Post-Game Grades: Hawks DESTROY Pacers

  • Pulp

    Not that it would have made a difference in this one but where are Mahinmi and Johnson? Green is unchanged by a couple good games. All he can do is shoot almost every time he gets the ball. He is terrible basketball player. He averages almost a shot a minute. Pendergraph is untested and should not be a rotation player all of a sudden in the playoffs. Pretty sure Mahinmi played in the finals. And his team won

    • Joe Betz

      I agree completely. JP can give you energy, but he lacks experience–you know, one of the main reasons Mahinmi was signed to backup Hibbert–that, and his size. Also, JP is a bit smaller and a bit weaker on defense, in general–I think he is better rebounded, but his overall game is weaker than Mahinmi’s. Hopefully, Vogel is trying to build JP up in this first round but then turn toward Mahinmi later…

  • pglive21

    We need to play Johnson. I was at the game and it was unbelievable how inept Gerald Green was. His lack of court awareness is frankly shocking. I also agree that Mahinmi makes more sense than Pendergraph. Pendergraph just looks a little lost in the moment.

  • disqus_doe1i0hzok

    So you have a post-game grades only when The Pacers lose…

  • Jack Wright

    This game perfectly highlighted what’s wrong with Hill and George… Some games, lots of games, they just don’t show up. PG looked flat out awful. His one-on-one defense against Josh Smith was embarrassing. He’d reach around one side and Smith would spin to the other side for an easy dunk. Happened many times. And this was one of the most pathetic performances I’ve ever seen from a starting point guard in the NBA.

    But everyone else sucked, too. West really hasn’t shown much this series, which makes me a bit worried. Pendy and Green need to have their asses back on the bench next game. It’s time to give OJ and Mahinmi a try.. OJ has at least earned it.

    I think we deserved to get embarrassed. We got over-confident from those first two games, and the whole city of Indy plus all the stupid idiots in the media were disgustingly pro-Pacers and anti-Hawks.

    “The Hawks already have one foot in the white sands of Cancun.”

    “Josh Smith doesn’t care.”

    “Atlanta is an embarrassment to basketball.”

    Blah blah blah blah blah. That’s all I heard on the radio last week. Give me a freakin’ break. The Hawks were right there within striking distance until midway through the 4th quarters of games 1 and 2. The inferiority of the Hawks was vastly, vastly overstated.
    Can we win game 4?? I don’t know. The problem in game 3 was that when we got behind by 10 or so, we got all panic-y. We weren’t expecting it. Instead of playing with confidence and composure, we played with the mindset of, ‘Oh shit, we’re getting beat.. We need to score or else we’re gonna lose..!” We panicked. We got nervous. And when you’re nervous, you don’t make shots, and the deficit grows from there. Vogel needs to do a better job at instilling confidence and composure into this team. It actually hurts us in this case that we’re the heavy favorite. We’re supposed to win. And when the Hawks took the lead early on, we couldn’t handle the pressure of doing what everyone expected us to do. So, we embarrassed ourselves.
    Hopefully being underdogs to the Knicks in the next round (assuming we get by the Hawks) will allow us to play loose and play with confidence.

  • dwaink

    I still am not able to put my finger on what makes this team go so bad so fast, maybe they start believing their own press so much that they just mail it in, they don’t have to try anymore because the press says they are so great…bullshit!
    David that was the single worst game I have ever seen u play(and I was at the Laker game when u stunk up the place) in a Pacer uniform and it was all because u let anger cloud your vision. Never never never let anything, any call, any play or player cause u to experience anger again on the court, u are the rock this team stands on and when u suck there is no way they can win. be the surface of the ocean; calm and placid, let all the currents underneath wash and sway, but the surface…the mind stays calm and centered.
    Green stunk it up too but I am not as down on him as I am on the starters, this was another of those games where the whole starting squad looked as if they had never seen a basketball in their lives, no one boxed out, no one tried for the 50/50 balls, no one DROVE THE FRICKING LANE…until PG remembered it late in the 4th quarter. If Lance and George Hill are so hurt that they can’t dribble the ball through traffic and force the defense to either foul them…or give them an open pass to a big down low(that means u Roy,David,Tyler,Pendy-get yer frickin azzes open when the guards drive)…or give them an easy layup(Greennnnnnnnnn!!!! drive the frickin ball under control!!!!)…then let Ben H drive it… go pacers….

  • NLP

    Amazing how bad the team plays at Phillips Arena, and count me in the group that feels we need Ian back in there I would want OJ out there too but he has made just 4-of-31 going back into the RS.

    My biggest pet peeve is when the team can’t score a point is we never give the ball to Tyler and see if what he does works or at least changes the game flow, He played over half of the first half and only time he touched the ball around the rim was when he got an offensive rebound. Playing 5 on 4 on the road vs a desperate team isn’t going to work for us as we have a hard enough time beating winning teams on the road with or full starting 5.

    We need one of those Men in Black flash deals to erase this from our Memory because there is no way can will every play this bad again so need thinking about it but we do need to find a way to snap this long losing streak in Atlanta to protect against a home slip up killing us.

  • Will

    The guys just played a sh***y game. I’m usually not one to get too flustered over a poor performance…but they’ve played like complete crap in Atlanta. That is cause for concern. I know they’ll come back strong tomorrow, this team is pretty resilient.

    In Vogel’s defense of how he’s playing the lineup:

    He’s been riding the hot hand. GG had turned in some big performances, it’s just too bad he’s so hit or miss. I would shorten his leash, but continue to give him a shot. He’s explosive and often can pour it in. Pulp is a solid player and should get minutes for experience, but for those crying Pendy is inexperienced and is caught up in the moment, that is exactly why I think Vogel is hesitant to ride Pulp in the playoffs. He’ll get some burn and possibly hit a big shot or two. It’s hit or miss. We dont’ have a solid guy off the bench who can supply the scoring – why not ride what’s been hot? Same goes for Pendy – although I do agree Ian should be getting more minutes.

    Looking forward to a strong performance tomorrow! And possibly a little bit of a shakeup!

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