making a truly absurd attempt at “no homo” humor while discussing LeBron’s ability to score on the Pacers in Game 3. (Here it is on Vine.)

“I really felt that I let Paul down in terms of having his back when LeBron was scoring in the post or getting to the paint, because they stretched me out so much — no homo.”

I’m not exactly sure what dumb-ass comedy was going on in Roy’s head.

It’s certainly not very funny regardless. Not even as funny as that hilarious Bob hypothetical used above anyway.

More than anything, it just seems super juvenile, and perhaps Roy was doing a Super Troopers-like “meow” dare with himself during a press conference.

It doesn’t actually matter what the joke was supposed to be nor why Roy said it.

All that matters is that he said it.

There are only two real reasons that somebody would say something like that on television: They are a cruel person who likes to hurt the feelings of others or they don’t actually understand how their words will be heard by some people.

I don’t know Roy Hibbert, the person.

We have had a maybe two dozen conversations over the past three years, all about basketball. He almost certainly has no idea who I am, and these talks were — in every instance — short, at-work conversations for both of us. But he seems like a nice enough young man, and I have heard a ton of respected people say a ton of nice things about Roy’s character and values.

I also don’t know know Roy Hibbert’s feelings on homosexuality. If he harbors any negativity towards gay people, he has never made such feelings public, to my knowledge. Roy actually even supported, through a Twitter message, Jason Collins’ recent decision to come out of the closet.

Even lacking full knowledge, I don’t believe Roy, when he said “no homo” in public, in front of a giant global audience, meant anything derogatory. I don’t think he intended to ridicule or discriminate against a core aspect of millions of people’s lives.

He’s simply ignorant.

He doesn’t know what those words say about homosexuals.

To him, it was a playful joke, one that made him giggle probably more for its inappropriateness in that setting than for its actual humor. But to many others, it was an unnecessary reminder that mainstream society in the United States sees being gay as an abnormal, weird, negative characteristic that no man should want to associate himself with.

That is the foundation of “no homo.” It is telling listeners that, “in case you misconstrued what I said there, I just feel the need to point out to you that I am not homosexual, as that would of course be disgusting, and I am a normal, heterosexual man.”

It’s basically saying “don’t worry, bro, I’m not weird.”

As if there is anything strange or weird about a dude wanting to have sex with another dude.

That’s the implication.

It’s not a playful joke.

Maybe in your own circle of friends, in a private environment in which everyone knows that no ill will towards gay men exists, there is a place for that. It really just isn’t good comedy, but I understand that sex remains funny in that sophomoric way; its forbidden and this started as a Puritan nation and we still don’t show boobs on TV and it makes us giggle. So if you really can’t resist — hell, I mockingly drop a “that’s what she said” on occasion among close friends even though it has some similar, sexist overtones — go for it.

Really, try not to.

It’s basically the same a saying “it was gay” when giving your opinion of a bad movie.

It’s fucking dumb behavior. Really, really fucking dumb.

Just don’t say it.

If you absolutely can’t not say it cause it’s just so goddamn funny to you, sure as shit don’t say it out loud at a restaurant where people who don’t know your intention may overhear it and feel even further alienated than they already do while living in a society that makes them feel like weirdos just because of where they like to put their dick.

And for fuck all, if you’re ever on national fuck television, don’t say that shit under any goddamn circumstances whatsoever.

Are you fucking high?

Teenagers in this country slit their wrists over how difficult it is to be an abnormal sexual being living in a straight society. They jump off fucking bridges. They shoot themselves in the fucking head.

It happens all the damn time.

Is some kid going to kill himself because some insensitive NBA player said something that he found hurtful on TV? Probably not. Shit. I hope to hell not.

But saying “no homo” is part of the problem.

It’s normalizing the tolerance of making gay people feel abnormal. And that can destroy people over time as they are confronted by that societal belief with such frequency. It is ever pressent and never-ending, a constant drumbeat from everywhere, day after day after day.

