Top 10 Indiana Pacers Moments of 2012

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Signature Moments

Roy Hibbert Resigns with Indiana Pacers

This was something that had to be done to keep this Pacers starting five in tact.  The Pacers would also resign George Hill, but I knew Roy Hibbert was the key piece.  Keeping that big man in the middle was so important.  You look at how far along Roy Hibbert came along last season culminating with an All Star nod, and the Pacers were able to reward him for that.  He overcame some confidence issues in the previous seasons and found his shooting touch throughout last season.  This season he’s stepped up so much on defense that at times it looks like the offense is suffering. I think those shots that aren’t falling will start falling, and Hibbert will become that force in the middle the Pacers can use.  Just need to keep feeding him the ball, and we’ll see something special out of him.

Roy Hibbert Gets Triple Double Against New Orleans Hornets

11 Rebounds.  11 Blocks.  10 Points.  That’s Roy Hibbert stat line for an early season game against the New Orleans Hornets.  That’s about as stuffed on the stats you can be.  11 blocks is the new franchise record for blocks.  His game was overshadowed by a fellow Pacer that evening.

Paul George’s Nine Three Pointers Against New Orleans Hornets

Roy Hibbert gets the triple double and Paul George gets all the recognition for his 37 points, a career high, and his 9 three pointers, a franchise record as well.  How many games end up with teammates breaking team records?  More importantly, the Pacers got the win.  But it was thanks to the dynamic performances of Hibbert and George.

Paul George’s Game Against Chicago Bulls

There’s no singular moment I can pull out from this game for George against the Bulls.  It just felt like he took the team on his back and carried them to a win over division rival.  Paul George was hitting all kinds of shots.  He puts up 34 points against the Bulls.  He even grabbed 9 rebounds.  This was a good win for the team, and this was an important game for George as he had put up no points in the previous game.  Getting 34 points the next time out showed that George is a scorer when he puts that focus together. I thought he showed that focus all evening, and the Pacers were so much better because of it.

George Hill’s Triple Double Against Philadelphia 76ers

 A recent performance for George Hill, who has been right up there in consistency for the Pacers.  You look at his stat sheet, and it’s filled with 10 rebounds, 10 assists, and 15 points.  Nothing is flashy about George Hill’s game, but he does anything he can to lead this team.  I think as the season has been progressing, he’s been learning how to turn it on when need be, and when to facilitate. He’s more known as a scoring guard, so the fact that he’s learning how to truly play this point guard position is what makes George Hill so important to the Pacers.


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