Nov 14, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Indiana Pacers guard George Hill (3) drives for the basket during the third quarter against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Bradley Center. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

Indiana Pacers are a Lost Team

It’s official after last night’s horrible loss, the Indiana Pacers need to find their way back to even playing like a team.  There weren’t any signs that this team was with it last night.  There were bad passes, lack of defense, lack of offense, and generally a sense of mailing it in. Now hopefully, with going back to Indy on Friday night to play a tough Dallas Mavericks team, the fans see a much better and concentrated team.  If that loss last night didn’t wake up this Pacers team, I don’t know what will.  But I do have some suggestions on how this team can find their way back to playing the right way.  Hopefully, someone is reading this from the team and takes it to heart.


A simple skill that the Pacers can’t seem to master. The wing players like Paul George and Gerald Green aren’t getting it to the post players in good positions to score.  George Hill as the point guard is struggling to find guys open.  The Pacers are mostly getting turnovers due to this area of the offense.  If the passes don’t improve, don’t look for the scoring to improve.


At times, the Pacers look to be a good defensive team. But then they get beat on a play at the end of the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, where Chase Budinger had no one guarding him.  Guys have got to communicate on defense and help out.  Get your hand in the face of the opponent.  Use your body when going at him.  Just stand up and get in a position to make a defensive play.  If the Pacers can get turnovers, then they can get out and run, which seems to be a better option on offense.


I think the Pacers need to look at what I stated above, and get more in the run and gun mode of offensive play.  George Hill has looked so much more comfortable going on the run and looking for a man, instead of standing around to set up a play in the half court set.  The Pacers just can’t make those crisp passes in the half court set, so they need to push the issue on fast breaks, and look for those easy baskets.

Shots need to start falling as well.  Last season, the team seemed to make a lot of misses, so it’s not a big surprise to me, they’re not shooting well this season. But Roy Hibbert and David West, who play so close to the basket need to hit their shots.  Hibbert has looked to lost all his confidence on the offensive side of things.  I really want him to have a stand out game, and get his head right to make things happen for this team.


I hate to say that the Pacers are lacking effort, but at times, it feels like they are.  They have hard nosed players, like West, Tyler Hansbrough, George Hill, and even Hibber.  But they’re not putting it out there enough to make plays.  They need to step up the intensity and drive for this team.  Those are guys I know can lead this team somewhere, and starting tomorrow night, I would love to see them do that against a tough Dallas Mavericks team. Maybe it will take a win like that to get the Pacers awake from this lull they are in.

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