Shit like this. Which I didn’t even seek out. It just appeared on my Twitter time line as I was writing this sentence. (Note to self: Must unfollow Huffington Post.)

This one instance of “no homo” may just be a drop of rain in the ocean of shit gay people have to deal with every fucking day.

But it’s part of the problem.

Don’t be part of the problem, Roy Hibbert. I don’t think you want to be. Shit, I don’t even think you know that’s what you just became.

But, fucking A, man.

Charles Barkley is right: You don’t have to be a role model.

But don’t go out of your way to fuck up some kid’s day who was just trying to watch a damn press conference.

That’s just straight-up asshole behavior.

Like those media members who didn’t watch you play all year and didn’t give you credit for being an elite defender, I presume this is all out of ignorance.

You don’t know any better.

Well, I’m not going to presume you’re reading this. But I’m guessing somebody, hopefully somebody employed by the Pacers, will explain all this to you soon. At least explain some version of why it’s wrong to say.

So now you know.

Don’t lose your candor, but speak like a man young fans — no matter who they want to fuck — can respect. Speak like a man who isn’t insinuating that dudes who fuck dudes are abnormal.

Cut the motherfucking shit.

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  • DAnne

    Amen Jared, on Roy’s “no homo” comment. Love ya! Roy, but hate to see you undermine yourself with the use of what really is anti-gay language, even if, and especially if you do not harbor negative feelings towards people just because of who they are, and who they want to be intimate with!

  • Chase

    I understand what you were trying to do with the language and emphasize Hibbert’s comments, but this was hard to read. A bit overboard to say the least. I also don’t think Hibbert’s “no homo” comment was as bad as you make it out to be. Hibbert has done so much for the community of Indiana and for this Pacers team, that one off mark comment should not be considered dumb behavior. If thats the case, the way you wrote this article is dumb behavior on your part. You should not be judged for a bad article, just as Hibbert should not be judged for an off the mark comment. I recognize he is in the spotlght, but come on, what he said was not that bad. How about an article on how the Pacers just beat the Heat in Game 6 even though they turned the ball over 21 times, how about putting more effort in giving grades out after each game and writing about how this Pacers team has rebuilt the fan base.

    • Guest

      Well said. Still disappointing to hear it though, obviously.

    • Joe Betz

      Yeah, it’s too bad Hibbert’s comments took away from a great game…well, not great, but one the Pacers won. Still, I think this article does a great job of highlighting players stepping out of their “player speak” and addressing the issue of inadvertent hate speech within our culture…not something you would necessarily find on a sports blog, but glad it’s here.

    • Vinny Del Negro

      I agree. The author almost made it seem like saying “no homo” is akin to gay bashing. He isn’t bashing anyone but merely joking about a juvenile comment

  • rysenkari

    I hope they don’t suspend Hibbert for Game 7. They didn’t suspend Kobe for saying something far worse but that was before Jason Collins came out and things have changed.

    • Realist

      I think he’s more likely to get fined for the MF bomb than the no homo. Even though I agree that the no homo is worse.

      If they suspend him for this, then the league is rigged beyond comprehension and I quit the NBA.

      • Jack Wright


      • anthonydewar420

        Totally agree that’s what he was fined for.

  • Guest

    Hopefully he’ll have the opportunity to do a lifetime of work for LGBT rights and hopefully do way more good than the bad caused by this little (and it is little) blunder. (And with a guy of Roy’s character, it’s not out of the realm of possibility).

    We are 5 wins from a title. Chance of a lifetime. This opportunity we may never get back. I don’t care how bright our future looks.

  • Mr.Buck_Black

    He was talking about a dude “stretching him out”, when he said no-homo he was basically saying “if you didn’t notice that that could be taken a completely different way that makes it mean something different, now you do.

