The Paul George Triple-Double Game

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  • Joe Betz

    George played well, but he led the team in turnovers, so I am going to nit-pick. How many games has he done this, and is this more of result of having the ball in his hands more often or poor decision making–or both? Throughout the regular season, his decision making was sketchy in a way that worried me going into the playoffs. Hopefully he will not average 4 turnovers throughout the playoffs…all possessions are needed, especially with a team that (usually) struggles to score, against good teams…

    • ced

      I think at times he’s still careless with the ball, he is often trying to do a little too much. he’s got to slow down a little and he’ll be find, he’s still younf and that’s the mistakes we can expect from a young player.

    • Ian

      It’s nearly impossible to get a triple double without picking up at least 4 TOs, you just have the ball in your hands too much not to unless you are just shooting jumpers and making low risk passes to others for jumpers.

      • ced

        yeah ok, but how many games did he have with 4 TOs and no triple double?
        I’m not saying that he’s not good or anything, love the guy, love his game BUT he’s still making some careless mistakes at times.

        • Philip Tarrant

          Unless you’re CP3, when you’re a playmaker handling the ball all game, you’re bound to make quite a few mistakes even if you’re at all-star or superstar level. Some of the notable leaders in TO/game this year (not a top 10 list, just those I thought of note):

          Rondo: 3.9
          Harden: 3.8
          Kobe: 3.7
          Durant: 3.5
          Lebron: 3.0
          PG24: 2.9

          CP3: 2.3 (dude is a beast, flexing on A/TO ratio)

          So maybe 4 TOs is slightly high, but nothing to be overly concerned about if the player is producing everywhere else as PG24 did in game 1.

          • ced

            that’s true and once again I’m not concerned or hating on the guy.
            But I’ve seen a lot of games this year and despite having some really good games I still think he’s got some stupid TOs, I mean some (like the pass behind the back for West) which are easy to avoid.

          • Guest

            How many points did they score off of his turnovers?! I know 2 of them were just being too creative, like the behind the pass.

            Can never please everybody. if you want to “nitpick” try nit picking the 3/13 he shot.

          • Derek U

            How many points did they score off of his turnovers?! I know 2 of them were just being too creative, like the behind the back pass to West.

            Can never please everybody. if you want to “nitpick” try nit picking the 3/13 he shot, the 4 turnovers like Phillip suggested, isn’t that bad considering what some “play makers” average. if he had 6, 7, 8 turnovers, I’d say you can complain.

          • Philip Tarrant

            He will have some mental errors as he adjusts to filling the role of first option on a team that could definitely use a super star (I’d like to think that he could become one, as he’s already an All-Star). I look forward to seeing more of this PG24, and hope that as he refines his game, he’ll grow into the role. He will need to cut down a bit on the TOs, but his TO rate hasn’t been alarming given his new role.

  • Jeremy Comstock

    My favorite Dylan song.

  • Andrew Sparks

    I saw it on the big screen when PG realized what he accomplished, and the rest of the team congratulated him accordingly. A feat that not even the greatest Pacer to date has accomplished. The Blue and Gold played lights out tonight. Its just to bad no one actually came to watch these men play, and watch history in the making.

  • Philip Tarrant

    I can’t believe you neglected to mention PG’s chase-down block! LeBron himself couldn’t have done it with more style. As for PG’s 4 TOs, he’s welcome to have that many if he plays the way he did today.

  • ced

    Hi, I know we don’t have a lot of solutions at the 2/3 spot.
    I kind of understand what Maestro Vogel is trying to do with Green : playing him to try to boost his confidence and making him the scoring option out of the bench that we badly miss.

    but, can we really think, after an entire season of bad play that he will turn the corner now? I mean his shooting can be ok, but in this 1st game we’ve seen bad passes, poor fouls at the bad time etc.

    I’d rather have OJ or Young more discret, less shooting less points maybe but less mistakes and more D.
    What’s your thoughts on that?

    • Jack Wright


  • dwaink

    solid win…go Pacers!!!

  • Jack Wright

    Get OJ some minutes Vogel.

    • Derek U

      Pulp needs some minutes!~

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