Post-Game Grades: Pacers Look Like Pacers of March, Take 3-2 Series Lead via Domination

  • Realist

    We’ll live and die by our starting five, I guess.

    • Joe Betz

      Yeah, if the Pacers get anything off the bench, it’s a huge plus. The bench played well early in this series actually, overall, and had some of the best production all year. But, in general, yeah–either the starting five sets the tone and wins it, or there is a 1-82 chance the bench plays out of its mind and wins the game.

    • Jack Wright

      which means we’ll be alive for longer than we’d be otherwise. our starters can and probably would beat anybody’s. except maybe the heat

      • Realist

        Don’t get me wrong, our starting five is the bees knees and the stats attest to that. Just a little worried about the zilch production from the bench and the 35-40 minute nights for all starters – which seem like pre-requisites these days if we wanna win. I know this is the time to lean on them if we have to, but I guess memories of Danny rolling an ankle and then West getting hurt again from the Miami series still linger. That, and moreover, don’t you generally need 8 decent contributors to win a title? I dunno.

        I’m also in the where-the-hell-is-OJ camp.

        Go Celtics too, just quietly. Possible home court in the second round somehow against a 7-seed? That’s hot.

  • Ian

    I really feel like the road is where we really miss Danny. He has been around long enough not get flustered on the road like Paul and Lance do.
    Is it too early to talk about the Pacers’ planning for next season around finances?
    How much will David West demand? He’s still excellent but also 32. At what point can we offer PG a max deal? What and when do we need to resign Lance? We have a lot of money tied up in Hibbs and Hill, and I don’t know if we can really trade Danny until he shows he can play again (I’d love to keep him but not at that money).

    • Jack Wright

      too early! we’re trying to make a run right now. we want a chance at the heat. when the season’s over, that’s when we think about that

  • dwaink

    nice home win, lets take it to em in Atlanta, get this over with…GO PACERS!!!!

  • Jack Wright

    anyone else starting to like this bulls team? they’re down by 4 with three minutes left in game 6 as I write this, so they may end up losing the series. we’ll see. But I love how competitive and tough they are. They are overachieving big time with all their injuries. Thibodeau is a great coach. I’m starting to really appreciate and root for them. Hopefully they can make the Heat sweat a little, if they beat the Nets, that is.

    • Realist

      Agree that the Bulls will be more annoying for the Heat than the Nets.

      Got my eye on Boston more though. Not only for the 0-3 comeback sickness factor, but for the opportunity it presents Indiana/Atlanta.