    People will flip out about this but I think the reaction stifles gay-rights more than the comment. As an advocate for gay marriage and someone who badly wants to see the poor treatment to gays everywhere end, even if I was offended by what Roy said my response to him would be “I have learned how painful intolerance can be so I must be tolerant and accepting of you”.
    That being said let me also say that I love Roy and hope he goes hard to the hole, grabs a ton of loose balls, gets deep penetration, and puts his big body on a guy when blocking him out. Too often big guys with a soft touch from the outside (like bosh) will stretch out a guy who makes his living banging hard in the trenches (like Roy). Hopefully Roy can turn it around on Bosh and put his endurance to the test.

    • brennan

      “hope he goes hard to the whole, grabs a ton of loose balls, gets deep penetration, and puts his big body on a guy”—– no homo

      • Patrick Wells

        Yeah brennan, that was the joke…

    • Derek U


  • Ian

    No seriously, I tried, but this article was so long and rambling I skimmed half of it.
    Suffice it to say that Roy shouldn’t have used that slur, and unless we are all wrong about his character, I’m guessing he didn’t mean it ‘that way’, but used it out of ignorance the same way the kids on South Park call each other ‘fag’. He should get a reprimand AND a fine from the league, AND he should apologize, and hopefully that will be the end of it.

    • Jack Wright


  • Jack Wright

    people are so overly-sensitive nowadays. making a big deal out of NOTHIN’ right now

  • Realist
    • Realist

      Roy Hibbert released a statement apologizing for homophobic comment last night. Did not apologize for calling reporters “mfers.” Oh well.— Brian Windhorst (@WindhorstESPN) June 2, 2013

  • John-Andrew

    “As if there is anything strange or weird about a dude wanting to have sex with another dude.”

    Actually, I find that very strange.

    • Philip Tarrant

      I do not personally understand the desire, but I don’t see why one shouldn’t be respectful of other people’s urges. If it’s consensual, let them have at it. That being said, too big of a deal is being made out of Hibb’s ill-spoken “no homo” comment. It was an extemporaneous, albeit childish quip. It’s unfortunate that he said it, but he apologized and everyone should just move on.

  • Ksmooth

    I feel like there are some jumps needed to get from No Homo to Don’t worry, I’m not weird. I thought no homo was just a stupid way of saying not in a gay way. Then it becomes how you view being gay. I don’t have any problems with people who are gay so I didn’t find it all that offensive, just a dumb joke. But I understand that it can potentially be harmful given the number of people who could hear it and construe it the way you described. Thanks for the peice, cleared up a lot for me.

  • Chad

    Why wasn’t there a media shitstorm when Lebron said it?

  • Joe Betz

    Great writing, and fun tone throughout. Hibbert was real, and it was awesome. He isn’t homophobic; he simply slipped a piece of our homophobic culture working hard to change into his speech. His statement this morning was apt, and it’s good that we can have these conversations openly and learn collectively.

    Viewing comments on ESPN, which is generally a terrible thing to do (note, I view this blog as separate from that), I noticed a lot of, “Hey, he doesn’t like gay people. He doesn’t have to. It’s a free country! Free speech! Liberal agenda!” All of those comments are ludicrous…I bet Ludacris even thinks they are ludicrous. Roy Hibbert is a good guy who is still growing into a full adult in a world that is more varied than an NBA locker room. I have full faith in Roy to avoid unintentional hate speech, because that’s what it is–how else can you say it”s just a “joke?” Who is the joke on? Gay people, who have been persecuted since for always. We need to change, and we slowly are.

    • Jump Ball Blog

      Although i agree with you, the freedom of speech regardless if you agree with it or not, is in fact true. It is in our constitution for a reason so i wouldn’t call it ludicrous. Everyone is entitled to whatever they believe in, regardless of anything and that is our right. As long as it stays there and no one goes on some holy war because of it, then it isn’t a problem.

      Saying it in a televised press conference however, i wouldn’t agree with.

      To be fair, gay’s are not the only ones subjected to these jokes. Many jokes vary upon every thing you can imagine. Yet no one gets emotional about jokes aimed at anything else, only when it is aimed at the LBGT community. It’s ironic that most gay people i know use the same type of jokes, or even worse, but the LGBT community tries to ignore the people that degrade themselves.

  • Dev Nickerson

    You’re too sensitive.

    You’re telling me that Roy Hibbert can’t say “no homo” because it MIGHT offend someone? Does he need to watch everything he says because there is a chance it might make someone kill themselves? No…right, okay. Do you realize that not ALL gay people are offended by that? Do you realize that some gay people can joke about their own sexuality just as much as a straight person can? Do you understand that most anything MIGHT be offensive to someone out there? Do we have to watch EVERYTHING we say?

    Do you realize that your usage of the word “sumbitch” might offend someone in the same way that Roy’s usage of “no homo” might offend someone?

    I mean, seriously…

    I love homosexuals — just as much as I do straight people — and pansexuals — and bisexuals — and transexuals…etc. I think this country (and this planet) has so much wrong with it and mistreats us ALL by law…but I believe that no one, including myself, deserves any “special treatment.” Everyone should be treated as an equal. With that said, I believe that humor should be allowed in all fashions. I don’t believe in censorship.

    So, in my eyes, saying “no homo” doesn’t insinuate anything against gay people. Nothing. It’s a simple comment that you just didn’t happen to find funny. He was wrong to say it — because people would overreact to it — but that’s it. If someone gets offended by it, in my opinion, that’s on them. Some people might offended by bitch — or “sumbitch” as you put it — but others may not. Some people get offended by the word “motherfucker” because that’s all their rotten daddy called them as they grew up.

    Everything can be offensive.

    How can we not criticize a show like The Office for it’s treatment of women with the “that’s what she said” jokes? Or not even that, but how are you going to throw a hissy fit over this comments but not for how some female reporters are treated in locker rooms?

    You open up the article saying that you want more honesty from players, the “motherfucker” moment was great for that reason…but then when he’s honest with the “no homo” comment you ridicule him for being so “ignorant.”

    Sir, you are a hypocrite. You ask for honesty and when you get it, your panties get all in a bunch.

    But that’s not the point of this post. The point is the fact that you — and others — believe that you have the right to say what is right and what is wrong to say.

    They are words…words…nothing else. Words can be powerful, I know, but that’s all they are.

    “Sticks and stones can break by bones but words can never hurt me.”

    Whatever happened to that expression? In the early-mid 2000s, I thought that as a country, when we became more accepting of “different” people that we would also become less sensitive as one too. Instead, we have become more and more sensitive, to the point that we are calling for a player to be suspended for the biggest game of his life just because he said “no homo.”


    It’s on those that are offended by this. Not Roy.

    For the record, where was your article in these situations? Where was everyone else’s outrage?:

    Thanks. Despite my comments, you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. You have the right to have your type of sense of humor but you don’t have the right to tell me what I can and can’t find funny, and neither do I.

    To each their own. Leave it alone.

    • Derek U

      I know a few guys who partake in other men. They found the comment hilarious, albeit lacking in taste, but that’s hte idea. By making a big deal out of it, you’re bringing more light to a non-issue. If I can’t joke with them about their willingness to pack fudge and hunt down young “cubs” then we’ve lost the fight for equal rights and equality for everyone.

      • Dev Nickerson

        Exactly, dude! Totally agree with you. There is nothing wrong with it. If a guy wants to joke with me about wanting to eat out a vagina or bash me for wanting to fuck something as “disgusting” as a vagina looks, well go ahead. I won’t say, “OH, YOU’RE ANTI-STRAIGHT. WOW!”

        It’s all about equal rights. Great post, @facebook-539215136:disqus

    • anthonydewar420

      I love that you didn’t understand exactly why he used “sumbitch.” Go back and Read that paragraph. Try your hardest to understand the reason and context in which he used it. Don’t be one of those people who read things and don’t try to understand the reading. Recognizing symbols on a page doesn’t mean you truly understand whats written. Damn.

      • Dev Nickerson

        @anthonydewar420:disqus What am I misunderstanding? All I’m saying is that using the word “bitch” in ANY CONTEXT might offend someone. Just like using “no homo” in ANY CONTEXT could do the same. That’s it. Nothing else. Dumbass.

        • Philip Tarrant

          I have a mentally challenged donkey, and find your use of “dumbass” personally offensive.

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  • Vinny Del Negro

    To assume that Roy Hibbert or the phrase itself was indicating that being gay is abnormal or weird is a gross assumption by the author. I’m 23 and actually have a few gay friends and I say “no homo” all the time, rather I’m with them or with my straight friends. It’s a harmless joke just like saying that’s what she said.

  • Jump Ball Blog

    “in case you misconstrued what I said there, I just feel the need to point out to you that I am not homosexual”

    thats how the statement should have been said, instead afterwards, the sensitivity of this generation is what adds this line afterwards

    “as that would of course be disgusting, and I am a normal, heterosexual man.”

    which is completely untrue and is simply drawing up on assumptions. A simple sentence that could be further taken out of context, and therefore, people find it funny to add the no homo line in it as merely a joke.

    Let’s be honest, drawing up on an assumptions is not idealistic. Not everyone that uses it would have the same beliefs, and that is exactly what you insinuated by attaching disgusting and abnormal to the above quote.

    If saying im not gay in a joking manner is considered gay bashing, then what’s next?

    • anthonydewar420

      Look up they etymology of the statement. A professional will tell you that it means precisely what the author is saying. I think the problem with those who find it a non-factor is that they are too uneducated to truly understand the ramifications of comments such as “no homo.” Jokes like this do reinforce the belief that homosexuality is abnormal. Psychological journal articles are free. Go to airXiv. Get educated and stop living in conjectureland.

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  • Eric


    How can you argue that something is offensive and out of bounds, and then use the same joke as an image to attract attention to your article? It is pathetic Jared. If you want any merit to your argument, don’t trivialize yourself with blaring exercises in hypocrisy.

    It would be the same as writing an article about Sergio with an image of a black person eating friend chicken.

    • Philip Tarrant

      I agree. I’m not sure how you can condemn something so vehemently, while using the same “joke” yourself. Either you think Hibbert should be held to a higher level (some sort of cartoon character and not a flawed human) or you are merely feigning indignation and are not as impassioned about the issue as you’d like us to believe. Either way, I respect Hibbert more for being forthright and letting the facade slip and show us who he really is rather than just giving canned responses. It’s much better than being false and hypocritical.

      I enjoy the majority of your work on here, but between the sometimes pointless profanity and falseness in your declamation, I’ve lost a bit of respect. While I realize that “no homo” can certainly be offensive, and is at its root homophobic, it’s not an evil thing to say and I can’t fault Hibbert for succumbing to a moment of childishness. I know I make similar jokes around my friends and the comment was clearly something directed toward PG and he gave no thought to the masses it would also go out to.

      • anthonydewar420

        It’s because you both are too stupid to truly understand WHY he used that. You are missing the point. I have an idea that you both failed literature in college because you read and think the author’s words are just part of the story. They are not. Writing is done to convey ideas. You’d be surprised at how much a book about a futuristic steam punk society has to say about current social issues. The author writes many subtle things in the article that you are both, seemingly, too dense to uncover.

        • Philip Tarrant

          And you, too dense to expand upon or even merely explain..

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  • Nathaniel Bogan

  • halfdoc

    great article… its obvious the homo comment was inappropriate. gay pepl would find that hurtful cuz the premise of the joke is clearly pointing fun at gay sex … u dont have to be gay to understand/be dissapointed in that…contrary to the commenter below… its pretty logical bro.. dont make excuses for him… stand for wat is right always…. evil truimphs when good men do nothiing.. improve always even if its slow

  • Damion Laverne

    I don’t like how this article was written. The comment was no big deal, in my opinion. What I do have a problem with is the use of athletes being condemned as “flawed humans.” Every human has flaws. Furthermore, the assertion that LGBT teenagers are abnormal is more absurd than the “no homo” comment itself. The term “abnormal” could be construed as to having some sort of disability or disease, which is NEVER the case in someone that is homosexual. You should be ashamed, Jared.

  • João Roselino

    Good article. I really believe that Hibbert didn’t understood the meaning of what he said, and it’s a simple result of a homophobic culture (incredibly present in sports like basketball), but still, it was really important that he made a statement explaining the situation.

  • Guest

    Jared, you should be ashamed for what you just wrote…
    Honestly, the article wasn’t well-written. In my opinion, I don’t think the comment was a big deal. What I do have a problem with is that you attempt to paint professional athletes as “flawed” humans–it’s as if you’re trying to imply that the public is better than them. ALL humans are flawed. Furthermore, I don’t like how you use the term “abnormal” when talking about LGBT individuals living in a “straight” society. Being homosexual in no way implies having a disability or disease.

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  • Hot in India

    Awesome. Very well said!!!

  • Josh Boeke

    I wrote a bit of a rebuttal to this article, or at least a somewhat different take on the situation. You’re probably burnt out on the topic at this point (game 7 is only 14 hours away after all), but if you want to hear my thoughts I’ll provide the link:

  • Derek U

    The gay guy’s I know thought the no homo comment was hilarious. There isn’t a parade of homosexuals calling for Roy’s head. It was funny and yes, very immature. The only ones to take offense are the ones who don’t have a stick in the fight, like you. Other wise, funny read. It shows that words are just words, maybe a bit over the top with the cursing but I know many who do speak like this.

    • anthonydewar420

      That’s funny because I personally know several who do. I also know several psychologists who denounce these “jokes” because they are damaging to children’s psychological and social development. Again, the problem with people who say it’s just a “joke,” is that you are too uneducated to get it.

  • David Minton

    You know, you had me with the “mother fucker”. When you gave so much damaging weight to “no homo”, I stopped reading. Both are just strings of words. Gay bashing or anything that could be twisted, contorted, and construed into such is a virtural media darling. You perpetuate the motion. Sticks and Stones motherfucker, Sticks and Stones.

    • anthonydewar420

      “Get if mann, pleasee just get it.”

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  • lil-bang

    1. It appears several players have used the “no homo” comment before, which doesn’t make it right, but I see why some people are saying this isn’t a big deal since it has been said several times before. I honestly don’t know what offends people, but someone can be offended by anything someones says, its all a matter of interpratation. Like Jared said above, the beat writers all try to come up with their own spin to what ever comments they get. This phrase obviousley does offend a good amount of homosexuals. So Hibbert probably shouldn’t have said it if he cares what people think about him. Which most of us don’t know that.

    2. Several reasons this blew up: one it being on a live prime time television, but the main reason it blew up…is becaue he called the people who write everything up motherfuckers…so do you think he was going to get a good press after this conference? No, he just made it alot easier by throwing the No homo in there.

    3. I’m a little confused on Jared’s stand on this stuff. It appears he is glad Hibbert said the truth and what he thought, then straight puts him on a cross for saying the things he said. Then points out why players give boring ass answers (which this article is a perfect reason). Jared put some time in the artilce but the message is unclear-he wants the players to give more truthful answers to beat writers, but then he wrote his longest article of the year ripping Hibbert for it. If Hibbert had made the No Homo comment routinely or other homosexual bashing comments I understand. But Jared comes on here trying to back the beat writers, but he plainly showed us why no player ever should say anything to the press. Hibbert made A MISTAKE. He won’t do again thanks the press, but he also won’t tell the press anything truthful ever again because he will be afriad to. If this was more the a one time instance I would understand the long article, but since it was his first offense it shouldn’t have been this long. What he said shoudn’t be ignored but it shouldn’t be Novel worthy material either.